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FIC: Family Bonds Chapter 14

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.

Other chapters are here


Xander woke up just after midday, sandwiched between Spike and the couch. He tried to move, to stretch his stiffened muscles but was held tight. Resigned to staying put till Spike woke up, Xander relaxed and closed his eyes. No good. It was the urgent message from his bladder that had woken him and it wasn’t going to wait much longer. He managed to free one hand and tapped Spike’s chest.

“Hey buddy, I really need to move.” When he got not sign of recognition from Spike, there was that split second panic he had been feeling since Spike had been injured. When Spike slept, he was no different to a corpse. Even though Xander knew that if Spike were truly dead he would be dust, there was still that brief moment before his good sense kicked in. He tried again and poked a little harder. “C’mon Spike, wake up, not kidding.”

“Christ Harris what kind of hour do you call this? Go back to sleep.”

“Spike, unless you want to sleep in the wet patch, and not in a fun sexy way, it might be a good idea to let me up pretty quickly.” That worked.

Spike opened his eyes and turned to stare at Xander, wrinkling his nose. “Bloody humans.” Spike loosened his arms and legs and leaned forward so Xander could climb over him and race to the bathroom. Spike rolled himself back and lay in Xander’s warm spot, pulling the blanket up over his head to keep in the delicious heat and dozing off again.


Xander returned shortly, smelling of toothpaste and soap and looking refreshed. He kneeled on the floor next to Spike, reaching across the couch and peeling the blanket back off Spike’s face. “Lazy vampire.”

“Oi, you’re letting all the warm air out you git.”

“Can’t have that,” Xander said, grinning. He leaned in and pressed his lips to Spike’s pulling the blanket back over both of them. “Better?” he asked.

“Getting there.” Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s neck pulling him down and caught Xander’s mouth in a more insistent kiss. He nipped and licked at the warm lips, dipping his tongue in and out of Xander’s mouth.

Xander slid a hand under the blanket and wound his fingers through Spike’s soft curls. He deepened the kiss, moaning at the feel of Spike’s tongue moving against his and rested his other hand on Spike’s hard chest. Oxygen soon became an issue for Xander and he regretfully broke the kiss, throwing the blanket back. 

“I’m starving, you want food?” Xander said, kissing him once more before standing up and stretching.

“Not the food so much as I need the blood. Didn’t have any during the night. Come to think of it I haven’t put any of Rose’s muck on for a while either. Best get that all taken care of.”

“Well get your ass up and we can sort that out.” Xander turned to go to the kitchen.

“Yeah, slight problem with that idea mate. I can’t actually get up. That’s why we ended up sleeping here.”

“Well why didn’t you wake me up? I could have helped you sooner.” He took the blanket off and threw it over the back of the couch.

“Now why would I do that?” Spike asked. “Best sleep I’ve had in years.”

Xander slid an arm under Spike’s shoulders and lifted slowly. When Spike was upright, Xander helped him swing his legs around. “You know what? You stay here, I’ll get your blood.”

“Don’t need you babying me Harris, I can get it.” Spike tried to stand but sat down heavily when the effort was too much. “Bloody hell. I suppose I’ll just wait here then.”

“Spike shouldn’t it be getting better not worse?” Xander asked with a worried frown.

“Course it should, but I went all night and half the day without blood or meds so it’s bound to be a bit worse this morning innit? Let’s just wait and see how it goes now yeah?”

Xander propped Spike up with pillows, helped him get his feet up on the coffee table and covered him back over with the blanket. Spike laid back and closed his eyes while Xander went into the kitchen.


Spike was dozing again when he returned with two mugs. Xander sat carefully on the couch, his movement causing Spike to stir. He handed Spike the blood and as soon as the mug was empty took it and gave him another. When both mugs were finished, Xander went back for everything he needed to treat Spike.

“Let’s get this done, and then you can just rest while it all kicks in.” Xander waited while Spike pulled his shirt up. He quickly but gently cleaned the wound out with the milky fluid then packed it with the herbal paste, covering the site with a fresh bandage. He was pleased to see that there was no sign of fresh blood but disappointed that there was also no sign of healing yet. “Anything else you need?”

“Nah, thanks mate. That stuff Rosie sends really packs a punch. I’ll need to sleep that off. I’ll just have a bit of a lie down while you go and eat. Should be okay in a bit, soon as that blood does its thing.”

“Why don’t you let me help you into the bedroom? You’ll be much more comfortable, it’ll be a bit quieter too.”

Spike patted the pillows. “No need, the couch will do me.”

“If you go back to bed I’ll turn the electric blanket on for you,” Xander gave him a questioning smile.

“You play dirty Harris. Fine I’ll sleep in your soddin’ bed then.”

Xander raced off to switch the blanket on so the bed would be warm by the time Spike managed to walk in there. Back to the couch and he almost lifted Spike to his feet, pretending not to hear the small sounds of pain Spike made. It was a long slow walk across the room and through to the bedroom and Spike collapsed gratefully into the warmed sheets.

“Tuck me in then go eat, I can hear your insides complaining.”

Xander pulled the covers over Spike, sat on the edge of the bed and kissed him soundly. “You know it’s kinda gross when you listen to my guts.”

Spike snorted, “You don’t need to tell me mate.”

“Sleep. Stay there as long as you like. I’m going to eat, do some laundry and get some paperwork done. Have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m not even close to prepared.”

“Sounds thrilling, glad I’m gonna sleep through it.”

Xander headed for the door. “Call me if you want something.”  At Spike’s raised eyebrow he clarified. “Call me if you want something and you know the answer won’t be ‘hell no’. Sleep tight.”


Spike lay back and sank himself deep into the warm bed. Going such a long stretch without blood hadn’t been the greatest idea, nor had missing a few doses of Rose’s meds. He was feeling the effects of both of those things now. The blood he’d had was doing its work, but its energising effect was being dulled by the sedatives in the freshly applied cream. He gathered the blankets around his head and was asleep again in a few short minutes. 



Xander cooked himself some eggs and toast, washed it all down with several glasses of cold juice, then got to work on some odd jobs. He constantly resisted the urge to go and check on Spike, knowing the vampire would just accuse him of being a nancy boy again. He couldn’t help but worry. There was still a small part of him that felt guilty over the extent of Spike’s injuries, although he had given up mentioning it anymore. Something didn’t look right in that last wound, but Spike seemed to think it would be okay with some blood and rest. Xander hoped he was right.

To distract himself, Xander made a pot of coffee and settled in with his paperwork. As the site manager, he had more responsibility than he’d ever had, but that also meant he often brought work home. This lot was all updated progress reports he’d collected on his way home from the beach on Friday. Hopefully the reports would catch him up with everything he’d missed during his week away. There was a good couple of hour’s worth of reading and when he next looked up he realised Spike had been asleep for more than three hours. Rose had said medicate and feed often, so he threw a couple of blood bags in the microwave, noting there were very few left. 

With the two mugs and the herb paste on a tray, Xander cracked the bedroom door open and brushed aside that tiny instant of dread before he noticed Spike’s eyes were open.

“Did I wake you up?”

“In a roundabout way; I heard the microwave beeping.” Spike pushed the blankets back and pulled himself into a sitting position with only a small grimace. “Hey, did you see that? Told you it would be better.”

“Yeah, yeah, show off. Here, drink your blood like a good vampire.” Xander put the tray down next to Spike then went around to the other side of the bed and lay down, stretching and yawning. “Got all my work done and we have a couple of hours to kill before Sunday night Magic Box meeting.”

“Magic Box? You are joking right?”

“Nope. They’ll be expecting us. You think you’re up to it?”

“Meeting yeah, patrol no.” Spike waved a hand at his side. “Feels better but I’m not ready for a big action scene quite yet.”

Xander rolled onto his side and gave Spike a grin. “Oh no, no action of any kind for you pal. Not until you can give as good as you get.”

“Cheeky bugger.” Spike laughed as he finished both cups of blood and went off to the bathroom with Rose’s medications. He was almost standing upright and was moving with much more ease than he had on the way into the bedroom.


Xander climbed under the covers and curled up in the warmth. It was a little hotter than he would have had it but still more comfortable than he’d been sitting at the table for the last few hours. He heard Spike running the shower and settled down into the pillows while he waited. Tonight they would have to go back to their normal routine. He would have to deal with Buffy and probably questions from everyone else about why Spike was still staying here. He didn’t really want to go into how Spike got injured. He’d mentioned to Willow that demons had been after him but she’d been more interested in hearing about him and Spike socialising. He guessed it was just old news. Xander had a run in with a demon. Big deal, tell me something I don’t know.  It was probably just as well. With the exception of Willow and Tara, no one at the shop would care one way or the other what happened to Spike, so they wouldn’t even need to discuss it.  

Also on the do not discuss list would be anything relating to the growing relationship between himself and Spike. A bit early to be calling it that, but both of them knew it was becoming something. He was surprised but pleased to discover how well they got along just hanging out. Sure they were kind of forced into close proximity at the moment with Spike’s injury, but even so, their conversation came and flowed easily, their silences comfortable, not awkward or loaded.  Xander felt no inhibitions when it came to kissing Spike, he held back only because he knew it was too soon to let go completely, both for Spike’s comfort and his own state of mind. If he was to be building something with Spike he wanted to know it was based on more than just a physical desire. He wanted to know that Spike was sure of that too. For those reasons he initiated contact much less than he would’ve liked. He’d noticed Spike taking a back seat and sticking to his promise of restraint. Xander knew it would be very unvampire like to hold back so much and he appreciated the care Spike was taking.

Lost in his thoughts and with his senses dulled by the heat of the bed, Xander didn’t hear Spike come back into the room until he felt a weight in the bed behind him. Spike slid himself under the covers and wrapped himself carefully around Xander’s back, pressing his lips into the nape of Xander’s neck.

“Mmm, you are so warm.” His hand slid around Xander’s waist, his finger’s interlocking with the boy’s and pulling him closer.

“And here was me thinking how strong you were, now look where you are Mr self-control.”

“Not doing anything. I could smell you baking in here and it seemed a shame to waste all that body heat.”

“Do you get cold? I mean you’re always on the cool side, but do you feel the cold?.”

“Yeah a bit. But I’m a sucker for the heat. Can’t retain it myself so it’s nice to be able to soak it up.”

Xander twisted himself around to lie flat so he could see Spike.  “You’re in my bed. I have Spike in my bed.”

“Been in your bed for a while now mate.”

“Yeah but I wasn’t here too. This is pretty cool you know?”

Spike laughed softly. “You and words Harris. You don’t have a close relationship do you?”

“Hey I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Don’t need to give a whole big flowery speech to do it. You, plus my bed, equals good. You, plus my bed, plus me, equals great. You, plus my bed, plus me, minus ouchies, equals mind-blowing. See? Simple, direct and to the point.”

“Mind-blowing you say? Good to know you have no expectations.” Spike gingerly propped himself up on one arm and traced light lazy patterns over Xander’s chest and stomach.

“No, see? Just the idea is mind-blowing for me. That something that’s been in my head for so long is maybe about to happen.”

Spike’s hand stilled. “I’ve been in your head? So this isn’t a new idea for you? You’ve been mulling it over for a while have you mate?”

Xander flushed and nodded. He’d not meant to say that, not so soon anyway. He looked at Spike warily, wondering how that would go down.

 “Well, it seems we’re of the same mind.” Spike smiled.

Xander looked at him astonished. “Really?”

Spike nodded. “And don’t be embarrassed mate. I’d find me pretty hard to resist too.”

He laughed, glad that Spike had bailed him out. “Yeah, you know, I think it’s your modesty that I just can’t pass up.”

“Oh yeah, it’s just one of my many selling points.”

Xander rolled over again so he was face to face with Spike. “Well you’ve sold me.” Xander tapped his lips with a finger. “Plant one on me vamp.”

Spike wound his fist in the front of Xander’s T shirt, pulled him closer and took Xander’s bottom lip between his teeth, sucking it into his mouth. He ran his tongue along it then let go and quickly took Xander’s mouth with his, kissing him hard. His tongue thrust into Xander’s mouth, running across his teeth and the sensitive ridges behind. He wound his tongue around Xander’s drawing it back into his own mouth. His knee slid up between Xander’s legs and Spike became aware of the stirring there at the boy’s groin; it was immediately reflected in his own and Spike knew they were about to go too far again.  He ended the kiss and sighed with something just this side of frustration.

Xander slowly opened his eyes and grinned at Spike. “Well you certainly don’t do things by halves.”

“Yeah, a job worth doing, and all that.”

Xander looked over Spike to the bedside clock and groaned.

“Not looking forward to going mate?” Spike asked.

“Can’t actually say as I am this time. I know I won’t be able to just go, get an update on the local evil and come home. There’s going to be dealing and confronting and, your pain and discomfort aside, I have had a great weekend; I’m not too happy about the way it’s going to end.”

“So we go, you deal, we come home and end the weekend however you like, yeah?”

“Yeah, but this is so not gonna be fun.” Xander fidgeted a little, trying to think of how to word the next thing he wanted to say. “Spike don’t get pissed or anything but I don’t want them to know about any of this, about us. Not that there’s much of an us yet, but there will be won’t there?”

“Yeah mate there will. But did you think I would be racing out to tell them? In this condition I couldn’t outrun the slayer and her stake when she found out I’d touched you. You tell your friends when you’re good and ready.”

Xander sighed and threw back the covers. “Sun’ll be down soon. Let’s get it over with.”




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