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More of Mys' Misc Info Searching

Okay peeps, Mys is bouncing some bunnies around trying to decided whether she should buy them a hutch or have them...
discreetly adopted. That he they grew to be a normal, happy, laughing child bunnies, active and exuberant; and after that, grew further to become a normal, fairly contented adult rabbits.
And perhaps that's what happened.
You don't want to know what could have happened to Baby B
the bunnies.
We like your version better, anyway.
...and she needs some info.

First off, is there any set age limit on when a Slayer can be awakened? Mys is specifically curious about awakening Slayers post-Chosen.
EDIT: Okay Mys is hoping this will clarify her question- What I'm trying to figure out is if Ms. Soccer Mom 2002 with her 2.4 kids would be called or if she'd be past her 'sell by' date?

And is there an agreed upon Buffy!verse definition of Claiming, Bonding, and Mating? Mys knows that for the most part ppl just go with what feels/sounds right or works best for them, but she's wondering if there's a more 'official' answer and if so where?

Yet Another EDIT: Big hugs and thank you's and cookies to everyone for helping the Mys with this!!!!!!!!! *squeezes everyone*
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