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Help Please???

Ok I have to do this quick before I forget it again. It is a story where the Counsil is there I think *after* Glory. I'm not sure. Willow goes dark and kills Anya and wants to use the Key to pull an alternate Tara to her. The only way to stop her is hearts blood from someone who loves her. Xander, of course. Xander turns into a Vamp (no sire) and hides Dawn and goes to LA. it turns out Dracula was his sire.

Also, I need one that had Xander as jilted lover to Giles. He leaves SunnyDale and goes to New Orleans and meets up with Spike, Oz and Wes. They go back to Sunnydale disguised. They end up killing Willow and Buffy.


Found! Thank you so much jjjean65 found both for me.

The Second one is Not the Only One by Gypsy Gray:

The First one is: The Scourge of the New world By Wordsmith:

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