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LFS a specific Spander

Hi !

I'm a newbie in this comm so hello! *waves* I read fics here from time to time but never joined before. It's someone in a yahoogroup who adviced me to post my fic search here, because there would be better chance of someone remembering it, so here it is:

I'm stuck with this part of a fic in my head; all I remember is that
Spike and Xander are in bed. Spike is wide awake because as it's night
he is not sleepy but Xander is. They hear their neighboors having sex
and Spike shouts after them but Xander explains to him that the
husband is going away for a long time and that's why they are having
marathon sex. Then Xander tells Spike to go out because he knows Spike
can't sleep.
A little bit later, there is almost the same scene except it's Xander
and Spike being noisy during sex and their neighboors complaining
through the wall.

Does it ring any bells?

Ptijade *hopefull*

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