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Sorry, 'nother fic search. *hides*

*pops back out* mmkay, I JUST joined (thought I had MONTHS ago) cause I need a fic, and I think there was one for this not TO long ago but... I'm lazy AND I can't 'member the name or the author (I am horrid 'bout that)...

ANYWAY! it was... long, in the first part Xander was taken by a demon, there name started with an O, and Spike goes and saves him, but he has to have sex with Xander to get him back.

Then, they start a Spike has to move in with Xander for a little while (G-man has a lady-friend over for a few weeks) and they have more sex and start to fall in love, then they go to L.A. so that Angel can help them with a wee little problem (Angle has to take Xan his first time so that Spike doesn't have to bottom EVERY time) once that's done, they go back to SD. Once there, Spike is stolen form Giles' by shoulder boys and Xander calls Angle (who is in love with Doyle, who's still alive AND in love with Angle) and he and Doyle go to Sunny Hell and save Spike. Then all of them go back to L.A. where Spike and Xander have more sex... There is lots of sex...

I'm further than what I'm typing but I think I gave enough info... If not let me know.

Thanks in advance.

FOUND!!! 'Stranger Things' by Esmeralda, there are links in the comments.
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