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Fiction Recomendation

I dont do these very often but every now and then an author writes something so brilliant, so incredible it just needs to be shared. orchidluv 'Nothing The Same' and 'Nothing The Same Book 2'.  I have been following her writing since she was about half way done with the first book.  Its been one of those where you check your email daily a couple times hoping for an update.

These stories are in my opinoin two of the best Spander fictions ever writen.  They have won past awards and they are well deserved.  I have been dreading the day she finally completed the fic. So hated for it to end. Its like watching an incredible dance, or listening to a piece of music that resonates through your whole being coming to an end. However even when it does end, it still stays with, weaving through your mind, and taking root in that place where wonderful memories reside.

What an incredible end. orchidluv brought everything together and joined the parts closer than the most intricate puzzle. No loose ends, no feeling of anything being out of place. Marvelous. From the very first chapter she brought us along with her on an incredible journey of discovery. The changes that each character went through to become, in the end more than any of us could have ever expected or hoped for.

Each and every character has grown and changed before our eyes to become better than anything cannon could have made them. Her insight into the depths, quirks, emotions, and thoughts of each one of them was like being there with them experiencing and seeing the changes happen. I am in awe of her imagination and understanding of the nature of every character she sculpted with such care.

It has been a pleasure to watch her writing style grow and evolve along with the wonderful world she created, and let us share with her.  If you have not read anything by this brilliant author you are missing out.  And of all that she has written this is the best.


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