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Shadows and Shadows 3/?

Title: Shadows and Shadows
Author: gregryandanny
Co-Author: windandsummer
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairing: Ethan/Giles, Gunn/Wesley, Angel/Lorne and Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander is a half-wizard and half mage but moves to LA after Buffy and Willow found out the turth.
Warning: mpreg, violence, M/M slash, H/C, past rape.
(Chapter 3)

"Stop screaming, proof," said Spike as he helped Xander up and onto the bed.

"Why should I? Buffy has lost control Why should I retain mine?," said Angel, feeling Angelus coming closer to the surface. Xander watched as Angel punched a hole into the wall.

"Angel? Are you alright?" asked Xander as he got off the bed and helped Angel removed his fist from the wall. Xander put his hand over Angel's and closed his eyes. Angel and Spike gasped as they saw Angel's blood and flesh put itself together. Xander opened his eyes and smiled at his work.

"Pet? What just happened?" asked Spike as he looked at Xander in shock and concern. Then for some reason, Spike throws back his fist and punched Xander right in the face. Xander went down with shocked and hurt eyes as Spike screamed and grab his head.

"Spike, why the hell did you do that for?" asked Angel as he checked on Xander. He found that Xander was going to have one hell of a shiner in the morning. "Xander, you alright?"

"I’m alright, but what about Spike? Why did he hit me? What did I do?" whimpered Xander as he crab-walked backwards once again into the corner.

"I'm sorry, Pet, I shouldn't have hit you," said Spike as he moved towards Xander but Xander flinched and moved farther into the wall.

"Spike, why did you hit him?" asked Angel as he moved in between Xander and Spike.

"I was seeing if he was a demon or not." Spike said and looked at Xander, “I’m sorry, Xanpet.”

"Spike, I can take your chip out." said Xander as he got up and gently moved Angel out of the way.

"Just one question," said Spike "Are you demon or human?"

"I don't know. I just know that I woke up with powers and a secret. After that, I ran for it."

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