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Fic Search

I only recently got into the Buffy fandom (at least the fanfiction side of things) and have been reading through fics at an obscene rate.  Which is great... except I now have a craving to read a certain fic a second time and I can't remember title, author, or even which archive I read it on.  Other problem is that while I'm almost positive all the details I'm remembering were the same fic, there's always the chance that it's a mix of 2-3 fics I read back to back.


What I remember... Anya died along with Buffy in the battle against Glory.  Later, Xander's talking to one of the LA gang (can't remember if it was Cordy or Angel, pretty sure it was Cordy) and they ask him about Anya.  Come to find out that while Willow told them Buffy was dead, she didn't tell them about Anya - too wrapped up in Buffy dying to even think about Anya.  Willow goes through the ritual to raise Buffy - and you're viewing the events through the viewpoint of Osiris himself.  Xander, Spike, and Dawn stop her and find out that she's been bending Tara's mind to her will for months.  They tie her up and all head to LA for help.  Willow gets loose, goes crazy, almost kills Spike (zaps his chip even if she doesn't manage to kill him).  And I think they call Giles (who's in England) to come get her once they restrain her again.  And I can't remember anything else.

Any ideas?
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