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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

Xander stretched and rolled over in the big, soft bed. He rubbed
his face in the warm pillow and inhaled the sweet scent of strange
after shave. It was the only remaining indication that someone other
than himself had occupied the space.

He smiled as he recalled the night before. The small, slim blond
young man he had brought home and fucked into the mattress.
His hand slid slowly down over his chest, pausing to flip his fingernail
over his swollen nipples, a move that sent waves of tingles to his
morning wood.

The boy had been young, legally of age but inexperienced and shy.
At 30, Xander had seemed confident, strong and the boy had been
extremely flattered that someone like Alexander Harris would take
notice of him.

Xander rolled over on his back and put both hands into play as he
thought about how they had met. His fingers brushed over the fine hair
trail that ran, like a lazy creek, to flow into the roaring river of thick, black
bushy hair. He prided himself on his hard, flat stomach, the result of hours
and hours of working out at the gym.

As usual he had gone out of town. Although he owned the most successful
gay strip club in town, Xander had strict personal rules about dating, or even
casually fucking, someone that worked or frequented there.
It could be a complication to his near perfect life.

He preferred the nameless, anonymous sex that came from one night stands.
Meet 'em, fuck 'em and boot them out the door. A routine that worked well
for him. He was a private man. He had few close friends and he liked it
that way.

Since his rebirth at the end of the past life, Xander had been afraid of nothing
but commitment. The day he had walked away from that desert motel was
the beginning for him. He had, over the last 10 years, almost completely
blocked out the memory of the time before. Sometimes, he almost thought
it was all just the nightmares. He had all but convinced himself that he was only
remembering past bad dreams and not real life.

His missed Willow and his memories of her as a small child in grade school.
He knew they had gone to high school together but he didn't dwell on
that time.

His heart twinged with a sadness he refused to examine if a stray thought
of Giles entered his mind. He remembered a nice man, a librarian, that had
been good to him.
Buffy was a blank. Her name and face obliterated.

When people asked about his parents, he explained that they had died in a
freak accident that he preferred not to talk about. That was true.

Xander spread his legs and drew his knees up, putting his feet flat on the bed.
One hand rolled his balls as the other hand reached toward the bed side stand.
Digging through the drawer, he found by feel what he needed.

The boy had never been actually fucked before. He was fresh, just barely
out of the closet. He had cheerfully given his cherry to the handsome, strong
man who had bought him drinks and danced with him.

The only quirk the man seemed to have was that he wanted to call the boy
"Spike" when he fucked him. When the man in the bar had asked, the boy
said he didn't care.

Xander laid the tube of Anal Eze on his chest and reached again into the
drawer as his other hand wrapped loosely around the shaft of his rigid, warm

The fingers of his left hand gripped the smooth, rubbery, cock shaped dildo
as his right hand stroked his own. His was tender, the purple head still
slightly sore from the night before.

Xander's cock dripped and he moaned at the memory of how tight the boy's
ass had been. Releasing his throbbing shaft, Xander quickly lubed up
the long, thick vibrator. He then ran his slippery fingers over his own
puckered, tight opening just as he had done for his partner.

He had put the boy on his knees, shoving the blond's face into the pillow and
running his hands over the sweet, round, ass. Xander had shushed his fears
and taken his time toying, fingering, and lightly breaching the tight ring.
He slid one finger in and felt the boy tighten in anticipation.
Xander now squeezed around his own finger.

Virgin or not, Xander was no fool. He tore open a foil pack and quickly
slid a condom down over his aching, eager dick. He knew he was clean
and had himself tested almost obsessively as a fear of death haunted him.

His cock hardened more and the muscles on his inner thighs strained as
his knees fell open. He knew he should give it more time and the boy
had begged his reassurance that it wouldn't hurt, but Xander couldn't

Remembering the moment. The intense feel of the virgin ass clamp around
his hungry cock as it forced it's way in, Xander lifted himself up and
shoved the dildo deep inside, reveling in the pain and burn.
"Oh, fuck."

The boy had stiffened, his body reacting to the sudden intrusion and splitting
pain, he had cried out. It only served to make Xander harder.
"Ow. Ow. Wait, I want to stop."
"Shhh. Hold still and relax. Let your body feel me. Jesus, you feel so good.
Come on, Baby. That's it, I promise it's gonna be so good if you just relax."

Xander slid his hand around and felt the boy's now softening cock. He held
their bodies still where they connected and he began to lick, kiss and nibble
the boy's neck as he stroked.

"God, you taste so good. I could just bite your neck like a vampire. You ever
been bit? You ever been sucked? Next time I'll suck your cock till you cum
in my mouth. You want that, Baby? You want me to suck your cock?"

Gradually the boy's young prick began coming back to life as he groaned
at the nasty words being whispered in his ear.

The memory felt strong, erotic. Xander pulled the rubber cock back and
shoved it in deeply.
"Ugh. Oh, fuck, Spike. Just like that."

When the boy was fully hardened, Xander began rocking, his cock just slightly
moving in and out. Within minutes, the boy's breathing became more erratic and
he was moving too. Xander pulled out further and pushed in roughly. This time the
reaction was different.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Damn, you're fucking me. You're really fucking me."

Xander had chuckled and then let himself go. Blocking out the boy beneath
him, he slipped easily into his fantasy world of another blond. One less
specific. One whose face he could hardly remember, but whose name always
brought on an orgasm that nearly blew the head off his cock.

"Ug,ug,ug, yeah, Spike, shit, Spike."
It was the chant he muttered last night.
It was the chant he repeated this morning.

He listened to the wordless grunts and moans and imagined them coming
from other lips. His ears detected a faint accent. It made his sac draw
up and the electric zing roll down his spine. His backbone curled around
the boys and Xander shot his sperm into the latex.

His warm, sticky release filled the tip of the condom and he was only slightly
aware that his companion was also jerking, pumping cum over Xander's
hand and onto the sheets of his bed.

Xander's eyes rolled back as he relived the night before. He rammed the
thick, heavy, false cock, pistoning it into his body as his fist stripped his
slippery meat.

The internal muscles gripped and rippled as the name spilled from his lips and
the wet cum shot from his cock. It was always then, in that split fraction of a
second, as the first shot of cum erupted from his painful erection that he thought
he could remember.

Behind his eyelids, it was almost there. A smiling face. Blue eyes and sharp
cheek bones. A profile distinct and clear, but then just as quickly, it was gone.
Fading, more forgotten with each squirt till Xander collapsed, sated, happy,
mindless and boneless.

Afterglow time was 30 minutes. Period.
If he was alone, like this morning, he would leap from bed and head happily
to the shower.
If he was not alone, after 30 minutes, he soon would be.

"Thanks. Had a great time. Stay? No, sorry, that doesn't work for me.
Yeah, sure, just leave your number and I'll call sometime. Yeah, I know,
but I've been called worse."

Xander Harris could be a prick.

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