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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 12 WIP

FIC : Family Bonds chapter 11 WIP
Title: Family Bonds
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes:AU beginning S6 roughly replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die.
 Many thanks kitty_alex
Feedback and concrit appreciated and lusted after.
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them
Other chapters are here



The ringing of the phone startled both Xander and Spike out of their daze. When Xander groaned but made no move towards it, Spike pulled away from him and asked, “You getting that or not?”

“Not,” he replied, kissing his way down Spike’s cheekbone and ending at the corner of his lips. There he stayed, licking and nibbling at Spike’s bottom lip.

Spike held Xander’s face in his hands and spoke gently. “Harris, unless you’re trying to make me smash that bloody rule into a million tiny pieces, it might be a good idea if we took a breather and you answered your phone.”

Xander looked from Spike to the phone. One last kiss planted on Spike’s swollen lips and Xander shoved himself upright and off the couch. He was halfway to the kitchen when the machine kicked in and he heard Buffy’s voice come through the speaker. He walked over to the phone, his hand hovering above it.

“Xander? I thought you’d be at home. Um, Willow said you were looking after Spike and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. So, umm, I want us to catch up soon and talk. When you manage to get rid of Spike, call me or Willow and we can do the Bronze thing. Okay, bye Xander.”

“Why didn’t you talk to her?”

Xander spun around to find Spike standing behind him. “Were you listening to the same message I was?”

“The one that said ‘I want, I want, I’m an insufferable bitch’? Yeah I caught that. So why didn’t you pick it up?”

“And say what? She still thinks I can’t look after myself, even when I’m at home. You heard how she talked about you.” Xander moved off to the kitchen, digging through the refrigerator for cold coke and beer.

“As much as I would dearly love to turn the selfish bint inside out, she’s your friend and you need to deal with this.”

“Yeah I will, just not now and not on the phone.” Xander put two bottles down on the counter and reached for Spike. “There’s something else just as important to deal with right now though.”

Spike took a quick step back and regarded Xander’s rather obvious intent with a smirk. “You’re gonna deal with me Harris? That’s romantic.”

“Hey were aren’t up to the romance part yet buddy. Up until last night we were still at the snark and insults stage.”

“And now?”

“Now? Now we’re working on friends.”

“Yeah? Just friends?”

“God no. In the last twenty four hours, I’ve started a fight with Buffy partly over you, bought you a drink, met your friends, been rescued by you, been covered in your blood, prayed you didn’t die, gave you my bed and my underwear and let’s not forget the last hour on the couch. Those aren’t all things you do for just friends.” Xander stepped closer and this time Spike didn’t move away. He laid a hand lightly on Spike’s good hip, stroking with his thumb. “And I have this feeling, it’s kinda like I am on the edge of something big. You know like on a rollercoaster, there’s that long slow haul up the hill before you get to the best part and then you just go flying around the bends and dips and loops? Does that make sense?”

“I must have been hanging around you soddin’ people too long, cause yeah, it does.”

“So you can’t get to the main part without getting up the hill first. And that’s just as fun. Cause you’re sitting there, right, and you have an idea of what might be about to happen; it’s that edge of your seat anticipation you know?’

“Right there with you Harris.”

Xander looked at him with surprise. “You are? You’re on my ride too?”

Spike snorted. “Not jumping on the bloody fun park analogy bandwagon, but yeah. I am very interested to know where this is going. And I made a bit of a promise to myself last night that I would take it easy. S’why I’m not pushing.”

“Well that and the holes in your gut and your shoulder and your chest and your-”

“Don’t need to remind me.” Spike told him, holding the injury on his side.

“C’mon, let’s go sit down; you probably shouldn’t be up and around so much.”

Spike protested that he was quite capable of standing up for five minutes, but let Xander lead him back to the couch anyway.

“Sit, stay, I’ll get your beer. Oh blood. You want more blood too?” At Spike’s nod he threw another bag in the microwave. While it heated, Xander watched Spike from the kitchen. He was definitely looking better; he was always going to be pale but his colour had been worse than white up until this afternoon.  Spike was getting a fuller range of movements but was still fairly stiff in the upper body. Xander could see Spike wincing as he tried to stretch and flex his arms and shoulders and his hand kept going back to the wound on his side where the barb had penetrated his kidney.  The human blood was definitely helping; with each bag Xander noticed the smaller cuts and scrapes healing over and even the scars and bruises were disappearing.


Xander transferred the warm blood to a mug and passed it to Spike, dropping the beer on the table and sitting down with his coke. Spike was watching highlights of the game that they’d half missed and Xander looked around for the remote, hoping to switch the channel before a second game started that he couldn’t avoid. He remembered Spike shoving it down the cushions, out of his reach.

“Done?” he asked, holding his hand out for the empty cup.

“Thanks Harris, pass my beer?”

Xander took the mug from him and laid it on the table. “In a minute.”

Instead of sitting back in the couch, Xander leaned in close, almost lying against Spike’s front, careful not to touch him though. He reached one hand up, wiped a stray drop of blood from Spike’s lip with his thumb and slid it into Spike’s mouth, stroking it against his tongue. Xander pulled his thumb out and rested his hand on Spike’s knee. He leaned in even closer, pressing his lips onto Spike’s and sliding his tongue on to replace his thumb. As soon as he felt Spike responding, Xander slid his hand slowly up Spike’s thigh, down the side and into the split between the seat cushion. Damn, the remote wasn’t there.

Spike chuckled softly against Xander’s mouth before pulling back. “Looking for something mate?”

“I saw you put it down there. What have you done with my remote?”

“Put it where you’ll never find it and where it can do no harm to my delicate senses.” Spike grinned at him. “Oi look out! You nearly bumped my sore bit.”

Xander was leaning further across, digging around with both hands in the back of the couch. “I was nowhere near your ouchy you big baby, now give it up vamp. Where’s my remote? Did you stick it down your pants? Is that where it is? Don’t think that’ll stop me pal.”

“Feel free to check, but that’s not the remote you can feel in my pants so you might want to stop wriggling around. Or not. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Xander rolled off Spike, ending up on the floor. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’ll be none of that until you can participate without an internal organ falling out. So you just, umm, stop that mister.”

Spike snorted. “What did you think was gonna happen? You lookin’ like that, kissing me like that and worming around in my lap. Didn’t do it on purpose you git.”


“What? Looking like what?” Xander was checking himself over, confused.

Spike sighed and shook his head. “Harris how can you have no idea? You don’t even need to kiss me or squirm around to do this. Although I won’t complain when you do.”

“Ha! Crazy vampire. You mustn’t have seen much action lately.” Xander climbed back up to sit on the couch.

“Beside the point. I know what I like and I like what I see. Now, I can’t reach me beer on the table. Be a good boy and pass it up here yeah?”

Xander just stared at him. “You drink my beer, you put your feet on my table, you steal my remote, make me watch that, umm, game and now you’re thinking what? A little flattery and I’m your servant? Pfft.” Xander lay back and folded his arms. “Get it yourself, moocher.”

 “Oi!. I’m a house guest. And I’m damaged here. So get me my bloody drink now Harris.” Spike waved his arm feebly in the direct of the bottle. “If you make me exert myself I’ll tell Rose.”

Xander looked at him through narrowed eyes. “So let me get this straight. I’m your, ah, man-servant, for want of a better word, and I’m fetching your drink because you don’t want to exert yourself? You don’t want to move in case you hurt something? You just want to sit there and be waited on, not move a muscle? How am I so far?”

“All of the above Harris, spot on. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re slow. Now.” He wiggled his fingers at the beer again.

Xander pushed himself off the couch and sat down on the coffee table facing Spike and holding his beer bottle. “This the bottle you want? The one you couldn’t possibly sit up for without experiencing great wracking bouts of pain?” Xander waggled the bottle just out of Spike’s reach.

“Yeah, loads of pain, can’t move, now give it here mate.”

Xander held the bottle up in front of his eyes and looked it over slowly. “Sure looks like a great beer. Cold too, been in the refrigerator so the outside’s all wet and slippery.” Xander ran his tongue up the length of the bottle then licked around the open neck.

“Oh like that’s gonna help get rid of this.” Spike waved at his erection which was slowly coming to life again. He made to grab the bottle but missed when Xander held it behind him.

“Uh, uh, uh. You said it hurt too much to move, so stop moving. You weren’t lying to me were you Spike?”

“Not lying exactly. More embellishing. Hand the beer over Harris.”

Xander wet the top of the bottle with his tongue then slowly ran the opening over his lips, wrapping them around the neck and sliding it in and out of his mouth, making small, satisfied sounds. He tipped the bottle a little, getting a small mouthful and letting some trickle over his chin.

Spike was mesmerised watching Xander’s lip teasing the bottle, his tongue lapping at the wetness. Then that tiny spill running down his jaw and throat. He saw Xander moving forward off the table to kneel in front of him and slid himself forward on the couch. Once Xander was close enough Spike leaned in and ran his tongue over Xander’s jaw, tasting beer and the boy. Xander’s hands came up and grabbed his head, crushing their lips together. Spike felt Xander’s cool, beer-flavoured tongue sliding against his mouth, probing for entry. He opened and was surprised to feel the small trickle of beer running from Xander into his own mouth. He’d no need to breathe and so was not at risk of choking; he merely let the beer slide down his throat, wrapped his arms around Xander and gave all his attention to the warm lips on his.

Xander wondered what it was. What made kissing this man so different to any other kiss he had ever shared? There were lips and tongues and teeth, all the physical side was mostly the same, but there was something that made this better. The best. Even at the height of his relationship with Anya, when he’d thought it was as good as it could get, it was not even close to this. Xander found himself losing control and fought a hard internal battle between the desire and need to take this further and the knowledge that it just wasn’t time yet; not for either of them. He was sure that regardless of his promise, Spike would not refuse him, but Xander couldn’t bear to be responsible for adding to the pain Spike was already in.


He reluctantly pulled his mouth away, panting harshly, not even having realised he’d run out of breath. Xander rested his forehead on Spike’s good shoulder, running his hands up and down Spike’s thighs. One of Spike’s hands was running through his hair, the other was tracing light patterns over his back. He felt Spike’s lips move against his ear as he spoke softly.

“I think that it might be time to take another breather.”

Xander lifted up and looked in Spike’s blue eyes, now dark with passion. He sat back on his heels with a heavy sigh. “Yeah, I think so too.”

“You want to go out? Get some dinner?”

Xander smiled at him. “You asking me on a date?”

“Vampires do not date,” he scoffed. “But we need to get out for a bit.  I’m just trying to do the right thing here. Doesn’t happen often so make your mind up quick.”

“Might be the best idea. Where would we be going?”

“The Lion? Rose is a mean cook. Might be nice to go and say thanks too.”

“Sure, but can you stop looking at me like that? With your eyes, and your lips.” Xander was leaning forward into Spike again, running his finger along Spike’s brow, down his cheek, over his lips.

“Not looking at you with my lips, you git.” He caught Xander’s finger in his hand, kissed the tip and dropped Xander’s hand back in his own lap. “You go get your clothes on. I’m gonna have another bag of blood first, shouldn’t have too much trouble getting around then.”


Both dressed, Spike in his standard jeans and T, minus a very bloody and damaged duster, Xander in jeans and dark green sweater, they got down stairs and into the car with very little difficulty. Spike had less trouble moving about, than he did trying to keep his hands off Xander. Xander, meanwhile was in a similar situation. His lips still tingled and he yearned to just take Spike back upstairs and forget their plans. They managed the trip to the pub with a little conversation, some ‘accidental’ brushing of arms and many furtive glances.


Xander took the spot closest to the front door of the Bear and Lion and went around to help Spike climb out of the seat. He reached an arm down, Spike took hold and pulled himself up and out, grabbing Xander by the shoulder for support until he was able to straighten completely. He stood up with a small grimace on his face.

Xander looked worried. “We can go back home if you want.”

“No need, I’m fine. Just this last one on my side’s still a bit tender.” He straightened out and let go of Xander. “Let’s go.”

Xander followed Spike inside and to a stool at the bar. He held the seat as Spike pulled himself up onto it, nodding to Tom as the big barman came to greet them.

“Door-bitch! You look loads better. Still look like shit though, just a smaller pile.”

Spike rolled his eyes and flipped his fingers at Tom. “A Jack thanks Thomas, and a coke?” He checked with Xander. “A coke for the man.”

Once Xander saw Spike was settled he too took a seat at the bar, taking the drink Tom placed in front of him. “How’s things Tom?”

“Can’t complain, there’s none who’d listen,” he answered with a grin. “Let me go tell Rosie you boys are here.”

Xander looked Spike over. Sitting on the stool, the vampire looked as comfortable as could be expected. He was sipping on his drink and scanning the other patrons in the pub, lingering over the demon clientele. Xander met his eyes when he swivelled back again. “Better now?”

Spike put on a fake frown but was smiling inside at Xander’s worrying. “Stop your fussing Harris, I’m fine.”

“William!” a cheerful voice called to him. “And Xander, hello chooky, I didn’t think you’d bring him back so soon, but I’m so glad you did.” Rose came around and kissed them both on the cheek.

“Rosie. We just popped in for a bite and to say thanks. You’re a real miracle worker with those potions of yours.” Spike told her.

“Come on out the back and let me have a look, see if there’s anything else I can do for you.” She motioned to the door behind the bar.

Xander helped Spike back down off the stool, then took his arm as they went into the kitchen. Rose waved him to a chair and put her glasses on while she waited for Spike to get comfortable.

“Alrighty William. Let’s see how you’re healing.” She carefully lifted his shirt to check the wounds on his chest, back and shoulder. “Oh these look great, the skin has grown over and they are completely sealed off now. A bit more blood and another day and you will hardly even notice the scars.”

Rose sat on a chair next to William and leaned over to look at the injury to his abdomen. “And this is the one that went straight through you and collected your kidney.” She moved her chair and examined the entry point of the wound on his back. “This part is healing quite well, but the front isn’t so good. There’s no sign of any new skin and there’s a bit of fresh blood inside.”

“Should we keep putting the paste on? We still have some.” Xander asked.

“You know that wouldn’t be such a bad idea every now and then. I don’t know what’s happening with this one, but regular blood and some more treatment should see it gone soon.” Rose pulled his shirt back down and helped him up.

“I hope so Rosie, that’s the one that’s got me hobbling about like an old cripple.” Spike reached for Xander’s shoulder again as his body adjusted to straightening up.

Xander led him back out to the main bar. “Come on Gramps, let’s go get you in a softer seat. We won’t be staying too long.”

“You boys go sit. I’ll bring you some dinner.” Rosie called after them.


Xander took Spike to the closest booth table, the ones with the softest lounge-style seats. “I’ll just go and grab our drinks.”

Xander wandered over to the bar, noticing Tom down the far end near his and Spike’s glasses. Halfway down the bar he heard someone behind him call his name. Too close to be Tom or Spike, too deep for Rose, Xander wondered who else in here would know him. Turning around he came face to face with another young man.  “Oh, Bilarl right? How are you?” Xander recognised the man he had spoken to the night before. They had both appreciated the woodwork skills on show throughout the pub.

“Xander. I was hoping to see you again. Are you here alone?” Bilarl shook his hand.

“Oh, ah, okay. Um, no I’m not alone actually. I’m here with a friend.”

The man took a long sniff. “Oh I see, you are here with that master again. A shame. I’ve been waiting for hours. I was hoping we could, I don’t know, maybe go somewhere else?”

Xander was shocked. They had talked for five minutes about a piece of wood. This kind of thing wasn’t new to Xander but something didn’t feel right here. He looked around for Spike. No. He didn’t want Spike to have to move again for a while. He looked the other way and caught Tom’s eye, hoping the barman would recognise his plea for help. He watched as Tom casually wiped his cloth along the bar eventually ending up opposite Xander.

“Billy, what’s up my friend?” he said in a firm but friendly voice.

“Oh, nothing Tom, just talking to Xander here.”

“Xander’s here with a master Billy. You don’t want to mess with a master’s boy do you?”

“No Tom, but I thought cause he’s uncla-”

Tom stared steadily at Bilarl. “You thought very wrong Bill. Might be best for you to head on home tonight.

Bilarl looked from Xander to Tom then over to Spike. He sighed heavily then nodded at Tom. “Ok Tom. I’ll be going.”  He held a hand out to Xander. “Sorry Xander. I won’t bother you again. I must have just got the wrong ah, signal.”

Xander shook his hand still a little confused. “No hard feelings.” He followed Bilarl’s progress until he’d left the front door. “Wow. Thanks Tom. I really don’t know that guy, just talked to him for a minute last night.”

“Xander he’s not really a ‘guy’, he’s a Trivumaa demon. Bit hard to tell with those ones.” He walked with Xander back to the table. “They’re harmless, and Bill is just a lovely bloke. He won’t bother you again. I can guarantee it.”

Spike had overheard the last of Tom’s comment.  “Who won’t bother him? What’s happened Tom? Xander?”

Xander sat down next to him and smiled. “Nothing, just got hit on a by a guy who turned out to be a demon.” Xander missed the pointed looks that passed between Tom and Spike.

“Can’t let you go anywhere can I mate?” Spike said half jokingly. “Thanks for helping out Tom.”

“No worries Spike. I’ll leave you two to enjoy your dinner. Rosie’s on her way out now.”

“You okay mate? Did it touch you?” Spike asked him with a worried look.

Xander handed Spike his drink. “No, I’m fine, it’s nothing. He’s gone.” When Spike looked doubtful, Xander slid closer and kissed him lightly. “Stop worrying like a nancy, it’s fine.”

Spike shook his head. “Git,” he said and kissed Xander back. Nancyish or not he was worrying about Xander’s latest demon run in. He was still mulling it over by the time they arrived back at Xander’s apartment a couple of hours later.  



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