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 Title: Shadows and Shadows
Author: gregryandanny
Co-Author: windandsummer
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairing: Ethan/Giles, Gunn/Wesley, Angel/Lorne and Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander is a half-wizard and half mage but moves to LA after Buffy and Willow found out the turth.
Warning: mpreg, violence, M/M slash, H/C, past rape.

(Chapter 4)

"What's the secret? What the hell going on?" Angel asked while inside Angelus wanted to kill Buffy. In his mind, Angelus and Angel wanted to know one thing; where the hell was Giles?

"I'm the son of a mage and a wizard. The problem is I don't know if they're alive or if they even want me," Xander said. Spike and Angel knew there was a reason behind Xander for being a demon magnet, and this one made more sense than any of their pervious ideals

"Pet, where's Rupert? And why is your power showing now?" asked Spike wondering why Giles would leave unstable Slayer in Sunnydale.

"He went to England with Ethan. Dawn wanted to go but the Slayer wouldn't let her," Xander said. "Angel, I think I know why you lost your soul to Buffy?"

"Why?" Angel asked wondering why Angelus had lost control after he had sex with Buffy.

"She wasn’t your soulmate. I don't know who is but I know a way for you and Angelus to share the same body."

"How?" Angel was shocked and happy about this as well as Angelus who was doing a dance in his head.

"Merge with him, Angel, you both are the same person" Xander said as he still felt guilty over the lie and Jesse's death. "Angel, can we go to England? Just get one of your people to come with us, please. I want to see Giles.”

"Sure, come on, Xander," said Angel as they walked out of Lorne's room and thanked Lorne for the use of the room."Lorne, do you want to come to England with us?". Lorne nodded and told one of the bartender to take over for a while. The four men walked back to the hotel. Spike watched as Xander's eyes looked though the shadows. They were at the hotel faster than they knew it. As they walked into the door , someone throw a cross at Xander. Lucky for him, he caught it. Cordy, Fred, Gunn, and Wesley were there watching them. Spike started up to his room to pack while Angel fill everyone else in.

"We're heading to England" said Wesley as he and Gunn went to their rooms to pack.

“No, its just Xander, Spike, Lorne and myself. I need you here to guard it. Faith should help to,” Angel said.

"Cordy, can you get us a private jet please?" asked Lorne as Angel showed Xander to Spike's room and then left for his own room to pack.

"Yea, got it done as Angel was talking. I hope Giles can help Xander."

"I hope so too, Cordy," said Wesley.

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