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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
PARING: S/X This chapter S/OC
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

Finally, Spike released his cock and grabbed both Billy's butt cheeks
in his hands, pulling him down toward Spike's lap. He slid his fingers
between the thin strap and Billy's crack, brushing his finger over the
dancer's hole.
"How much?"

Billy stopped moving to the music but made no effort to pull away
or straighten up. He glanced demurely back over his shoulder.

"The boss doesn't like us to fuck the customers. New rules of
the club. I'm really not even supposed to allow you to touch me."
"Screw the boss. How much?"
"If you like my dancing you can add a $150.00 tip."

Spike grinned from ear to ear. He could just see the great Poof's
face when he got the bill for this one.
"Sounds fair. Turn around and take this off. I want to touch your cock."

Billy stepped back, out of reach just as the song concluded.
The time for shyness and dickering was over. Now it was all business.
"You have to wear a condom. I don't fuck without a condom."

Spike, deciding that a discussion of the existence and presence of a
vampire would be a definite mood killer, agreed. Billy retrieved one
from the drawer, tossing it over. Spike slid it on as both men watched.

Billy started over to where to vampire sat, but Spike stopped him with
an upturned hand.
"Turn the music back on. I want to see you dance on the head of my dick."

Billy smiled and did as he was told. Quickly switching disks, this song
was faster than the last.
This was not music for seduction or romance, this was for fun, for
movement, for fucking. When the first thumps of the hip hop song
"Low" started, Spike laughed his approval.

Immediately, Billy's dance took on a pelvic hump. His thumbs
slipped under the strap of his silk thing and peeled it away from his body.
As he worked it's way off, his thick, full erection popped out and
slapped back against his body. Spike licked his lips and kicked his
trousers the rest of the way off, spreading his legs wide.

Billy's whole body now joined in the dance. With his hands behind his head,
he swiveled, bumped and shimmed, each step moving closer till his legs
straddled Spike's and his bouncing cock was just inches from Spike's face.

Billy's hands then framed his shaved crotch, his thumbs pushing his stiff
rigid cock forward so Spike was staring directly into the wet slit.

Spike's left hand continued to stroke and please himself while his right
reached out and encircled the warm human cock.
Billy was the first to moan as the cool hand grasp his overheated flesh.

Spike leaned forward and licked a strip from root to tip, pinching the
bundle of nerves near the head and Billy temporarily lost the rhythm.
Quickly, he remembered why he was here.
This was for the customer. This was for the money, not his pleasure.

Stepping back out of Spike's reach, he again lost himself in the music
and, remembering the chorus, turned with his back to Spike.
As the singer belted out "Low, low, low, low low, low low."
Billy crouched and bounced his butt cheeks in time to the chant
till he was nearly sitting on his heels.
His ass then ground circles back up.

Spike chuckled and gripped both cheeks pulling the dancer back
towards his lap. Billy continued to sway as Spike massaged
and groped the firm round globes. Pulling him open, Spike
could see from the looks of Billy's hole that very possibly his
middle name was Roger.

Spike ran his hands up and down the back and sides of the warm human,
coating his fingers and palms with the oily slick that made his smooth
body shine. He then rubbed his hand down the dancer's crack coating
his entrance and dipping one finger tip in the relaxed, ready hole.

Spike leaned his face forward and sniffed. He could detect the faint
smell of other men, long washed off but still there.
"You like it up the ass? You like it when men shove their cocks in you?"

Billy rested his hands on Spike's knees, bending in half as his hole was
sniffed and licked. He glanced down and saw the first bubbles of pre-cum
oozing from his slit. Billy wanted nothing more that to just stroke himself
to a heavenly orgasm but knew he couldn't.
This was business before pleasure.

"Yeah, I like to be fucked."

Spike pushed two fingers in and scissored them to open him up
even more.
"Then why don't you slide that sweet hole down on my lap?"
Spike removed his fingers and held his cock out, guiding
Billy back and down.

Both men let out an "Oh, fuck!" together as the dancer dropped,
setting flat on Spike's lap and fully penetrated.
Spike again ran his fingers up the other man's spine, feeling the bumps
of his backbone. When he got to the top he shoved him roughly over.

Billy bent forward and Spike startled him with an open handed slap
that left a stinging red hand print on the cheek of his butt.


Billy had all but forgotten about the music playing in the background but
now tried to pick up the rhythm and tune. Within seconds he had it.
His ass began moving and rocking.

Spike slapped him again.
"Fuck yes! Just like that. Fuck! Dance on my cock!"

The burning sting of the slap caused Billy to clench his hole and
both men groaned at the wonderful feel. Billy had to use both
hands on Spike's legs to maintain balance despite his neglected
cock crying for attention and friction.

"Jesus, fuck, you look sweet. Come on, bounce on me."
Spike watched his lap as his thick cock worked in and out
of the tight hole in time to the music. Spike held Billy's
cheeks open so he could get a better view of the pink, wrinkled
hole that gripped and squeezed him. He knew it was worth
every cent Angel was going to pay for it.

Lost in his own pleasure, Spike hardly noticed Billy whimpering
till the cowboy finally broke down and begged.
"Please. Please touch me. Shit I'm so close. I need to cum so bad."

Spike sat forward, giving up his magnificent show and licked the dancer's
back. His hands slid up the inside of the dancer's thighs till they reached
his crotch. Involuntarily, his fangs dropped and he wanted to bite. He
wanted to suck down the hot, rich, pheromone spiced blood.
Spike also knew that despite the chip, if it was willing, it was possible.

"Let me bite you."
Billy's stopped moving as his sex soaked brain tried to process what
he was being asked.

"How much more to let me bite you?"

Billy knew he should say no. This could be a dangerous pervert.
He should run, call the cops, get the manager to toss him out.

Spike grinned and his forehead ridged up, his whole body tingling
with anticipation. Flexing his claw like hands, Spike wrapped his slippery
fist around Billy's leaking desperate cock and began stroking.
The new position had Spike's cock hammering into Billy's prostate
on each thrust.
"Yeah, just like that. Shit, please, I need to cum"

Spike could feel Billy's cock harden even more and was ready.
The second the dancer's body went rigid and the first spurts
of cum shot out, Spike sank his fangs into the man's side, by his ribs,
sucking deeply.

The combination of Billy's tight hole spasming around his cock
along with the hot blood flowing down his throat sent Spike
tumbling over the edge.
Each man forgot the other and flowed through the waves of their
own orgasmic pleasure. The bite added electricity to each.

Spike wrapped his arms around Billy, pulling their bodies tightly
together and he rocked them through the last of the aftershocks
while they eased and ebbed.

When it was over, Spike made sure his human face was back and
he gave Billy's ass one last slap.
"Good show. Hell of a dance. What's the tally?"

Billy eased up off the deflating cock and grinned.
"$450.00. Pay the man out front and cum again."

Both men laughed at the cheesy line, dressed and left the room.

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