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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

3:00 am came quicker than anyone could imagine. Spike had
put his mission on the back burner and, still floating on a post
orgasmic high, spent the rest of the evening drinking with his
new buddies and watching the various dancer's work the stage.

Whatever was happening in Oxnard California would keep
just one more day, and Spike was enjoying his much needed

As soon as the last act left the stage, Kim stepped out.
Apparently the regulars recognized what that signaled and a roaring
chorus of "BOO" hissed up good naturedly from the crowd.

Kim laughed, he knew it was nothing personal. It was almost
expected and it was repeatedly nightly. It meant business was
good and the dancers enjoyed. It sounded like money.
"Thanks, thanks. As always, I appreciate your affection for me."

The crowd laughed and applauded.

"And now gentlemen, it's time to settle up, you don't have to go home,"
The crowd responded by shouting back the response of , "......but
you can't stay here!"

Kim chuckled.
"You got it. Swallow your, and get the heck out. By the
way, if Jim Carter is here, your boyfriend called about an hour ago and
said he was going to kick your ass when you got home."

The crowd roared their sympathy for poor Mr. Carter and slowly
dragged themselves to their feet as the overhead bar lights came on
blasting the room in a glaringly bright light.

Spike braced himself as all three of his very drunk table mates hugged
him with tears in their eyes.
"We love you Shpike. Will we eber shee you again?"

Spike chuckled and patted their backs.
"Ya never know Mate, may be back sooner than you think."

He then walked away as they argued amongst themselves as to who
was the most sober and who could drive. Spike wondered, at this
point, if they could even find the parking lot.

Approaching the check out, he handed Kim his card and waited.
The total was astronomical and Kim looked at him quizzically.
"This is pretty high. Nearly $500.00."
Spike just rolled his eyes.
"Card's good innit?"
Kim ran it and found, much to his relief that, yes, it was.

"Yes, Sir. All good, just didn't want you coming back here tomorrow
when you sober up and contesting the total. I see you have $450.00
for a private dance. That's a hefty tip."
Kim stared into Spike's eyes suspiciously.

Spike tucked the card back in his pocket and shrugged.
"Boy did a good job and I wanted to show my appreciation. Not a
problem is it?"

Kim could see others waiting their turn impatiently and knew he had
to move on. He handed Spike the copy of his receipt and smiled.
"No, Sir, no problem come and see us again some time."

Spike returned the smile and stuck the slip in his jeans.
"Oh, yeah, you can count on it."

Kim paused and watched the back of the blond as he walked away.
He knew danger when he saw it. While nothing about Spike's
behavior had been threatening, he couldn't help but hope he would
not return

Everything about the stranger gave him a terrible feeling. $500.00 or not,
he would be very happy to never see him again.
"Hey! You want my fuckin' money or not?"
Kim was startled out of his thoughts by the next drunk in line waving
a sweaty fist of money.
"Oh, yes Sir, sorry."

Spike slipped out into the cool night and lit a cigarette as he walked
to his car. He still had several hours before sunrise to find a motel
room and decided to have a bit of a look around town.

All of the missing men had apparently vanished during the hours of
midnight and 5 am. Since there have been no bodies turn up, an exact
location may be difficult to pin point.

Spike hopped in the car and rolled down the windows. If it was
demon activity it was more than likely in a fairly uninhabited part of
town such as a park, a garden or a designated green area. If it was
a demon, Spike would smell it in the air.

Kim was finishing up with the last of the customers and the bar had
cleared out quickly. As usual, the place was a mess. It looked like it
had been trashed beyond repair, but Kim knew better. The cleaning
crew would be arriving soon and by tomorrow afternoon, have it
standing tall. Xander was a stickler on spotless.

As his normal routine, Kim checked all the rooms, restrooms and enclosed
spaces to make sure no one had passed out and would be locked in.
When he came to the last room on the left, he stepped in.

The smell of old sex was strong in the air but that didn't surprise him.
This was a room for private lap dances and the customer is encouraged
to enjoy himself, by himself. Masturbation is expected. Touching
the staff is not.
Looking down, he saw the opened wrapper from a condom and
immediately knew how Billy had earned his big tip.

Kicking the foil with his shoe, Kim cursed the boy's defiance of the
rules and resolved to speak to Xander about firing him.

In fact, he decided, maybe he would swing by on his way home. He
knew even on his off days Xander seldom went to bed before 5 am.
and anyway, he wanted to make sure his friend and employer was
feeling better. It wasn't like Xander to get sick. Not a health nut like him.

Xander's soft cotton sleeper pants rode low on his hips as he padded
toward the kitchen. The particulars of the earlier nightmare had been very
effectively blocked out and his only concern was the situation of his
relationship to the missing men.

He had watched the nightly news, flipping from one local channel to another
to see if any one had more information than the other. They didn't.
The only facts seemed to be that they were there one day and
gone the next. No mention was made of them being with a mysterious
dark haired man just before disappearing. So far he was in the clear.

Xander picked up the cup of cold tea from the small kitchen table and
remembered dozing off. He also recalled waking from a bad dream,
but refused to examine it. He dumped the brown liquid down the sink
and put the kettle on to heat.

Checking the clock on the stove, he knew the club was closing down
and he expected Kim to drop by for an update and a cup of Orange tea.
He usually did on the few nights that Xander wasn't there.

Before the kettle whistled, the knock came on the door.
"Hey, you look like you feel a lot better. Maybe you just needed a night off."
Kim walked in, tossed his suit coat over the back of an easy
chair and headed straight for the kitchen, Xander followed.

"Maybe I did. You want some tea? Anything happen tonight?"
Kim nodded and took the cup.
"Thanks. Nay, pretty much an ordinry night. Oh, there were a couple things."

Xander sat down across from his friend, sipped his own tea and waited,
praying the 'couple things' had nothing to do with missing persons.

"Well first, one of the customers, a new guy, ran up a tab of over $500.00.
He paid with a credit card and everything went through o.k. but I did
talk to him. He seemed sober enough. Shouldn't be a problem.

Xander frowned.
"That's a lot of money. He buying drinks for the whole damn club?"

Kim set his cup down and tore open a pack of sugar. He poured
it an and stirred as he considered his wording. He knew anyway
he explained it, Xander was going to be pissed.

"No, the majority of it went to a private dance with Billy Packer.
He gave him a......sizable, tip.

Xander sat back and crossed his arms.
"Why? Just what did Billy do to earn this......sizable, tip?"

Kim sighed.
"When I checked the room later, there was an empty condom wrapper
on the floor."

Xander slammed his fist down on the table.
"Son of a bitch!"
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