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The dreaded fic search!

OkOk. I generally don't have to do fic searches, b/c you guys out there seem to read my mind, and ask for fics before I get to it, and so I'm set.

But driving in to work today, I suddenly had a brain cramp, and for the life of me, can't remember the name of a certain fic, and of course, now I want to read it.

Its a WIP, and has Xander being sent to LA, during the First set-to, running into Angelus during the Beast situation there and getting turned. But then he turns the tables, tortures Angelus and rips out his fangs. He then comes back to the 'Dale, finds Spike who takes him in. Then the LA gang comes to SD, with Faith, Connor and Cordy (and I think Xander now has some sort of ESP and killed Jasmine in Cordy's womb?). Connor comOr am I mixing my fan fics here? I've read so many of them, that's entirely possible.

Can someone point me to that fic? Or those fics, if I've gotten two mixed together here? I'm sure this is a currently being worked on fic.


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