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Training James

Authors: kimalis and kitty_alex
Title: Training James
Pairing: Spike/Xander/James Marsters
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings/Squicks: Hilarious comedy, hot smutty smut, and TONS of violence
Summary: Fanboy Vamp!Xan, with a crush on James Marsters, has Master Spike wrapped around his little finger. James is turned. Xanny's Chirstmases have all come at once.
Chapter Summary: Vamp!James gets to see the other side of Xander and Spike starts his training.
Previous Chapters: Meeting, Turning, Feeding, Living With

Disclaimer: We own nothing but the plot. We bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters. Also, We don't own James Marsters no matter how much we'd like to. None of this actually happened to James and we don't mean to offend him or anyone else associated with him. We repeat, this James is not in our universe!

James was sitting on the floor of the training room, which was just another bedroom with a few free weights, mats, and a punching bag in the center of the room. Xander’s training was first, then it was his. Xander was attacking the punching bag with little interest. James could tell he was just training because Spike told him too.

“Why Spike?” James said aloud.

“Because Spike is my Spike. I never owned anything before. It’s kind of cool.”

“But, why him?”

“I love him that’s why.”

“But why do you love him?”

“I might be a demon, but I remember my old life. Spike gave me freedom. I’ll stay with him forever, until the day that I’m staked.”

“What if someone stakes Spike first?”

A loud, vicious growl filled the room and the next thing he knew; he was scrambling out of the way as the punching bag was flying in his direction. It went straight through the wall and into the living room. Xander was in full game face, snarling at James.

“Whoever stakes Sire will plead for death when I’m finished with them.”

“Xander?” They heard Spike call from the master bedroom.

Xander shifted out of game and an enormous smile lit his face.

"Coming sire!"

He waved to James and padded joyfully from the room. Spike came in a few moments later with Xander behind him. Xander leaned against the door frame while Spike went to inspect the hole he made. Xander whistled innocently.

“Pet, I thought I told you to be more careful.”

Xander mumbled, “Punching bag had it coming.”

“Why did the punching bag have it coming?”

“I was thinking about… stuff…” he trailed off and pouted.

“That’s a bad phrase when it involves you.” Spike kissed Xander’s cheek. “Go into the dining room and take out the yellow pages. Find a contractor company where we haven’t snacked on the employees.”

“That’s going to be hard, but okay!”

Xander smiled at James who had been carefully avoiding Xander since he came back into the room. Xander hopped through the hole he made and disappeared into a doorway near the back of the living room. Spike turned his attention to James and took up a fighting stance.

“Looks like we’re going hand to hand, Jim.”

“Don’t call me Jim and how can you act so calm about that!”

He motioned at the big gaping hole in the wall. Spike didn’t even glance at it. He came forward and punched James in the gut. James gasped and looked at him.

“Combat rule one, going to banter or pump for info, guard up. Most of the time, they aren’t that willing to share. Again, pet.”

James straightened up and took a fighting stance similar to Spike’s. He glared at the smiling blue eyes and threw a punch at him. Spike dodged.

“Combat rule number two, pet.”

“What the Hell is with you and all these rules?”

Spike chuckled, “Try to hit where I’m going to be. Vampires are quick; we can see where you shift your weight. You’re a vamp, you can too. I’m going to throw a punch at you. Predict if I’ll come with my left or right.”

James put his guard up as he watched Spike. He waited for him to shift. Spike’s left arm twitched, he was coming with left. He prepared to block, but felt Spike’s leg connect with the back of his legs instead.

“WHAT THE FUCK! You said you were going to throw a punch!”

“Combat rule number three, your opponents aren’t going to be honest with you or tell you what to expect. Be prepared on all sides, just not where you think I’m going to hit.”

A few combat rules later, James was exhausted. There were so many combat rules that Spike prattled off as he continued to beat his ass. A hundred and twenty years was more than enough time to prefect his fighting skills. It made him a bit mad that the Spike on the show always got beat up. The Spike in real life was a pretty good fighter.

“Right, going to end beating your arse here. Unless you wouldn’t mind a different kind of arse beating.” Spike raised a seductive eyebrow.

James used all of will power he had left to fight off Spike’s offer even though every bit of him was screaming yes. His eyes dropped to the floor, looking at his sire made it even harder to resist the sexual pull Spike seemed to have over him.

“No, I rather just stick with the training.”

“Suit yourself.” There was a long pause. “Go see what Xan is doing. Make sure he’s not mixing blood into the peanut butter jar again. He likes to do that when he thinks I’m not looking.”

James nodded still trying very hard not to look at Spike even though he could feel Spike’s hot gaze burning through his body. He followed the path Xander took and disappeared into the doorway. He relaxed as Spike’s heated gaze was no longer on his back.

The kitchen was small and green. The counters were a forest green while the tile was pale green. The oak cabinets and stainless steel fridge and stove were the only things that weren’t green even though the fridge had been decorated with lime magnets.

Xander was sitting on the counter humming with the phone next to his ear. A jar of peanut butter was sitting next to him along with a bag of celery. James sat next to Xander on the counter. James carefully picked up the peanut butter jar and sniffed it. He could smell blood in it. He pushed a finger in and pulled out a glob. He cautiously stuck the blob in his mouth and sucked on his finger. It was good! He didn’t get what Spike was complaining about. James picked up a celery stick and decided to help Xander finish off the jar while he was on the phone.

“I don’t know how those puncture marks got there.” Xander rubbed his neck. “I can think of a million explanations that don’t involve us.” Xander growled. “Yeah, well maybe I’ll learn how to do it myself!” He snarled. “Well, same to you asshole. Bye!”

Xander slammed the phone back on the receiver and stole the jar from James. He dug in his fingers and scooped out large amounts of peanut butter and blood. The fingers were jammed into Xander’s mouth. He sucked loudly on them while defensively holding the jar, claiming it as his own.

“Want to talk about it?”

Xander shook his head.

“I bet it would make you feel better.”

Xander shook his head again.

“Okay. If you don’t want to talk about it. Let’s ummm… sex. Yeah, let’s talk about sex.”

Xander pulled wet fingers out of his mouth, “What about sex do you want to talk about?”

“The gay part of it.”

Xander chuckled, “It’s great. When it’s up there, it’s like heaven.”

“So, you were always…?”

Xander shook his head, “Nope. Straight as an arrow. I liked boobies and didn’t think about cocks or them being rammed up me at all.”

“What happened?”

Xander thought and stuck his fingers back into the peanut butter jar. James watched as Xander brought his fingers to his mouth. James intercepted his fingers and sucked the peanut butter off his fingers, letting his tongue twirl around them. Xander pulled out his fingers and James lunged for his mouth. Xander moaned as James’ mouth pressed roughly into his. Xander pushed James back a little and looked at him lustfully.

“Spike happened. He’s some crazy sex disease. He makes you hot and heavy until all you can think about is his cock rammed up your ass. I can show you. Show you what it’s like to have something up your ass. Not a cock, Spike wants that honor. Something else, something just as good.”

“God, yes.” James was unable to hide the lust in his voice.

Xander climbed off the counter and stood between James legs. In one swift move, he leaned in and captured James’ mouth, kissing him roughly. When he could taste blood, Xander broke the kiss and stroked James’ cheekbones.

“Trust me?”


“Bend over the counter and show me your ass.”

James did as he was told and felt a bit silly with his ass sticking out in there air. He felt Xander behind him and moaned. James couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but he could feel sticky fingers sliding between his cheeks and heard the clatter of a jar as it was put down on the floor. He tried desperately to see what Xander was doing and what was taking him so long to “shove good something” up his ass.

Then he felt it, a cool wet tongue starting at his balls slowly licking its way back, circling his hole and continuing up to the small of his back. Xander placed light kisses there and began again, licking down along his cleft, this time stopping to probe more deeply at his entrance. James pushed back into Xander’s tongue, trying to get more. More of what he wasn’t sure, but he knew there was more.

Xander formed his tongue into a hard point and pressed it past the tight opening, plunging it in and out of James. He reached around and grasped James hard cock in his fist. He let James own movements add to the stimulation; the vampire was alternately thrusting forward fucking Xander’s hand and pushing back, fucking himself on Xander’s tongue.
James could not imagine how he had gone so long without this. Xander’s assault on his ass was one of the most incredible feelings he had yet experienced. He cried out in disappointment when Xander withdrew his tongue, but was soon gasping with pleasure when something larger and longer penetrated him. It was just one sticky finger, but it felt so good as it pressed in past his first ring of muscles. The finger moved back and forth in the tight channel, fucking him slowly.

When he heard James moaning for more, Xander gently added another. He worked them together, pushing deeper stretching wider. James threw his head back and cried out as Xander stroked his prostate. His thrusts became more erratic, forward and back slamming himself against Xander’s hand. Xander moved his mouth back in licking around the hole and along the sensitive skin behind James’ balls.

Spike walked into the kitchen and took in the scene. Arousal appeared on his face first, then anger as he smelt peanut butter and blood. He had told Xander not to mix those and it was obvious from the food involved that Xander had initiated this. Spike threw up his hands in frustration. This Childe was going to be the death of him. But, God the things he was doing with his tongue. Spike moved closer, kicking the almost empty peanut butter jar so it rolled easily out of his way.

“Can anyone tell me what my two favourite Childer are doing?”

James tried to stop moaning as his cock slid faster and faster through Xander’s fist. Xander completely disregarded the appearance of his sire.

"I....I....was cheering ....oh....I was cheering Xan up," James told him, strain showing in his voice.

“By letting him use your arse as an appetizer?”

“Fuck OH!” James moaned as Xander again pressed his fingers into his prostate. Xander didn’t let up and James orgasm rocked through him sending cold streams of come over Xander’s hand and the cabinet.

Spike swiped his fingers through the dripping mess and chuckled, "Yeah....”

“So… Sorr...Oh, God!” James was trying to apologize for but he was still lost in the feeling of Xander’s tongue and fingers.

Xander smiled and pulled his hand away, but continued lick James’ entrance happily.

“God, you’re a slut, Xander,” Spike exclaimed.

Xander turned his head towards Spike and rest his head on James’ ass cheek.

“He’s a slut too. You just have to push the right button.”

Spike chuckled, “Yeah, I could see you were pushing the right button for awhile there, Xan.”

Xander got up and put a kiss on James’ neck, “You were looking for us, Sire?”

“I was wondering if either of you wanted to go out. I was going to run a few errands, but if you’re busy…” He trailed off.

“Oh! No! I want to go! Let me get dressed!”

“I think you need a shower first.”

“Can I take one with brother?”

James’ head snapped up. Alone in the shower with Xander? That didn’t sound like a way to get clean. Imagines flooded his head of Xander and him in the shower. Then came images of him and Spike in the shower and him taking Spike up his ass and Spike… He coughed and pressed his erection against the cabinet, trying to hide it from the other vampires. The other vampires smelled the arousal. Spike was tempted but even though it was a novel concept, Spike didn’t want to die from sex and neglecting the necessities like feeding.

“No, you go first James. I’ll keep an eye on Xander while you shower.”
James hurried as fast as he could from the kitchen to the bathroom. He started the shower then stepped in and began to jerk off to the picture of Spike taking him. He was no where near ready for Spike to actually do that to him, but fuck was it hot.

James closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the hospital. Xander and Spike sure were taking a long time. He leaned his head back against the brick. He was now a vampire and yearning to have sex with a character he had played on a television show. He wondered if his life could get any weirder. He remembered a comment Spike said to him. Something about turning Nicky… No, he wouldn’t do that. Well, maybe once he was master and set up shop somewhere. Xander had turned out well. He rubbed his chin and grinned at the thought of turning Nicky.

“Hey,” a small voice said. “You can’t stand there.”

James opened one eye. A tall, lanky girl with long brown hair was standing there. Her blue eyes were trying to be fierce, but came off as pathetic. Her clothes looked a bit like hand-me-downs; especially her ankle cut blue jeans. Her appearance shouldn’t have frightened him, but it felt like someone had dropped a cold ice cube down his back. He opened his other eye too and looked at her questioningly. Who was his girl and why was she making him feel like he should run? He knew he should know, but it wasn’t coming to mind.

“Sorry. Want me to move? I can go inside. I’m actually waiting for my friends to come out. You could stay if you wanted to meet them.” He leered at her knowing exactly what his “friends” would do if they met her.

“Oh, I’m sorry for bothering you. I just… my house is on the other side of this one cemetery and my friends left me here all alone. I just needed a bit of help.”

The demon inside him jumped up and begged him to “help” the poor, lost, and probably defenseless girl. Another part of him prodded the word “probably” and that this is something he should know not to do, but the demon in him pushed the other part away.

“Yeah, I’ll help. Who can pass up a damsel in distress? Especially one as cute as you.”

He winked at her, trying to be as charming as possible. He could smell her blood. There was something powerful in it and she was a virgin. He bit his lip and resisted the urge to sink his teeth in. He knew he couldn’t. There were still too many people around. He followed closely behind her and waited. He needed to get her into a secluded part of the cemetery, somewhere there was no escape. He followed her and waited for his chance. She stopped suddenly. He cocked his head questionly at her as she turned around suddenly.

“I’m sorry,” she pulled out a stake. “You seem like a nice vampire and all, but it’s my job. You understand, right?”

James took a step back, “Whoa! You expect me to sit back and let you stake me?”

“It’s for redemption,” she offered. “Maybe if you willingly get staked, you’ll go to Heaven.”
“That’s nuts! Have you been hanging around Angel? What happened to Buffy?”

“Buffy? Oh, I know this one. She was seven slayers before me.”

“Seven? Really?”

“Yeah! I heard the Childe of William the Bloody killed her. He walked right into her house and killed her.”

“Wouldn’t he need an invite?”

“Oh, yeah.” She lowered her stake, then raised it again. “Hey! Wait a minute! I’m supposed to be killing you right now! Stop distracting me!”

“I’m not trying to distract you!”

“Bloody pathetic,” came Spike’s voice, James would recognize that voice anywhere. “You’re supposed to be killing slayers, not chatting with them.”

Spike strode up to be on one side James while Xander bounced to the other side of him. James felt safer with the two of them at his side.

“You’re a minion of William the Bloody!” the slayer gasped.

James growled, “I’m his Childe! I’m William’s Childe and don’t you forget it.” James leered. “Not that you’ll be alive to remember it.”

James moved forward, but Spike put a hand on his chest. Spike pushed James behind him, stepping forward to face her.

“Love you to death, James, but you ain’t ready. Stay with Xander and take notes. This will be my seventh one bagged.”

Xander clapped, “Go Spike!”

Spike grinned as his Childer watched him. He had been hoping to save this slayer for when James got better at fighting, but another slayer would come and try to kill “William the Bloody and his favorite Childe”. They were mostly just canon fodder. He took a fighting stance.

“Ready to dance?”

“This isn’t a dance,” the slayer said determinedly.

Spike threw a punch and she ducked. He kneed her as she ducked; he had perfectly set her up for it. He grinned as the slayer fell back. James watched as his sire beautifully beat up the girl. He felt a twitch. It was on the back of his neck. It pulled on him, telling him to move. He stepped out of the way as a man came tumbling forward and landed with in the spot James had just stood.

“Holy fuck,” James screamed as the man came after him with a stake.

Xander lifted the man up by the neck, but he continued to struggle and stab mindlessly in the air. Xander growled and pushed the man’s head to the side, offering him to James. James grabbed the man’s arm that held the stake and leaned in to take a bite. He howled with pain and jumped back. He looked down; the handle of a knife was sticking out of his stomach.

“I’ll never forgive what you did to Faith or Rupert, you beasts! I’ll hunt William the Bloody and his Childer until the day that I die!”

“Which will be soon,” James said pulling the knife out and throwing it aside.

“Shouldn’t you be worried about your sire?”

Both Childer looked to see Spike on the ground. The slayer was straddling his waist and they were struggling with a stake which was aimed directly at his heart. James heard a vicious growl come from Xander. James looked at him to see Xander tighten his grip on the watcher’s neck. Xander’s other hand came up to grip the man’s hair. In one motion, the man’s head came clean off, covering Xander and James in the man’s blood. James would have rushed over and licked the blood off Xander, but they had their sire to worry about. Xander dropped the body and tossed the head at the slayer. It knocked her clear off Spike. She screamed when she saw what had hit her. Xander lunged past Spike and onto to the screaming slayer.

Xander had his heavy boot on the Slayer’s chest and was tearing her arms off, ”No one tries to stake Spike. NO ONE!”

James stared in shocked fascination. He’d no idea Xander could be like this. Earlier that day he had blown a punching bag through the wall, but to snap the head off a watcher and throw it at his own slayer, that was legendary. He felt himself pulled back. Spike wrapped his arms around James’ waist and rested his chin on his shoulder.

“Shouldn’t we be helping him?”

“Then it’d be unfair to the slayer,” Spike said. “And we’d best stay back here.”

James wanted to turn around and look at Spike, but Spike had positioned his head so James’ was forced to watch the blood bath in front of him. As Xander continued to rip apart the slayer, James felt a stirring in his pants. He heard Spike chuckle in his ear and felt a hand slip into his pants. Cupping and gently massaging his balls. Xander was bent over the dying Slayer drinking the last of her blood. He’d be finished and over here within a matter of seconds. Spike moved his hand to James’ hardened shaft.

“See my dark prince,” Spike hissed in James’ ear. “He doesn’t come out much, but when he does, he’s beautiful. That could be you.” Spike ran his thumb over tip and James shuttered in pleasure. “Both my dark princes tearing the throats out of innocent slayers, I’d I would love that.” Spike licked James’ neck, where such a short time ago blood had pulses beneath the skin. “Question is, do you want to rip out the throats of innocent slayers with your brother?”

James moaned deep in his throat, “My God,yes.”

“It’s easy to confuse Spike with God, isn’t it?” Xander said.

He was grinning seductively. It was a look more suited for Spike’s face, yet he was pulling it off beautifully. Xander was covered in blood. James moaned, his brother was beautiful. Xander tossed aside the slayer’s body and stood up. His hips moved from side to side like a jungle cat stalking its prey. His eyes never left James’ as he came up close and slammed his lips onto him. James’ mouth opened in response, tasting powerful blood on his brother. Xander broke the kiss and James whimpered. He tilted James’ head roughly to the side so he could leaned over and kiss Spike. Xander rubbed against James while he plunged his tongue into Spike’s mouth.

Spike pumped James’ cock faster and James moaned and bucked up against Xander’s hips. Xander broke the kiss and bit on James’ ear.

“Almost ready,” Xander moaned. “I can feel it. He wants to spread his legs so wide for you, sire. He wants to take you in and let you fuck the heartbeat back into him.”

“Does he?” Spike’s husky voice answered. “Why hasn’t he said anything? I would be happy to fulfill his request.”

“One more barrier, sire. Brother has one more barrier then he’s ours. Let’s show him. Show him what it’s like to have an ass full of your beautiful cock.”

“Won’t do it without his permission.”

Xander growled. “Show him using me, Sire.”

He pulled away from James, holding his hand out to Spike. Spike gave James’ cock on last pump before pulling his hand away. He stroked James’ stomach through his shirt.

“Name of the game, pet, is watching. You’re only allowed to watch. I’m going to fuck, Xan, and you’re going to watch. You’re my pet and I know it’s going to have you moaning, but if you even think about touching your cock, I’ll rip it off.” Spike trailed kisses down James’ neck. “You’ll accept your brother’s gift, right? You’ll play his game, right?”

James nodded, “I won’t even blink.”

Spike allowed one fang to prick James neck, drawing a small drop of blood. “Good boy.” He took his duster off and handed it to James who immediately pressed it to his face. Spike lapped at the blood on James neck then moved to Xander’s side, thrusting his tongue into Xander’s mouth, sharing the taste of the new vampire.

Xander grasped Spike’s hand, pulled away from his mouth and threw his sire to the ground. He fell on top of him mashing their mouths together violently while his hands worked at Spike’s belt and jeans. Xander let go his sire’s mouth long enough to pull Spike’s jeans down his thighs and remove his own clothes. Xander’s erection was full and straining, the swollen head glistening.

He collapsed back on top of Spike, snarling and growling as he licked and bit at his sire’s neck, hips thrusting and grinding his cock against Spike’s equally hard length.
“Lube’s in my pocket love.”
“Fuck that.” Xander said panting harshly. He pushed himself up and straddled Spike, one hand holding Spike’s cock. In one swift movement he slammed himself down, taking Spike’s full length dry. He could feel the delicate tunnel split and tear, blood lubricating Spike’s way. Xander set a punishing pace, impaling himself with his full weight. Spike thrust aggressively beneath him, his hands clenching Xander’s thighs, drawing small rivulets of blood that splashed lightly onto the grass below.

Xander snatched one of Spike’s hands up and forced it onto his cock, his own hand wrapping around Spike’s fist. Both vampires were panting harsh, growling breaths, unaware of anything but their joined bodies and the smells lingering around them; blood, earth, sex. Xander guided Spike’s fist to grip him harder, strip him faster. With his own hand he reached back and twisted and squeezed at Spike’s balls.

Both felt the tension rising and increased their speed, rumbling growls growing louder. With a screaming howl, Spike came, shooting deep into Xander, his final thrust drawing an equally violent release from his childe. Xander’s streams of cold seed burst from him and splashed over his sire. Riding out his orgasm, Xander leaned forward, in full game face and plunged his teeth into Spike’s shoulder, tilting his head and allowing his Sire access to his throat. Spike’ bit into him, sending them both into a second spiralling release. They both remained locked together at mouth and groin until their bodies calmed.

James was whimpering as he watched Spike pull out of Xander. He was trying so hard not to touch his cock, but it strained against his pants, making it hurt so much. He wanted more than anything to be fucked like that. He stood their impatiently as he watched Spike look at him, then lazily stroke Xander’s bloody, dripping entrance. Xander smiled as he looked at James.

“Looks like he’s ready.”

Spike stroked James’ aching cock, his fingers danced around the head as he watched his precious Childe moan for him. He wondered why he had ever been against turning James. The young vampire opened himself so wide and begged so dearly. He was one of the most beautiful Childer Spike had ever seen. He couldn’t get over how blessed he was to have two. It was hard to have two though, you needed to please both and love both. Their first time had to be alone. Xander had complained, but after being bribed with Chinese take out, slasher films, and Spike’s duster, he resigned to the living room to let Spike take his Childe. He wouldn’t claim him just yet. He had already broken James, but didn’t want the claim to happen tonight.

“Sire, please, I’m suffering!”

“The more you beg, the less I’m going to do it. Now once I can do this without you begging, then we can get to the fun parts.”

Spike grinned. He knew he was evil. He knew he should be banging the fuck out of his new Childe, but the Childe needed to learn they fucked when Spike wanted to fuck, not the other way around. James got quiet and Spike rewarded him by rubbing his cock against James’. James rubbed back against him. Spike wanted to fuck him so badly. Just one last test before he completely gave in to his desires.

He leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Who do you belong to?”

James rolled his head, his eyes didn’t meet Spike’s, and he bared his neck. Everything about James’ posture and body language screamed that he was Spike’s

Spike let out a low growl and sank one fang into James’ exposed neck. It was only a shallow bite, no more until the claiming. Spike drew a tiny amount of James’ blood, just enough to acknowledge his childe’s submission. He licked the bite closed then kissed the already fading scar.

Spike regarded his childe. James lay still, unbreathing, but his cock was hard, pulsing, pressing into Spike’s and Spike could feel him trembling with the strain of containing himself. He was beautiful in his surrender. Spike groaned and fell in to kiss James, bruising his lips, tongue possessing his mouth. James kissed him back with unrestrained need; their tongues wound and twisted together. Spike could feel how ready his childe was, he had been holding on, unsated, after witnessing Spike and Xander’s erotically violent encounter. He knew that James needed him and was giving in to him.

Spike pulled back from James mouth and sat up. He felt around under the pillow where he knew the lube would be. James squirmed underneath him trying to thrust his hips and relieve his ache. He let out small moans and whimpers as Spike rubbed his slicked fingers across James hole. James was so worked up, so eager that Spike easily slid two fingers into him. He worked his fingers, stretching James wider, adding more lube to ease his way.

“Please sire, please,” James begged, his face creased with tension.

“Sshh, childe, when I say you’re ready.”

James cock lay flat against his stomach; Spike knew that if he were to give it the attention James was straining for, that this would be over far too soon. He was painfully hard himself, memories of Xander’s aggressive attack combined with this new, now compliant body, writhing and begging under him, had Spike on the edge. He tossed away the tube and wipe his wet hand over his cock, avoiding the over sensitive head.

He leaned down close to James face. “Now, childe. Now I will take you and you will scream for me.” He folded James knees back to his shoulders and braced himself on one hand as he steadied his cock at James entrance. James was pushing his hips towards Spike silently encouraging his sire, but knowing it was out of his control. Spike slid himself in, the tip of his cock just breaching James. It was so tight around him, this virgin hole and Spike resisted the urge to slam in fully. He slowly inched his way deeper, ignoring his childe’s repeated pleas and drawing out his own gratification.

Once fully embedded, he began a slow pace, James’ hands coming up in a strong grip, his long fingers digging and kneading the muscles along Spike’s back. He met Spike’s thrusts with his own, panting, pleading and moaning and Spike gradually increased his rhythm. Spike knew this couldn’t last, James was thrashing and twisting, trying to push Spike deeper each time he re-entered, the movements adding to the sensations already flooding Spike’s body.

Almost mindless with need, James was biting into his own arm, drawing blood but not releasing the pressure. His moans became louder, became cries and when Spike leaned in and gently grazed his teeth along James’ neck, became a scream forced out through a demon’s face.

“There’s my boy. Come for me my beautiful boy.”

James clung to him as his body was shaken by the strength of his release. Just a few more hard strokes and the scent of James blood and come was enough for Spike. He grunted and moaned into James cool soft neck as he came, shooting his master’s seed deep inside his convulsing childe.

Spike collapsed onto James, letting his childe's legs fall back to the bed. He lay panting, his head in the crook of James neck, his softening cock still inside James. Spike felt his childe taking deep calming breaths, scenting his sire and stroked James forehead as it shifted back from his demon face.

"Thank you, sire."

"Shh, James, sleep. I'll stay inside you, sleep now."

Without a thought of argument, James slept in his Master's arms.

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