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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

Spike had settled in nicely. The hotel suite was clean, large,
high priced and came with all the amenities that a vampire of his
stature required. Naturally, Angel was picking up the tab.

He had responded to a light knocking on his door at around 4:00 am
and was delighted to see a cooler of O+ waiting just outside.
He set it on the table and happily went to the bathroom to bake his
chilled body in the huge, waterfall shower.

Afterward, he slipped on a pair of black satin sleep pants and trotted
barefoot into the living room. He then dropped down on the sofa and
turned on a pay-per-view movie. Porn, of course.

The night had been an amazing one. He had returned to the club
with the intention of speaking to someone in charge about the missing
men and enjoy a drink or two. He also thought he may have a
repeat performance of the famous Billy Bob dance but the cowboy
either didn't work tonight or he was already tap dancing on the head of
someone else's lap.

Just as well, the ensuing confrontation with Harris more than made up
for the lack of pitty pat on the old pecker. He chuckled when he
remembered the stunned expression on Harris's face when he realized
who it was and the way he turned tail and ran.

Spike scowled. For a second he honestly thought the whelp was going
to deny knowing him. Spike shook his head. 'Impossible.' He thought
'No one ever forgets William the Bloody, and especially after all we went
through together.'

Spike realized, with some surprise, that that actually bothered him.
They had fought side by side. True, there had been some really bad times
in the past, including fucking the demon girl and the little misunderstanding
with Spike's relationship with Buffy but, by the last days, Spike really
believed they had come past that.
Maybe not best mates, but, something.

"Shit!" Spike stomped around the small living area. "I fucking died for
them and the ungrateful shit didn't even thank me."
Spike threw his arms in the air and could feel himself working into a froth
when he was suddenly interrupted by another knock at his door.

Xander had arrived at the hotel nearly 20 minutes earlier. He had
sat in the lobby, arguing with himself for so long security was starting
to look at him oddly.

A little voice in his head had screamed at him to run. Just get up
and leave. Xander recognized the voice as the same one he had
heeded 10 years ago and he want to listen to it now, but he knew
he couldn't.

Something inside him had always known this day would come
and now it was here.
His past had finally caught up with him and was waiting in room 801.

Punching the elevator button, Xander selected the floor written on the
back of the card he held in his hand. He snorted. He always thought
the elevator to hell would be going down, not up to the penthouse.

In no time, he heard the ping and stood back as the doors slid open.
Almost on auto pilot, Xander stepped out and marched toward
the door of doom.

He checked the number on the card against the one on the door.
He double checked. He listened. He waited. He held his breath and
lifted his hand. He knocked on the door.

Still agitated, Spike jerked the door open.
Although both men fully expected the other, both stood speechless.
Xander's eyes scanned the top of the familiar white blond hair down
to the beautiful blue eye and sharp cheek bones.

Spike's naked, slim, firm torso was exactly as he remembered and
Xander was suddenly struck by the realization that every man he had
chosen to take to his bed was a pale imitation of the man who now
stood in front of him. He blushed when he recalled how each powerful
orgasm came with the name 'Spike' rolling off his tongue.

Xander made no move to enter.
"I just had to see. I had to know you were real and not just another

Spike smirked and puffed with pride. It had been a long time since he
had been someone's nightmare and it tickled him more than he could
put into words.

"Real enough. But look at you. All grown up. Baby bird flew the nest
and made a right life for himself." Spike cocked his head to the side.
"or maybe the Slayer tossed you out. That what happened? She decided
that after Sunnydale was gone she didn't need you anymore?"

The memories had returned earlier but now the real flood gates opened
and all the emotions and insecurities that went with those memories
came rushing back, slamming into Xander with such a force he
staggered, his stomach rolled and all the blood rushed to his feet.

"I never should have come here. It was a mistake. I need to go."
Xander spun on his heels but was stopped before he could repeat his
earlier escape.

"Wait. Harris, wait. Shit, you know what an arse I am. Don't go.
Come in for just a minute. Talk to me for a sec. That whole Slayer
remark was uncalled for."

Xander stopped. He still didn't recall 100% of the before time but
he knew one thing for sure, that was the closest he had ever heard Spike
come to an apology. Besides, Xander needed answers. He had come
here for the truth and was determined to get it.
Reluctantly, Xander eased over the threshold.

Spike stood back, giving the man plenty of room to pass and Xander
stepped inside. He knew he was probably making the biggest mistake
of his life but he needed to make it. He had to know.
He needed that classic therapy term, 'closure.'

"Why are you here, Spike? After all these years, why are you bothering
me now? How did you find me?"
Suddenly another thought popped into Xander's head, one he hadn't
considered before.
"Are you alone? Are the others with you? Did you all come here to
drag me back into that hell that used to be my life?"

Spike tipped his head and looked at the man in front of him. He saw the
raw fear in his eyes and smelled the rank terror that rolled off his heated
human body. Surprisingly, Spike took no joy in what he was causing.

"No, Xander, no one else is here. Just me, just your old pal Spike.
Just come to chat with you a bit. That's all. Please, sit down a minute
and let me explain, all right?"

Reluctantly, he lowered himself into a hard wooden chair, never taking his
eyes off the vampire and maintaining plenty of space between them.
He was prepared to dash to the door if need be.

Spike continued to study the man in his room. He was stunning.
Tall, dark, strong, absolutely gorgeous. How could this possibly
be the same goofy, stuttering boy that had stood so bravely the
night of the fall?
Spike was overwhelmingly drawn to the familiarity of him combined
with the newness.

Spike dropped down onto the sofa across from Xander and sighed.
"I didn't come here to do anything to you Xander. Willow had done
a locator spell years ago and we knew you lived here in Oxnard, but
it was your choice and your life so we didn't interfere. I was sent here
because of the missing men. The Watcher's Council thinks it is
demon related and contacted Angel. Angel sent me and, well,
here I am"
Spike threw his arms out and smiled his biggest smirk/smile.

"I saw you die. Burn up in the basement. I remember going back for
you and you were kissing Buffy, then you.....died."

Spike leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees and dropping
his head in defeat.
"Yeah, painful that. But, apparently the Powers weren't done toying with me.
I ended up being spit back out of that damn amulet, right into the great
Poof's office. Seemed I had nowhere else to go, so, I stayed. Been there
ever since."
He lifted his face and looked sadly into Xander's.

Xander waited. That sounded like the truth but it also had the ring
of 'not quite everything' to it. That's when it all came together in his mind
and Xander leaped to his feet. His face turned red as he became more
and more upset.

"So, Willow did one of her little spells and now you all know that I was
with each of those men before they disappeared. Great. Well let me
tell you right now that it was NOT my fault they vanished. I didn't
do anything to them but have sex with them. It was an ugly
coincidence that they disappeared right after."

Spike's eyebrows shot straight up.
'Well, well,' He thought. 'Isn't this an interesting turn of events.'

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