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If I Were Souled ~ Inca Mummy Girl

Title: If I Were Souled ~ Inca Mummy Girl
Rating: R
Author: kitty_alex
Feedback: Yes please
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Spike has settled into Sunnydale and has found a place for himself with Xander. Only problem is the Anointed One has unknowingly created a major road block for them.
Chapter Summary: A 500 year old mummy comes to life and Xander begins dating her to prove he doesn't need William.
Warnings: AU
Notes: I'd like to thank kimalis for helping me out with Spike's slang and bringing detail to me jumbled mind. Then I'd like to thank Buffyworld for episode guides.
Side note: Sorry it's been a while since the last update. I've scheduled myself a bit tight. I'm working on completing a few other stories I have on my journal. Expect "If I were souled" to be updated Monday or Tuesday then Saturday or Sunday from now on.

William was looking at the new Victorian exhibit at the museum. He had seen an article in the paper and decided to drop by. It was squeezed in under the huge advertisement about the Incan mummy. He did not understand what the big fuss was about an ancient sacrificed princess. When he arrived he could see children he recognized from Xander’s school. The Scoobies were a bit away in the next room. He could hear them. They were not talking about anything important. He sighed and wished the sewer exit was not through that way. He continued to stare at the ancient four poster bed on display. They did not know he was William James Pratt, now free soul of Spike, they just knew him as William. Well, Xander knew William was Spike’s soul, but he did not care. The Scoobies also did not know William was staying in Xander’s basement still. He was supposed to just know Spike, not actually be him. He did not know how they would react if they found out what he really was.

“Will!” a voice was screaming at him jarring him from his thoughts.

He looked to see Cordelia running up to him. She was waving her arm at him, trying to get his attention. She stopped in front of him and smiled.

“Hello,” he said to her.

“Will, you changed your hair. I almost didn't recognize you, but then I saw your cheek bones and who could forget bone structure like that?"

“Well, yes, it is a long story-"

“Buffy said you went all evil and grrrr.” She clawed the air with her hand. “But, you don’t look evil. Are you evil? Should I even be talking with you right now?”

“No! I am not evil. It is a long story like I said. I have a soul.”

“So you lost your soul and you got it back? That’s a bit sketchy.”

“Yes, well, he, I did not, oh bother. You would not believe me if I told you.”

“A few months ago my best friend was turned into a vampire then dusted by a loser and I wrote it off as she ran away. Then I saw a huge bat like vampire get dusted in front of me, then I was hung upside down from a ceiling and almost had my throat slit like my other friend did. Now I am helping fight demons and vampires with a group of losers who under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t be caught dead with. So, you could tell me you were Bigfoot disguised as Will who was sent here from an alien planet and you would still have a very good chance of me believing you.”

“Oh, well, I am Spike’s soul. During the ritual to revive the master, Spike and I both made a wish that we were free of the other. We drank the blood of one of the sacrifices meant for the master before we made the wish so there was enough magic in us to follow through with the ritual. Only instead of reviving the vampire Master it revived the vampire William using my soul to add in the process.”

“Oh.” Cordelia said quietly she stared out at the four poster bed for awhile then looked at William again. “That story is a lot wilder than the Bigfoot one any day. Have you told anyone else this?”

“No, I just feel that the others would not trust me or a word I said if they knew I was connected to Spike in anyway. Then Xander, he-"

“So you and Xander are officially spiltsville?”

“Yes, and I am sorry to spur your affections but-"

“Like, I care if you like me. I’m so over you. I have Sven, the foreign exchange student, now.”

“How long have you two been intimate?”

“What? Oh, we haven’t been intimate yet, but we will be if I have anything to say about it.”

“Well, when you two do become intimate I will be very happy for you.”

Cordelia laughed, “So you and Xander, why aren’t you two intimate anymore?”

“Honestly? I do not have the slightest idea. I blame myself. If I had not stayed away, maybe he would have thought I was Spike still-"

“Then dumped you for lying that you were Spike.”

“Uh, yes. You do make a point. I just do not see what that depraved lunatic has that I lack.”

She patted Will’s arm, “I know Xander and his ‘type’ isn’t exactly the safest. You’re safe. Spike’s not.”

“I am not safe. I am a vampire! That has to be the farthest one can be from safe.”

“You dress like you belong in a magazine ad. We could give you a punk makeover. I have some eyeliner you can borrow. Then we might have to-"

“Are you mad woman? I am not wearing eyeliner!”

Xander was studying in the library, well, more like pretending to study. He had been thinking about Spike and why he was back in town. It didn’t seem like he was there for him. Xander sighed; he had been in a mood since William had stopped him from being turned. He knew it was unfair to be mad at William, but it made him question if the soul was the only part of Spike that had actually loved him. It tore up his insides and he couldn’t even enjoy the field trip to the museum yesterday. Buffy and Giles took a break, Giles bringing Buffy into his office to go over some slayer related things, Xander didn’t exactly care.

“You’re being stupid,” Cordelia said coming into the library.

“I am not. This is the most detestable clothing I have ever worn. Too many people have already seen me in this. We must go back,” said the man Cordelia was trying to pull through the library doors.

With a final tug, the man gave in and entered the library. His sandy-blonde hair was done up in loose spikes across his head that somewhat reminded Xander of something he saw in an anime once. He wore tight leather pants that were tucked into thick combat boots. The man also wore a tight, black cotton shirt with a black leather jacket over it. He ran a hand across the bridge of his nose and Xander noticed not only were his fingernails painted black, but he was wearing thick black eyeliner.

Cordelia gave the man an expected look, “Say it.”

“No,” the man hissed.

Cordelia gave him her hardest glare, “You say it exactly like we practiced.”

The man cocked his head to the side, “Oi, Xander. You like the new me? It’s very… um.” He threw up his hands. “I am not doing this. The clothes fine, but this is too far.”

“Will, you said you wanted to prove you were dangerous.”

“William?” Xander asked completely shocked.

William squirmed, “Yes, Xander. It is me.”

“You look, wow.” Xander said. “I mean so much better than before. Why the sudden change? Why are you trying to act like Spike?”

“I am not trying to… Xander, this is hard for me. Why him? He is not the loving man you used to lie awake with and talk to. He is not the one who would kiss you good night. That was me, Xander.”

“I wish I knew, William. I wish I knew why him and not you, but it’s just, that’s the way it works out. You’re just not him.”

“You have not even given me a chance. How do you know I am not what you want?”

“I can’t give you a chance. Not now, not ever. If I did, I’d be using you as a substitute for Spike and I don’t want to use you, William.”

“Yes, because being used is much worse than this aching feeling I have. Do not give me your noble act of chivalry. It has grown a bit tiresome.”

William turned and marched out of the library. His back was rigid and his eyes were straight forward. He slipped through the double doors quietly and was gone. Cordelia shoved Xander.

“You are so, just, oh there aren’t words for your level of stupidity!”

“My stupidity? What about your bitchiness? Could you have hurt William anymore?”

“I was trying to help him win you back. Usually when the main love interest is presented with the hero of the story and they see what they’re willing to do, they take them back with a long slow kiss.”

“You either watch too many movies or just perverted if you want to watch me and William kiss.”

“Ew, like I’d want to watch you kiss anyone. I don’t know what Will sees in you, but he could do so much better. I’m helping him out despite my better judgment, remember that.”

“If you like William so much why don’t you date him?”

“Because he is in love with you, moron.”

Jesse walked into the library, “There’s some new punk kid at our school. He had cool anime hair.”

Cordelia turned to Jesse, “Tell Xander he’s a moron.”

“Xander, you’re a moron. What did you do this time?”

“I didn’t do anything!” Xander pointed an accusing finger at Cordelia. “She is trying to play vampire match maker with me.”

“I know this isn’t what you want to hear, Xander, but you have to… wait, you were trying to set him up with a vampire?”

“Will is a very nice vampire. He’s friendly, cute, is in love with you, and did I mention cute?”

“Maybe we could set him up with a guy from school,” Jesse suggested.

“I can find my own dates,” Xander said. “I’m going to go out and I’m going to find my own date.”

“Fine then I’m going to be there with Will and we’re going to have all the fun without you.”

“Yeah, well, I’m going to go and have so much more fun with whoever I find for my date.”

“We’ll see!”

Willow walked in and looked confused, “Um, what are we fighting about this time?”

“Who’s going to have a better time at the Bronze tonight,” Jesse said.

“Well, I have news.”

“No time,” Xander said making his way towards the doors. “I have to get ready for a date.”

“Me too,” Cordelia said following after him.

They were out the door and Willow pouted, “I guess they don’t care that that Incan mummy might have escaped from the exhibit.”

“We’ll check it out tonight,” Buffy said. “I’m glad Bitchfest is over. I was getting sick of waiting for them to leave.”

Xander sighed and walked into the library utterly defeated. They looked up at him from their research and offered him a friendly smile. He slumped in a chair and looked at what they were researching.

“Great, an escaped mummy. Could things get any worse?”

“How was your night?” Willow asked him.

“It was great. Oh wait, you mean besides the fact that Cordelia showed up with William, the vampire she is trying to push on me to help me get over Spike? Then she had bought him a new wardrobe with Daddy’s money just to make me jealous.” Xander sighed. “Don’t tell Cordelia, but I didn’t find anyone. I’m going again tomorrow. It can be male, female, or even undead. I really don’t care.”

Buffy’s head snapped up from her book, “Date? Oh, crap. We got one of those foreign exchange people coming in from South America. I was supposed to pick him up.” She looked at her watch. “Two hours ago. Oops…”

“You did the whole foreign exchange thing?” Xander asked.

“Yeah,” Buffy said. “It was mom’s idea. Oh, maybe he’ll want to date you. His name is Ampata.”

“Well, I don’t speak Spanish, but maybe that won’t matter. Really, I’m willing to date anyone to get Cordelia off my back.”

“I still don’t understand what’s going on,” Cordelia said as she sat in Buffy’s living room.

She was sitting on the couch between William and Joyce. Jessica was sitting in the arm chair trying to explain to Cordelia what was going on in Passions.

“Then Timmy is actually-” Jessica was interrupted by the opening of the door.

“We’re home, mom. A little mix up with Ampata,” Buffy said coming through the door and into the living room.

Xander came in next with his arm around a pretty girl. He was talking to her about American culture. He seemed pleased with himself with Cordelia made a huffing noise and excused herself to the kitchen. William sat there quietly and tried not to look at Xander. Jesse and Willow came in. They felt the tension in the room and excused themselves to the kitchen, not knowing Cordelia had already made it her bomb shelter.

“Ampata is really a girl,” Xander said like no one had noticed.

“Oh, that makes things a lot easier,” Joyce said. “Well, looks like Passions is over. Will you be staying for dinner, William?’

“No thank you, Joyce. I should be going. Cordy invited me to a party. She wants me to be her ‘wingman’. I have no idea what that means, but I am guessing it is important. It is a costume party, so I am to search for a costume. Of course, I could always go in the clothes she bought me.”

“I think you look fine, William,” Joyce reassured him. “Especially after you changed your hair.”

Buffy narrowed his eyes, “Changed his hair? What do you-”

“It is late and I must be going.” He pushed past Buffy. “I shall see you next week. Tell Cordy I left.”

He left and Xander snorted, “So she’s ‘Cordy’ now? Please, like they could ever be friends.”

“Are they friends like with the arm around them?”

“They aren’t that close of friends.”

“You understand what’s written on it?” Giles asked William.

William had shown up when Giles had called him. Well, Giles didn’t call him directly. William had left Giles the number for the Bronze. When he had left before, he had slipped and told them they knew where to find him. Giles had asked him the next time William had stopped in the library. William hurriedly explained that he was set up out of the Bronze and he could reach him there. He then did a few favours and the bartender said he’d take calls for him.

“If you give me a bit, I hate to brag, but ancient languages were one of my many interests when I was alive. I could read Latin better than any of my classmates. Then after I was turned, I found a fondness of demon languages I can read-”

“Can you translate this though?”

“It has been a few hundred years, but I will try.” William studied it in his hands. “I think it means, no that cannot be right. Where did you say you found this again?”

“I was walking and it was on the ground.”

“An ancient piece of pottery that would only be found in South America or the museum exhibit was just lying on the ground?”

“Hey, Giles!” Buffy said as she entered the library.

Ampata was still attached to the other end of Xander’s arm and William felt the piece of pottery tugged forcibly out of his hand. Giles was striding over to Ampata. William sighed. He had been in the middle of reading that.

“I think it means ‘bodyguard’. Maybe he watches over someone while they slumber.”

William stood up, “Bodyguard? That pictogram is clearly hostile. Look at the way he holds the knife, he is wary of the one he protects. Guard yes, but peaceful watcher, no. If I had anymore information-”

“And we are supposed to trust William on this one even though Ampata is clearly from South America and would know more about what it means,” Xander said drawing Ampata closer.

“I think we should hide it or destroy it,” Ampata said suddenly.

“Destroy it?” Giles said surprised. “This is an ancient artifact! You preserve them you just don’t destroy them!”

“I sense great evil in it.”

“Well, you heard the girl. We destroy evil things, that’s what we do,” Xander said reaching for the pottery shard.

William grabbed his hand, “Well, you are still around. We cannot take the word of a teenage girl. She is biased against the piece. We will do research and if we uncover that it truly is evil, then we shall destroy it. Not a moment sooner and not a moment later.”

“I’m not evil. How do we know you won’t use whatever this thing is for yourself?”

“I understand you are hurting and I am not him but that gives you no right-”

“It gives me every right. Come on, Ampata. Ever have a twinkie?”

He ushered her out of the library without looking back at William. William glared and took the pottery from Giles and opened up a book. He set the pottery down, paced, returned to the book, then repeated the pattern.

Buffy it her lip, “Is it just me, or did we miss an episode in this little soap opera?”

Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them, “At least it gives us time to look for the other missing pieces.”

Cordelia painted her nails as she watched William glue and translate the rest of the ‘seal’ Giles had brought him. He kept muttering to himself and ignoring she was there.

“I’m going to be late for my party.”

“Oh, dear, oh oh oh… oh bollocks!”

“You swore! At least I think you swore! This must be really bad. Did I pick the wrong shade? The party too cliché? I thought they should have went with a better theme-”

“No, oh, just bollocks. I should have been paying better attention. ‘Destroy the seal’, only the beast that was sealed behind the seal would want it sealed. Shit, bloody, damn. Xander is in danger, this is entirely my fault. What the devil am I going to do?”

“Can you please stop with the swearing? It creeps me out when you swear. Can you explain what’s going on? Giles went off to get Buffy at your first ‘bollocks’, so you know, just give me the abridged version.”

“This mummy, she feeds off the life force of humans to stay alive. She drains them until they are nothing but dust. The seal prevents her from awakening. If she does awaken, the bodyguard is supposed to send her back.”

“Giles said he found the bodyguard dead in the girls’ bathroom,” Cordelia said. “Wait, are you suggesting that-”


“I always knew Giles was a pervert.” William gave her an exasperated look. “I’m kidding. A girl from this school is the mummy and you’re thinking Ampata.”

“She’s new; Joyce said she was supposed to be a he. The real Ampata would have been easy to replace. It all adds up. We must warn Xander.”

“Wait, we have to wait for Giles. He is better at this mystical stuff.”

Spike was chain smoking in the corner when he spotted the two of them come in. He had sneaked into the teen infested party to find a good meal for Dru and get away from the constant torment of her screaming for her William. It sickened him. He watched Xander drag the girl out onto the dance floor and snorted. He didn’t see why Dru wanted him. He seemed unfaithful. Wasn’t he supposed to be Will’s? But here the bloody bastard was, grinding up against some girl. He watched them move off the dance floor and towards what looked like someone at one of those theme parks in the fuzzy bear outfits. He laughed out loud when he realized it was Willow. Only that bint would be stupid enough to dress like that. They moved back to the dance floor leaving the poor bint alone in her sorrow. Where was that other one that always hung around them? Oh, there he is. Spike spotted him hanging by the door. Bastard is probably waiting around for that chit he was so in love with. Had a weird name that started with a C.

“Aren’t you a little old to be at this sort of party?” the bartender asked him.

Spike raised an eyebrow, “Nah, not in the least bit. Only seventeen.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Want to card me?”

“Whatever, just don’t cause any trouble like picking up under-aged girls.”

“Oh, no sir. I’m not looking up to pick up any under-aged girls.”

He looked back at the dance floor to see that Xander and his date were gone.

“Bugger,” he said to himself.

He came up behind Willow and waved at the back of her head and tried to see if she could see him. She didn’t react and he was tempted, but if Xander was alone with a weak girl, this was the perfect opportunity to take him aside and turn him for his dark princess.

“Willow,” he said trying to fake William’s accent. “Have you seen Xander around? There is something important I have to tell him.”

“Oh, I think he went backstage looking for Ampata. Look William could you help me? I can barely-”

“No time, important. Rush, rush, and all that bollocks.”

Spike grinned and made his way towards the backstage. The girl Xander was with before rushed past him and Spike continued to make his way further backstage. He finally found Xander in one of the backstage rooms. He looked pretty weak. Spike knelt down beside him and tilted Xander’s head so he could look at him.

“Hey, Spike,” Xander felt a dry lump in his throat as he looked at him.

“Hey, Xander. Miss me?”

“You know I did. When William scared you off, I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Yeah? Well, here I am.”

“Here to pick up where we left off?”

“Something like that.”

“Did I make you jealous with her, you know the girl I was with?”

“Not at all, pet.”

“Well that killed my plan.”

“Going to turn you anyway.”

“Wait. Will I end up like you or a fledge?”

“I’ll see to it you end up like me.”

“Thanks, Spike.” Xander reached out and grabbed his hand. “I don’t want to be apart from you again.”

Spike heard movement and running, someone was coming towards them. From the chill that ran down his spine, it was probably the slayer. He kissed Xander’s forehead, why he had no idea.

“Rain check, pet. Slayer’s coming.”

He helped Xander to his feet and rushed out of the room.

William waited patiently for Giles to come with everyone else. He was alone, he had sent Cordelia to the party even though she protested that she didn’t want to go without him, he knew she was relieved to be free for the night. He grabbed the hand snaking around him to grab the seal.

He shifted to game face and growled at her, “Not very nice to steal.”

“Vampire. I should have known. You were a nuisance back then and you are a nuisance now. What does a soulless creature want with my seal? Give it here and we can both part ways.”

“Not soulless.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Giles rushed in, “William! She’s the mummy!”

“I know! That is why I told you to meet-”

He was cut off by Ampata punching him and taking the seal. She threw it to the ground and it shattered. She attacked Giles next. She grabbed him by the neck and through him across the exhibit. He landed with a thud and was knocked unconscious. William snarled at her.

“William wait!” Xander was rushing in. “Don’t hurt her too badly!”

Pain stung him and Ampata was able to throw him over by Giles. He didn’t pass out like the human did, but he didn’t get up either. He sighed and contemplated the reasons why he should get up and help against five hundred year old mummy that Xander obviously didn’t want him to hurt.

“Take me instead!” He heard Xander shout.

William closed his eyes and willed himself not to get up.

“Just this one, Xander. Then we can be together!”

“No, you can’t do this. Not Willow!”

William sat up, “Willow?”

Ampata had Willow dangling in the air while Xander pleaded with her to put her down. Xander rushed forward and tried to pry Willow from Ampata’s grip.

“Take my life. Please, I used you. Okay? I never really liked you. I don’t even date girls. Please, just take my life, please.”

“Used me?”

She released Willow and grabbed Xander. William was up and snarling. No one hurt Xander. William ran up and forcefully pulled Ampata off of Xander. Xander squirmed as her arms were still attached. He wrenched them off and they turned to dust. The coffin lid burst off and Jesse came scrambling out, followed by Buffy.

“We would have been out sooner if you didn’t panic,” Buffy said to him.

Jesse pointed and screamed at Ampata’s armless body. William instinctively dropped it and it turned to dust. Buffy wrinkled her nose at the remains.

“I’m glad I don’t have to clean up this mess.”

William was sitting in the basement reading when Xander padded down the stairs.

“Spike usually read in the bed, if he read, you know, not in a chair off to the side.”

“That is just brilliant. Can we go one minute without you comparing me to Spike?”

“I’m sorry. I came down here to say I’m sorry. You were right about Ampata and if I would have listened to you, none of this would have happened. I’m selfish and evil. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I just want to be friends. I know you’re looking for more, but I’m not ready to move past Spike yet.”

“And this all came from where?”

“Almost dying. You know, like the final death almost dying. I need my life. It’s all I have to bargain with.”

“Do not sell yourself short. You have a lot to bargain with. I am afraid I have been short with you too. I just expected you to instantly adjust to me.”

“So, we’re cool? No more at each other’s throats?”

“Yes. We are ‘cool’.”

“Good, what are you reading?”

“It is Hamlet.”

“You have a Shakespeare fetish.”

“I do not. It just happens to be extremely well written.”

Xander pulled out the bed, “Okay, read me it then and you remember you have to do the voices.”

“I would never forget to do the voices.”

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