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Fic: Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire (Spike/Xander, Andrew, Mature, Part One)

A few days ago I posted a new story I'm working on at spring_with_xan. This story, Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire had the first part posted on May 9th and will be concluded on Thursday May 29th. It stands on its own, but I envision this story as potentially being the introduction to a verse I've been calling in my head NYC Spander (I'm working on a cooler name). I hope you enjoy! :D

Title: Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire
Authors: cordelianne
Chapter: 1/2
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Andrew, Female OC
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Marvel comics, alley clichés and not-fighting fighting.
Summary: In a post-Chosen/NFA, non-comics world, Xander and Andrew are living in New York City but can’t escape the world of vampires and slayers (not that they’re actually trying to!).
A/N: Thanks to savoytruffle for her fantastic beta! All mistakes are mine, and feel free to alert me to typos and such!

In which Xander’s evening does not proceed as planned
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