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Fic: Dream a Little Dream of Me. Prt 1/1

TITLE : Dream a Little Dream of Me.
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander. Xander/Andrew
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 051. Dreams.
SUMMARY: Even after death, Spike guides Xander through life’s greatest moments.
WARNINGS: Not full Spander, although they are the predominant couple./
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

Xander, why are you so afraid to love Andrew?
It’s betraying you.
Pet, I died so you could live.
But…is it really life without you?

Xander woke up in a cold sweat, the king size bed suddenly seeming too plush. Gently, he shifted Andrew’s arm from around his waist, and swung his legs over the side. Shaking violently, he gulped water, hoping it would stop.

“He visit again?” Andrew asked knowingly, lightly resting his fingertips on Xander’s shoulder. He nodded. “He must still love you wherever he may be,” Xander turned, gazing into Andrew’s eyes.

“Does that bother you?” he asked, yawning. “At all?”

“Would it?” he asked, kissing Xander. “Do you want wine? I suddenly decided I need wine.”

My pet…getting married. Never thought I’d see the day. Drew’s a good…
Never call him that.
Why? Remind you of my crazy sire?
Yep. Although, Angel thinks she may show tomorrow.
Xan…Pet…are you happy? TRULY happy?
Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?
You seem sad.
I love Andrew, but he’s not you.
He’s a good man, a strong man. But I want you to listen to me.
Alexander, I am always with you, in everything you do.
Kiss me.

Xander tightly clutched a pillow, slowly licking his lips. Whiskey. Blood. Cigarettes. Spike.

Today…should have been the happiest day in his life. He was getting married to a great man, and yet, here he was pining for his dead lover, who just happened to visit him in his dreams.

He glanced to the tuxedo, hanging against the door. He just wanted to see Andrew to affirm he still loved him. Seeing Spike always made him wonder if Andrew was his ‘one’.

Don’t torture that precious baby girl with that name!
…Spike…she’s being named for you. Willa Hope.
Pet. I’ve not been William in over two hundred years. Name her…Daisy…or Hazel.
Hazel Bella…no…too many ‘l’s” Uh…Hazel Beth. Hazel Beth Wells.
Hazel Beth and Harris Jane.
Twins? You didn’t tell me Red was birthing twins.
Two girls. Identical. Hazel and Harris. But you’re right. Hazel’s not much of a Willow…or a Baby ‘A’ for that matter.

“Willa and Harris are here!” Andrew exclaimed, shaking Xander awake. “They’re beautiful. Red hair!” He kissed Xander.

“Not Willa. She’s never been a Willa. Her name Is Hazel Beth Wells.”

God, you make me sound old.
Pet. You are old. Tell me her name.
Holly Harris Majors.
Bet Hazel’s a proud mom.
And you know Harris is a proud Godmother.

Xander blinked, staring up at the ceiling. The monitor beeped, timing every moment his heart beat. He wished Andrew could have heard the news about their granddaughter. He wished he could have been well enough to actually hold her. He also wished to take away his daughters’ pain, as they slowly waited for him to die, wondering if they could celebrate the baby.

Xander knew when the baby was pressed against his head, onto the bed. His eyes turned, gazing into the brilliant blue eyes of a miracle. He closed his eyes, suddenly growing weary.

“Dad’s missing something major. He hasn’t been the same since Papa died.” Hazel murmured, shifting the baby in her arms. “Wonder if he knows…”

A room…a great white room. Two men, one pale and blonde, the other tan and brunette, embrace silently, tightly clinging to each other, as if glad to finally be together.

The monitor screeched the end.

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