elizabeth ann (babysquid) wrote in bloodclaim,
elizabeth ann

dreaded rec request...

hello my lovelies!

i have just completed my masters degree and my brain is dead. i made the mistake in the last month of reading some of the stuff locked in my memories as i tried to write those final papers etc. bad idea. but it did keep me going.

now though... i have some free time. and i have a desire to just let my brain rest and enjoy the happy that is spander. and with that in mind... REC ME! lol. i'll take almost anything. not so big with the d/s when its not an occasional game... but just about anything spander will do!

what are your favorites? what are the newest gems you've found?

ps... and if anyone remembers and liked the things i wrote, now that i'm done with school i'm starting to get the bug again and there might be more from me soon!

THANKS! *group hug*
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