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If I Were Souled ~ What's My Line - Part 1

Title: If I Were Souled ~ What's My Line - Part 1
Rating: R
Author: kitty_alex
Feedback: If you would be so kind
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Series Summary: Spike has settled into Sunnydale and has found a place for himself with Xander. Only problem is the Anointed One has unknowingly created a major road block for them.
Chapter Summary: It's Career Fair Day and Xander has his first date with William
Warnings: AU
Notes: I'd like to thank kimalis for helping me out with Spike's slang and bringing detail to me jumbled mind. Then I'd like to thank Buffyworld for episode guides.
Word Count: 6,110

‘The Dark Age’ notes: This happened in the verse, but there was no Spike or William in it. It basically happened exactly like it did in the episode with Angel taking Eyghon into his body and the demon inside him killing it. Only difference is the whole scene with the hospital never happened and William still gets his human blood, which he pays for and doesn’t steal from poor delivery men.

“Buffy, do you think I’m a people person or do you think I’m one of those loners?” Xander asked her looking at his career fair test.

“Uh… none of the above?”

Xander searched the test, “There is no ‘Sociable hermit’ answer on my test. Is there one on yours? Do I even have the right test?”

Jesse and Willow sat down beside them. They were currently huddled around one of the tables in the lounge. Everyone was required to take the test.

“I just marked I was very interested in everything and turned mine in a few minutes ago,” Jesse said.

“Oh, throwing off the system, messing with the man, I’m proud of you,” Xander said and started doing what Jesse had done.

“I’m personally excited to find out what career I would best be suited for,” Willow said.

Cordelia walked by with her new groupies. She didn’t like them as much as she liked Aura or Harmony, but it was better than being alone. She wanted the day to be over so she could go hang out with Will, well, that was if he wasn’t hanging around stupid Xander Harris. She glared at him; Will was just way too good for him.

“Why are you taking the test, Harris? I think we already know it’ll come back as you’ll be either unemployed or a gas station attendant.”

Xander glared, but Jesse answered for him, “Yeah and we all know yours will come back spoiled white bitch. Why don’t you get back on your high horse and ride away, Cordelia?”

Cordelia glared at him and strode off with her latest followers right behind her.

“What happened to the Jesse we all love and know was obsessed with Cordelia?” Xander asked.

“Like I told you before, I’m giving up on her. Besides, no one picks on Xander.”

Xander chuckled, “All these big strong men vying for my attention. Oh, what a lucky man I am.”

Jesse rolled his eyes, “Okay, Scarlett. Let’s get back to reality and finish your test.”

“Do I like shrubbery?” Buffy asked

“Ni!” Xander exclaimed.

“So, no? I don’t like shrubbery?”

“Ignore the geeky knight,” Jesse said with a chuckle.

“I’m not a geek!” He whined at Jesse, then to Buffy said, “Just go with what you think is best, Buffy.”

“Um, I like shrubs. They’re green and provide excellent cover. I’m going to vote yes on shrubbery.” Buffy sighed. “I don’t know why I even need to take this. We all know what my future career is going to be.”

“Maybe you can just moonlight as a slayer. If Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark can run multimillion dollar companies while fighting crime, why can’t you?”

“Oh, I like upbeat Xander. He should be around more.”

“Hey! I’ve been upbeaty. We’ve got a bright future ahead of us.”

Drusilla was very bored. She was playing with her tarot cards while Spike screamed at poor Dalton about some book. Drusilla didn’t see what the big deal was, it was hard and bound. It was no fun at all to play with. She preferred her dollies or her cards. She giggled as the cards told her a man was going to die on Thursday. That would be fun, she wondered if she could watch or maybe cause his death. She got up and wandered over to Spike. She held her hand out to him.

“Spike, I want to dance.”

“Oh now you want me. You’ve been whining about Daddy and William all week. Finally remembered you have old Spikey at your disposal?”

She whined and ran off to a corner where she had her dolls set up. She sat down and picked up Miss Edith.

“I’m sorry, poodle. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just this bloody manuscript. William said your cure was in it, but even Dalton can’t decipher it.”

“William could. William was always smarter than the demon.”

Spike growled but tried to keep his temper down, “I’m doing the best I can with what I have. We know William isn’t going to come over here and sort it all out for us. He’s with the slayer now, remember?”

“What about Daddy?”

“Sod Daddy. He’s trying to get into the slayer’s pants. I’m here. I’m going to make it right.”

“William and Daddy would know about the key and they would make it right.”

Spike put his head in his hands, “So the book is in code and we need a key to get it?”

“Yes, William would know where the mausoleum was.”

“I’ll send the boys to go look for it. I might not be William anymore, but I can produce results. You’ll see, poodle. We don’t need that stupid soul.”

She tilted her head and looked at him, “Can we dance now?”

Spike nodded solemnly and helped her to her feet, “Yes, we can dance now.”

“Then he was totally going through my things,” Buffy said as they approached the bulletin board.

“I told you,” Xander said. “I don’t trust Angel in the slightest bit. But, do you remember what grave was robbed?”

“De Lick or something like that, but can you believe he touched Mr. Gordo? That is like unspeakable badness. I want to do an uninvited spell; no one and I mean no one touches Mr. Gordo.”

Xander gulped, “Was it Du Lac?”

“Maybe,” Buffy said. “Do you think it’s stupid of me to still want to date him?”

“I don’t know. Dating is tricky. I sort of have a date with Will. I decided to give him a chance. Us dating vampires. It has a weird ring to it.”

“You started the trend. Can you see what I got? I’m nervous.”

“Sure, Buffy. Anything for you.”

Xander pushed through the crowd of students as Willow came up with Jesse following close behind her.

“Hey, Buffy,” Willow said. “Nervous about the results?”

“Yeah, I’m praying for multimillionaire slash crime fighter, but I don’t think that’s on the list.”

“Can I pray for that too?” Jesse asked. “Oh, I could be your handsome sidekick. The ones all the girls want and all the men want to be.”

Cordelia laughed behind him, “You? Please! You’re lucky your mother wants you.”

“Hey,” Willow said with a pout. “Jesse is very attractive.”

“Move out of the way, losers. I need to check what I got.”

She moved past them and Xander came out of the crowd. He looked lost in thought.

“So?” Buffy asked anxiously.

He pointed at Buffy, “Law enforcement.” She looked disappointed. He then pointed at Jesse, “Prison Guard.” Jesse looked a bit confused. Xander pointed at himself, “Carpenter.”

“Oh, like those people in the band?” Buffy asked excitedly.

“Buffy, that doesn’t even warrant a response,” Jesse said.

“I can see why you’re a prison guard now.”

Willow looked at Xander expectantly, “And me? What did it say for me?”

“You weren’t on the list,” Xander said.

“What do you mean? I have to be on the list. I took the test! I handed it in! I used a number two pencil! I even had an extra!” She grabbed Xander’s shirt. “Check again! I’m on that list!”

Xander gulped and Buffy eased Willow off of Xander.

“It was probably a mix up,” Buffy said. “We’ll get it all sorted out. You wait and see.”

Willow blushed, “Sorry, Xander.”

“Oh, you reacted better than I expected. I remember you slapped me the last time I joked around saying you got an F.”

“Did I mention I was sorry for that?”

“Yeah, you did. I have to go see Will; we need to discuss the location of our date.”

“Are you settling, Xander?” Willow asked. “Because if you’re settling, it won’t make you or William happy.”

“Me? Settle? Nah, just getting over Spike. We’re doing the whole loosely dating thing. You know, nothing too serious.”

“Does he know it’s nothing too serious?” Jesse asked.

Xander shrugged and stalked off. He had no idea why he had agreed to go on a date with Will. They were just talking and it slipped out of Xander’s mouth, since it was already out there, there was no way he would have been able to take it back, so he went along with it. He felt like a complete jackass, but he didn’t want to hurt Will by taking it back.

Will was reading again. Xander wondered why he never saw him drink blood. Spike had drunk blood in front of him, so Xander was pretty much used to it. Maybe Will was just too polite or something like that, it bugged Xander.

“Buffy was saying some vampires stole something from a crypt and I want to know if we should be worried.”

Will looked up at him. Xander felt like grinding his teeth, he was trying to be completely cool and cocky. William was supposed to be polite and proper; he shouldn’t be channeling Spike in the least bit.

“What was stolen?”

“I don’t know. The crypt had the same name as the book that was stolen. The one that you accidentally told Spike about and have been hiding said fact from Giles.”

“Going to blackmail me out of the date?”

“No. I was just stating a fact. Are you channeling Spike or something?”

Will felt his head and shook it, “No, I- it is very peculiar. I keep feeling pain and it makes me very angry.” His eyes narrowed in confusion. “I fear that there might really be a connection between Spike and me.”

“No staking then. Got it.”

“Do you think it is peculiar?”

Xander scratched his head, “Not really. It kind of makes sense. You two are technically twins. In all the sci-fi things, if a twin was psychically linked with another, if one felt intense emotions, the other would feel that emotion as well.”

“Xander, this is-”

“You’re a vampire. Don’t argue reality and fiction with me.”

“Very well. Spike has been intensely angry then and any hostility I feel is not directed towards you in anyway.”

Xander nodded, “Yeah, alright. Now about the crypt?”

“Oh, yes.” Will thought. “It should hold a cross.”

“A cross? Has Spike gone as mental as Dru?”

“No, the cross is the key to the book. You can’t read the book without the cross.”

“A cross is the key to tell how to cure a mystical vampire?” Xander asked with disbelief.

“Us vampires love dramatic irony.”

“Do we tell Buffy?”

“And admit that I was the one who told Spike in the first place and have been keeping it from her that we knew why he took the book to cover our own arses?”

“You’re right. We’re men. We cover our own asses first.”

William grinned, “I can think of other things I want to do with your arse.”

“Um, shouldn’t we be heading out? The movie will be starting soon.”

“We always go to the movies though; you cannot really count that as a date. Who knows if you will ever want to go out with me again,” Will pretended to whine.

“Alright, alright! I will give you a date that you will never forget buddy, then no more fake whining. It’s more annoying than your real whine.”

Will frowned, “I do not whine.”

Spike presented the cross on a velvet pillow to Drusilla. She was lying in bed and playing with her tarot cards. He was getting angry at her indifference to him. The anger inside him bubbled over and leaked out to an unknown source. He had no idea where it went or what the source was, but it kept him from lashing out at Drusilla.

“Is this it, pet?”

She ran her hand just above it and chuckled, “It hums. I can hear it.”

“Good, then when you’re better we can finally leave. Then we can go to New York like you wanted.”

“Will William and Kitten be coming to New York with us?”

Spike vamped out in rage and bit his tongue. He tasted his own blood and didn’t care. He ran up the stairs and threw himself against a wall.

“Well, Billy-boy, at least you did one good thing. Hope you’re ready, because maybe I can’t kill you myself, but here’s hoping the Order of Taraka can. Maybe I’ll send them after your Xanny-bear as well, just to get you both out of my fucking hair.”

He grinned. If the Order just happened to kill William and Xander in the middle of a hit on the Slayer, then Drusilla wouldn’t get mad at him. It was the perfect plan to get both those arses out of his unlife for good. He wondered if he should include ‘Daddy’ in the hit as well. Nah, then Drusilla would probably stake herself or something. Spike could never top ‘Daddy’. He glowered and stalked off. He needed to kill something.

William watched Xander clean up the remains of the broken beer bottle. William opened his mouth.

“Don’t apologize for this, Will.”

“But, I could have killed you. It was just this blind rage.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s okay now. You’re back to your old self. It doesn’t matter, just drop it.”

“The bottle narrowly missed your head.”

Xander put the remains in a nearby trash can and went to sit on the bed next to William. They had been sharing a beer in William’s flat when all of a sudden William had vamped out and threw the bottle against the wall. William felt ashamed of himself, he should have been strong. His inability to sever the link between him and Spike was putting Xander in danger.

“But you didn’t hit my head. You could have ripped me apart, but instead you threw the bottle then started to breath really heavy like you having a baby and gained control. See? No danger.”

“Spike is so violent though. How can I control it?”

“Well, in theory it should work both ways, so maybe when you feel it coming, you can send it back to him.”

“Remember back when I was together with Spike and we had that discussion about you watching too many movies?”


“Forget it. Watch all the sci-fi movies you desire.”

“You are easily becoming my favorite twin.”

William laid back on his bed, “Twin. I never had any siblings. Mother was too sickly after my birth to have anymore. Now all of a sudden, I have a twin. An evil twin.”

“I think it’s awesome. I always wanted an evil twin.”

“Just for the Hell of it?”

“Yeah! You don’t think it cool having someone out there looking exactly like you, but only eviler? Maybe we can convince Spike to get a fake goatee.”

William laughed, “Only you, Xander.”

“Avoiding your table?” Xander asked Jesse.

“The warden guy scares me. He keeps giving me this look. What about you? Carpentry not all it’s cracked up to be?”

“The guy got mad at me. Apparently I sanded better than him or something.”

“Everyone is always jealous of natural talent.”

“Oh, don’t I know it. Maybe if I’m really good, I can get hired to fix up the school. I’ve seen the damage that can get done. Whoever they have can probably afford several beach front houses by now.”

Jesse chuckled, “Would you buy one for me?”

“Of course, but you’d have to come over and guard all my stuff. I don’t want your natural talents to go to wait just because we’re rich.”

Jesse saluted Xander, “Happy to be of service, sir!”

“At ease, solider,” Xander looked around. “Have you see Willow?”

“She disappeared behind that black curtain. It was a bit ominous.”

“Maybe they are going to tell her she’s really cut out to be a super hacker and she is the only one who can stop villainous hackers from taking over the Pentagon’s computers, but first she has to play various games in order to-”

“That’s the plot of Tron.”

“No… okay, yeah, but it would still be cool.”

“If you say so. Going back to your table?”

“And get yelled at because I smoothed a table leg better than the instructor? Hell, no.”

“Want to see if they’ll let us into the landscaping group?”

“Sure, why not.”

William sat with his feet on the table. He was trying to ignore Giles’ death glare as he paced trying to gather words. This was the first time he had been in Giles’ flat. It was exactly how he expected it, old fashioned and full of books.

“You asked me if I was missing a book the day it was stolen.”

“Did I? I do not remember.”

“I know you know something William.”

“I certainly did not talk about the book at the Bronze and Spike definitely did not over hear me talking about it. Then, he did not steal the cross which is the key to reading the book.”

“Did you tell him about the cross too?”

“No! He figured that out on his own! Oh, unless Drusilla had a vision. That takes a bit of the pride away.”

“Pride, yes. I would take pride in him figuring out what to do without your helpful bread crumbs.”

“It is not like I walked up to him and told him how to use the book. I was a bit incoherent at the time as well. I might have said many a things I did not mean to say.”

“An example?”

William shrugged, “That I enjoy onion blossoms.”

“Well, do you plan to share what Spike would want with the book?”

“He would want to heal our sire Drusilla. Xander tells me she was injured in Prague.”

“I thought Angelus was your sire.”

“He’s our secondary sire. See, Drusilla could not perform her duties as in teaching us to hunt and- Are you searching for pen and paper?”

Giles stopped searching and looked at William, “No, I was just looking for-” He picked up a random book. “This. I put it down but never picked it back up. Continue?”

“No, not getting anymore from me. I do not condone documenting this for the watcher’s journal. I am not a test subject to be interviewed and put under glass.”

“Sorry William.”

“Too right you are. Are we done? I answered your call and confessed. Can I go home now?”

“I just want a bit more information about the cross.”

William rolled his eyes; he could tell he was not getting home anytime soon.

Buffy was sitting on Will’s bed with Xander. After Giles and she had explored that crypt, he had wanted to talk to Will. Xander was being quiet. She hated when he was quiet. It meant something was up and she was out of the loop.

“So, think of a place to go with Will yet?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“There’s this great ice skating rink. They used to skate in England, didn’t they? You know, blast from the past except not.”

“That is the stupidest idea I ever heard.” Buffy pouted and Xander let out a sigh. “But, it’s better than what I’ve come up with. I guess were going ice skating.”

Buffy clapped, “I can help you plan. You know, like the date and the time and everything.”

Xander groaned, “I think I can plan that myself.”

“But, I’m a girl and you’re just a man, a gay man, but still a man. I know these things. Let me help. You said it would be the best date ever and I can help.”

Xander nervously tied the laces of his skates. Will had been thrilled at the idea of skating and said he hadn’t been skating in over a hundred years. Will had been a bit confused with how to tie up the skates at first, but after Xander showed him, he had tied them tight and was ready to skate out onto the ice. After a bit of slipping and sliding, they were finally skating with ease. They had come on a day when the rink was closed and Will had picked the lock and got them in.

“We have been skating for awhile. You must be cold. I offer no warmth of my own, but maybe if I could be so bold and hold you, you can find warmth in my embrace.”

Xander just nodded slowly. Will skated closer to Xander. He smiled at him and wrapped an arm around his waist. He let his other hand ghost along Xander’s cheek as he leaned in to give him a kiss.

“Will! Xander!”

Xander pushed Will back nervously and whipped his head in the direction of the voice. Xander growled as Buffy approached with Angel. Another growl came, but it was lower and belonged to Will.

“What are you doing here, Buffy?” Xander asked grinding his teeth.

“I was talking with Angel and he thought t would be a great idea if we doubled.”

“Did you think I’d mind if we doubled?”

Buffy pouted, “I thought it would help ease the tension.”

Will snorted and skated to the other side to the rink. Xander scowled.

“Look what you did. You brought out the broody poet side of him. He always does this when he gets pissed. Runs and broods, runs and broods. You know, that’s how he got turned in the first place!” Xander said the last sentence loudly enough so Will could hear.

Will proceeded to give Xander the two finger salute and skated back and forth across the rink, not daring to come within an inch of where Buffy and Angel stood. Xander sighed. He had traded one moody vampire boyfriend for another. Wait, Will wasn’t his boyfriend, was he? This was their first date; you weren’t someone’s boyfriend after one date. Of course, Spike and he had never properly dated and Spike had still been his boyfriend. He was really confused and it didn’t help that Buffy was here invading his date.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy whined. “I really screwed things up. We’ll leave. I am so sorry. Maybe you can still salvage what’s left.”

“Oh dear!” Will cried.

They turned to see Will trying to remove the blade of his skate from a man’s chest. The man was tall and menacing and Xander hadn’t even noticed his presence. Will finally removed his blade and the man began to bleed profusely. It produced another “Oh dear,” from Will, but he did not proceed to help the man or stop the bleeding. Xander skated over to look at the now dead body and noticed a scar running over the man’s left eye. Will hurriedly bent down and took a ring off the man’s finger before Angel and Buffy could come over. Will shoved the ring in his pocket and smiled innocently at Buffy.

“What happened?” she asked.

“He attacked me and I got startled.”

“So you drove a blade through his heart?”

“I did not mean to! I was just going to slash him, but he came forward and my blade it- If you would have been paying attention, I would not need to explain it to you.”

“Whatever this was,” Angel said. “It’s no doubt that it was an attempt on Buffy’s life. We should take you back to your place.”

Will skated close to Xander as they watched Buffy and Angel leave.

“What did you steal off the body?” Xander asked him as soon as he was sure they were out of range.

“I-I-I did no-nothing of the sort.”

“It’s something that will land you in deeper shit with Giles isn’t it?”

Will took the ring out of his pocket, “Every Order member wears them. The Order of Taraka, like I mentioned before are an elite group of assassins. They owed us a favour and it seems he took them up on it.”

“So we took care of him. We don’t have to worry about anymore.”

Will held up three fingers, “They owed us three members for this favour.”

“Do you think they are after Buffy? Should I warn her?”

Will shook his head, “He went for me right off. Buffy might be included in the hit, but I have a feeling I am the main target.”

Will vamped out and growled loudly. Xander took his hands and stroked his cheek.

“Send it back to him,” Xander said soothingly. “Send the anger back to Spike and away from you.”

Will closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. He looked at Xander, he was still in game face but incredibly calmer. Will smiled revealing all his teeth, Xander stared at them. Will began shifting back, but Xander shook his head.

“Spike used to vamp out in front of me all the time.”

“I remember. I did not know you liked it.”

Xander leaned in and whispered, “I do.”

Xander pressed his lips against Will’s and smiled. Will pushed him back though and began to look around. He looked worried and his face shifted back to human.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sensed a slayer.”

“But, Buffy left. We saw.”

“Not Buffy, someone else. Someone new.”

“Well isn’t that fun. We have to go to Giles. “


“No buts. If there is a hit out on you and Buffy, then we can’t take any chances. Giles will be able to figure out what we’re dealing with.”

“You just want to see me in trouble.”

Xander laughed, “Maybe. I think I prefer not worrying about you becoming dust.”

“William! You are dust!” Giles roared. “How could you not tell me about the Order of Taraka? This is irresponsible and dangerous. You are supposed to be Spike’s soul? Isn’t the soul supposed to make you not do these sort of things?”

“I did feel extremely guilty about it,” William offered.

Xander tried unsuccessfully to turn his laugh at William’s comment into a cough. William grinned widely and Giles glared at Xander but ignored him.

“Well, that just makes everything all better, doesn’t it?”

Giles paced nervously about the library collecting all sorts of books. Buffy and Xander watched him as he slammed the books down in front of William. He didn’t even flinch.

“What’s the big deal?” Buffy asked. “What’s so special about these Order of Taco guys?”

“This is serious, Buffy!” Giles said. “They are unlike anything we have ever faced! They have no earthly desires. They just care about fulfilling their bounty. They only care about getting their mark. They’ll keep coming until the mark is eliminated.”

“We do not have to worry,” William said. “We were only owed three Order members. I killed one so there are only two left.”

“Brilliant, but that still doesn’t help us. They could be anyone. Some are humans while others aren’t. They all work alone and in their own way. There is no way to expect what is to come. Unless someone is holding out on us still.”

“I have told you everything I know, Giles.”

Buffy got up, “I’m going to go. I’ll see you.”

She left. William got up and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Xander asked him.

“I am going to look for more information. If I can get all the information I can, then Buffy will not need to worry about the Order attacking.”

“Just be careful, okay?”

“I am always careful.”

William walked into Willy’s bar and let out a sigh this was the last place he wanted to be, but he was the main reason the Order was here and the least he could do was find out more information.

“Hey, Spike! I haven’t seen you in awhile,” Willy said while wiping off the table. “If you wait a bit I can pick up the otter’s blood from the backroom and-”

“Not Spike and I do not drink animal blood anymore.”

“There was a rumor going around that William the Bloody was back with a body of his own.”

“Leave it to you to have all the juicy rumors. I am looking for a few rumors myself. Maybe you can help out and tell me a few about the Order of Taraka.”

“Look, I told Angel and I’m telling you. I don’t know who summoned them.”

William ran his tongue over his top lip, “Not looking for who summoned them. I am looking for information about the Order members themselves. I know there are three in town, one of them is dead and waiting for his body to be discovered when the ice rink opens. The other two I am still in the dark about.”

“I don’t know anything. Even if I did, why do you want to know? The rumors say that this William the Bloody plays for the other side.”

William pulled out his wallet and counted a few bills before putting them on the counter in front of Willy. Willy gasped and picked up the money.

“One thing you should know about William the Bloody, he is not on a side. He is on the side of whoever is paying him the most and currently, it is the slayer. Put the word out for me?” Willy nodded. “Now about the Order?”

“If you want me to tell you, it’s going to cost you a lot more than this.”

William pulled the money out of Willy’s hand, “Guess I will have to look for information elsewhere. I am sure there plenty of demon bars in Sunnydale.”

“Wait, I might know something.”


“That’s going to hurt in the morning.”

William wanted to give him a questioning look but when a sharp blow landed into his head knocking him to the ground, he didn’t have time to think of anything else. He dropped the money in his hand it skidded away. He tried to grab it, but Willy was already out from behind the counter picking up the bills. William vamped out and struggled to get up, but he was knocked back down. He turned his attention to his attacker. She her dark skin greatly contradicted William’s own and her black hair was pulled back into a tight braid. She moved in to attack him again.

“It is called acting! I am not really evil!”

“Den why did you steal dat poor man’s money?”

William was up on his feet, “Was my money and thanks to you, I lost this month’s rent.”

He moved to kick her but she blocked him and knocked him back into the back door. He feeling weak, he hadn’t been able to get home to feed. He had put it off since his supplies were low and rent was due, now he was regretting his decision. She kicked him again and he fell backwards through the door. He hissed with pain and was glad none of the broken pieces had ended up in his heard. He struggled to get to his feet, he was dazed and his left side was feeling numb. She easily grabbed him and threw him into the cage. He slumped back against the wall and watched her lock it. He put his hand to his side and wished he could heal faster.

“Dat boy you were wit, who was he?”

“Stay away from Xander. He is a good person.”

“Not good enough if he is hangin’ wit da likes of you.”

She walked away and the tired vampire growled in frustration. He had to save Xander from this woman. Why would she go after Xander as well? Did she think he had taken Xander as his consort? Sure he had bit Xander that one time and Xander had given William his blood, but they never did it in one sitting. It didn’t count if time passed during the blood takings. At least that’s what he remembered. He bit his lip and struggled to move. He looked at the window and noticed a pink tinge as the sun began to rise. It was useless; he wouldn’t be healed until well after he was dust.

Dalton nervously handed the piece of paper with his translations of the text to Spike. He had been working hard all night on them without break. He hoped he had translated it right; Spike had been in an awful mood and had no problem dusting any vampires that happened to piss him off in the slightest way. Spike grabbed the paper and read it over. He grinned and showed it to Drusilla who looked at it with mild interest.

“This is your cure, poodle. It was right under our noses all along. We’re going to make you well again.”

“Spike! I know you’re in here! We need to talk!”

Spike grinned and stroked Drusilla’s hair, “Here’s the cure now. I’ll go grab him.”

Drusilla gasped and sobbed, “William! Spike, you must save William! He will be ash! You must save our William.”

Spike rubbed his temple, “Right, looks like I have a busy day. Dalton, go greet our guest and use Dru’s special tea, alright?”

Dalton squeaked and nodded. He wanted to ask if another vampire could do it, but a direct order from Spike was not one he could question. He made his way up the stairs; surely Master Angelus wouldn’t stake him for just giving him tea. He gulped, probably.

Jesse tapped his fingers on the dashboard of Cordelia’s car. He hummed to a song stuck in his head as they pulled up in front of Buffy’s house.

“Why are we here again?” Cordelia asked him.

“Because Buffy hasn’t returned any of our calls and Giles asked us to check it out. You’re the one that wanted part of our little gang.”

“I so could have come here alone.”

“And beat up the baddies with your fabulous cheers?”

“I sense a bitter man.”

Cordelia got out of the car and walked towards Buffy’s house. Jesse got out too and followed her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said.”

Jesse began trying windows and Cordelia tried the door. It swung open easily. Jesse stepped in cautiously and looked around.

“Buffy,” he called out.

“No one home, let’s leave.”

“What if she’s hurt or something? I’ll check up stairs, you check down here.”

“But the killer is always in the basement!”

“Then don’t go in the basement.”

Jesse rolled his eyes and made his way up the stairs. Cordelia glared after him and stood in place refusing to look around out of spite. There was a knock on the door and Cordelia took it upon herself to answer it. A short man in a suit with coke bottle glasses stood in front of her. He held up a case.

“Good day! My name is Norman Pfister with Blush Beautiful Skin Care and Cosmetics. I was wondering if you would be interested in free samples.”

Cordelia smiled, “Free? Step right in!”

Xander was sleeping in Will’s bed. He snuggled the pillow and sighed. What time was it? He squeezed his eyes shut. He heard whining. It took him a minute to realize the whining was in his head. The hyena had never been vocal before. Roll said a voice in his head. He obeyed and felt a whoosh past his ear. His eyes snapped open and he was staring at a dark woman with a hatchet buried in the bed next to him. He screamed and scrambled off the bed as the woman pulled her axe out of the bed. Left. He moved to the left as he narrowly missed getting hit by the hatchet. Counter, you idiot meatbag! His inner voice was very rude. He guessed that voice was what was left of the vampire. He swung his leg forward and it hit her side.

“Ow!” he screamed.

Guess we stay on the defense, said the vampire. He thanked the voice and proceeded to dodge listening to the voices in his head, not caring if it was completely insane, it was keeping him alive.


Xander looked to see Buffy striding forward and blocking the woman from attacking Xander any further. Buffy glared at her and took a fighting stance.

“Who are you?” the woman asked.

“You came in here and attacked my friend! Who are you?”

“I am Kendra, de Vampire Slayer.”

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