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Fic: Where We Belong. Part 1/1

Title : Where We Belong
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 037. Anger
WORD COUNT: 616 words;
SUMMARY: All Couples fight, right? See how Xander and Spike manage in the aftermath of a nasty bout.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

The dark room masked the chasm between them, their anger somehow sinking into the cracks.

Xander flopped around, his side of the king mattress suddenly seeming too big. He struggled to calm down, but he hated feeling so worthless. After all, if he was something, didn’t that mean he could be able to make it worth without fighting?

Spike stormed around the kitchen, preparing a mug of brandied blood. Maybe the alcohol could knock him out. Take away his pain for just a few moments…was that so much to ask?

They had fought viciously over something petty. Spike managed to sink his teeth into Xander’s weaknesses, and Xander, in a fit of rage, lunged toward him with a stake. He hadn’t meant to…but anger had gotten the best of both of them.

Xander clutched his lover’s pillow close, inhaling the sensual scent of spicy cologne. Tears filled his eyes, but he refused to cry. Crying showed weakness, and definitely wouldn’t help in this situation.

Spike collapsed on the couch, clutching a bottle of Wild Turkey. He couldn’t believe Xander was so close but so far. How had life gotten this bad?

What had happened to them? They had once been that crazy couple that people claim will last forever because they’re just so in love. Now, all they did was argue and hate each other. Life was miserable in their tiny apartment.

Xander slept fitfully, dreaming of a life alone. It should have been a pleasant dream…and yet, he woke up in a cold sweat. He still found himself alone in the bed, but tears poured from his eyes, as he shook violently. He wasn’t sure what he had dreamt, but he knew it hadn’t been good.

Spike barely slept, still nestled in the couch cushions. He stared blankly at the ceiling, his blue eyes scarily hollow. The empty bottle lay on the carpet, the few drops slowly soaking into the carpet. He didn’t cry, but just stayed silently.

Xander decided to make the first move. He knew Spike was too proud to say anything. Plus he was probably still hurt. It wasn’t every day that your lover threatened to kill you.

Spike heard Xander quietly rustling in the bedroom. He turned, facing the back of the couch. He sniffled, still too proud to cry.

Xander crept through the darkness, struggling to ignore the thick scent of Wild Turkey. How much had Spike drank?

Spike heard Xander standing next to him, but said nothing.

“William.” Xander squatted next to the couch. “Look at me.” Spike twisted around, staring at him. “I’m sorry.” Spike sat up, angrily.

“Sorry?” he snarled. “Tried to kill me, you did!” He gestured to the bottle. “Why? Give one reason why I shouldn’t walk out right now, and never come back.” Xander seized his hands.

“I love you.” he murmured. “More than you know. Life without you is a fucked up thought.” He gestured around. “I go crazy when you visit the Broody one. How am I supposed to live without you permanently?” He gazed around. “I know I was wrong. I was angry, and responded the first way that came to mind.” Spike snarled.

“Alexander, I love you. More than you’ll ever know. That does NOT mean I’m weak.” He muttered. “You pulled a stake on me.” He glanced up, tears running down his face. “God, Xan, Can’t imagine life without you.” He opened his arms. “Don’t like fighting with you.” He leaned in. “Love you, Xan.” He kissed him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.” Xander kissed him. “I love you Babe.”

Later on, as Spike slept in his arms, Xander could only begin to realize just how lucky he truly was.

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