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Reference Links - updated May 25, 2008

The Language Barrier
Ratings Explained
BtVS/AtS sites and resources
Award Sites
Sex Stuff
Xander Misc
Spike Misc

The Language Barrier

The English to American Dictionary
The American·British / British·American Dictionary
The BG-Map English (British) - American Dictionary
The Best of British - an American guide to speaking British
Slang Link Bank
Irish Sayings and Gaelic Phrases
Gaelic Dictionaries Online
Scots-Gaelic pronounciation and a selection of phrases
Romany/English Dictionary
Pronounciation tips
Bawdy Language - a history of sex, the origins of curse words, sexual satire and parody, a personal body manual, a collection of dirty poems and quotes, a social commentary, and a tasteful but biting editorial statement against the forces of restraint and convention
The Origins and Common Usage of British Swear-words
Rude Language and Sex Links
Swearing in Foreign languages
Insultmonger - the Art of Insults
Origins of Phrases
Online Etymology Dictionary - a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago
World Wide Words - Origin and meaning of words and phrases
WordNet - a lexical database for the English language
Linguistic References galore

Links for word geeks
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Beta Beta Omicron - Betas, listed by fandom!
@ Bloodclaim
@ BtVS Writers Guild
@ Nummytreats
@ S/X and Violence
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BtVS Writers References

BtVS Writers Guild
S/X and Violence - Writing S/X
Fists and Fangs - Writing Spike
All About Spike - Writing Spike
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The Art of Writing

Slash Writing - links resource
Erotica Readers and Writers Assoc'n
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc
Advice from bestselling author John Connolly
Bob's Quick Guide To the Apostrophe
Common errors in English
Strunk and White's Elements of Style
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Bartleby - encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurii, fact books, quotes, etc
Perseus Digital Library - an evolving digital library
Bibliomania - Free Online Literature with more than 2000 Classic Texts
refdesk.com - 'The single best resource for facts'
questia - 'The World's Largest Online Library'
Encyclopedia Britannica
Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
How Stuff Works
Webster's Online Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionaries
Roget's Thesaurus
Synonyms and Antonyms
RhymeZone - rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
The Phrase Finder - phrases, sayings, idioms and cliches
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Ratings Explained

G - No swearing, adult themes, sex, drugs, or violence. If you want to write a shopping fic, you're good here :-)

'Spike wondered if Xander needed his help doing laundry.'

PG - Mild swearing (eg 'bloody hell'), reference to sex, still no drugs, minimal violence.

'Spike wondered if Xander would ever sleep with him.'

PG13 - Medium swearing ('bollocks'), non-descriptive sex, reference to drug use, non-graphic violence, adult themes.

'Spike took Xander to bed.'

R - Proper swearing ('fuck'), erotic/sensual sex, drug use/abuse, violence, death.

'Spike penetrated Xander as the boy arched beneath him.'

NC17 - Hardest swearing ('cunt'), sex with detailed genital action, non-vanilla sex (BDSM, daddy!kink, bloodplay, etc), graphic/extreme violence, taboo themes.

'Spike slammed his erect cock into Xander's hot, tight ass.'

Another system in use by some is the Fan Rated (FR) system. I would prefer this not be used in the comm as they require previous knowledge and/or explanation. At least the numerical/movie rating system is pretty self-evident, and Adult/Teen/Mature can be translated easily enough.

FRT-13 = Fan Rated suitable for Teenagers
FRM = Fan Rated suitable for Mature Persons
FRAO = Fan Rated suitable for Adults Only
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Episode Scripts and Guides

Buffy vs Angel - Buffy Episode Guides & Transcripts
Buffy vs Angel - Angel Episode Guides & Transcripts
Buffyworld - Angel and Buffy Transcripts
BuffyGuide.Com's Buffy Episode Guide
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Buffy and Angel at www.deadinthescene.org
Buffyworld - Angel and Buffy Screencaps - all seasons
Spike Screencaps - BtVS S2-7
Screencap Paradise
Chosen Two
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BtVS/AtS sites and resources

Buffy and Angel Maps and Interiors
Buffy vs Angel - Episode Guides, Transcripts, Screencaps, Multimedia
Buffy & Angel Dialogue
BtVS Wikiquote page - many many quotes, by episode
The Angel-Spike Timeline
Character Birthdays
Angel's S1 Home and Office, Giles's Apartment, Buffy's House, Spike's Crypt, Xander's Basement, Sunnydale High, and Sunnydale itself
Official Prop Map of Sunnydale (?)
The Metaphysics of the Buffyverse - Demons, Dimensions, Altered Realities, Prophecy and Destiny, Souls and Ghosts, Energy, Rituals and Spells, Witches, Mental Powers, Monsters and other non-demons, Werewolves, Gods and Goddesses, Watchers, The Initiative, Slayers, Vampires
Buffy Guide - Episode Guide, The Players (Cast, Writers, Directors etc), Images, Quotes
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Photo galleries of the cast of both shows
Hellmouth Central - Photo galleries for the cast of both shows, episode guides, quotes
Some demons of the Buffyverse
NickBrendon.com - a Nicky-watching site
JamesMarsters.com - a James-watching site
More Than Spike - a James-watching site
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Award Sites

absence_oflight - Dedicated to angst and dark fiction. Accepts all pairings.
Fang Fetish Awards - Accepts Spander in the "All Pairings" and in the "Vampire Pairings" Section (Approx 20 categories each round) Often splits into Best Spander sections when enough nominations are sent in to split the category into Spander and Non-Spander. Read the rules.
forbiddenawards - Multi-fandom, Spander-friendly. Read the rules.
indigo_crypt - BtVS/AtS Awards and Challenges. Spander friendly. Read the rules.
The Running With Scissors Awards - rwsawards - BtVS/AtS-centric, Spander friendly. Read the rules.
Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards - sothawards - character-centered awards site, including both BtVS/Ats and Firefly fics. There are categories for both Best Xander and Best Spike fics, which are open to Spander. Read the rules.
Shades of Grey - For fiction, songvids, artwork, graphics, sites and authors. Read the rules. (updated links!)
Shadows and Dust Fanfiction Awards - read the rules.
Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards - This site is dedicated to awarding the people who keep the fandom alive, fanfic writers. Read the rules.
The White Knight Awards - For Xander-centric fiction of all types and genres. Read the rules.
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Sex Stuff

Gay Sex Guide
Advanced Masturbation - NC-17. NSFW. Masturbation techniques, gifs and clips.
A Map of a Prostate Gland
Society for Human Sexuality - Info includes guides to sex toys, safer sex, erotic massage, erotic talk, flirting, tantra, BDSM, penetration
Minotaur's Slash Tips
bondage-BDSM FAQs
BDSM Education
Sex Toys & Gear
Sex Education Links - Alphabetical Index of Topics

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Xander Misc

Bar Tending Info
Chumash Indian Life
Babylon 5 Trivia
Hyena Factsheet
The Hyena Pages
Rebranding the Hyena
African Wildlife Foundation - Hyena
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Spike Misc

Planet Poker - games, rules, winning hands
An overview of electronics
The Boxer Rebellion - historical overview
The London Blitz, 1940 - historical overview
National DeSoto Club
Pinhole Photography - or how to take pictures of vampires without mirrors!
Pinhole History
Passions Trivia
The Victorian Web
Victoriana.com - a collection of articles and web site links
Exquisite Victorian links
Hoot Island - Victorian sexual euphemisms
VictorianResearch.org - a virtual Victorian community in Victorian Review
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Vampire Myths from Around the World
Comparison of Vampire Myths in Popular Fiction

Witchcraft & The Occult

Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan & Occult Resources
The Pagan Library
Llewellyn Journal - features new, in-depth articles on New Age topics, including, astrology, healing, spirituality, magic, ghosts, shamanism, Tarot and Wicca
National Occult Research Association
Occultopedia - an encyclopedia of occultism and the unexplained

Myths and Legends

Encyclopedia Mythica - an online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends, with entries on gods and goddesses, heroes, legendary creatures and beings from all over the world.
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
The Probert Encyclopaedia of Mythology
Myth and Metaphor
Brewer's Phrase and Fable
Yahoo Mythology and Folklore Links
Special Topics in Folklore and Mythology
EDU2 Culture - Mythology - links to various resources
Mythology & Folklore - links to various resources
Folklore, Myth & Legend - links to various resources
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Miscellaneous Links

Sunrise, Sunset Calendars and Local Time - Moonrise and moonset time and moon phase information is also available. There is a list of predefined cities or you can enter your own location and get a calendar for anywhere in the world.

timeanddate.com - Need to synchronise an event, like Angel in LA making a call at midnight to Spike in Paris and you don't know what time it is where Spike picks up the phone? Need to know whether April 27th 1886 was a Monday? This is the site to use.

Classical Martial Arts

Basics of Motorcycling

Janus, God of Beginnings - Ethan Rayne's god

Hidden weapons - descriptions, use, etc


Hippies on the Web - Haight-Ashbury

Funeral herbs

Tomb With a View - Gravestone symbolism

Voodoo Authentica - glossary of voodoo terms and FAQs

Native American culture

London Virtual Tour


Chart of the Development of 1930's Fashion

Patron Saints - by topic and alphabetically.


Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia And Cold Weather Injuries

Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Street Drugs - an index of street drugs and their components and effect etc

Crystals and Gems - pictures, descriptions, chemical compositions, affected chakras, vibrational numbers, associated elements, zodiac association

Origins of Things

Birthday traditions and history - from around the world

Behind the Name - the etymology and history of first names

Behind the Surname - etymology of surnames

When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails? - post-apocalyptic info

Botanical.com - A Modern Herbal, first published in 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve, contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs.

werewolves around the world

Leatherstock.com - items include leather scented candles, cologne, massage oil and lube!

extremerestraints.com - The Ultimate Fetish Store

Perpetual Calendar - Note: The first year recorded by this calendar is 1583, the first full year of the Gregorian calendar. 1753 was the first full year in which the U.S. (then a British colony) began using the Gregorian calendar.

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator - put in your date and your lat/long, and it spits out apparent sunrise, apparent sunset, solar declination, and equation of time. It'll accept any number in the year box, so I have no idea how accurate the more technical figures are, but it's a great way to figure out day length.


An Index of Demons

The Victorian Language of Flowers

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Please only make a comment here if you see a dead link or you have a link you think would make a good addition to the collection. Thank you.


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