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I have three fics floating about my head, but I only remember one tiny scene from each, so here's hoping......

1. Xanders dad is tied up in the basement and Spike and Angel are there to beat him up kill him? Spike can't hurt him so Angel's going to do it for him (Sires duty type thing). I think there's something about Xanders dad seeing Spike and Angel in game face and then he starts begging to be let go offering them Xander in exchange, and Spike says something like that's why we're here because Xander is his consort/mate/boyfriend........

2. Angel takes Spike and the Scooby Gang to the court of Aurelius for protection. Which turns out to be a big mansion filled with Vampires of the Aurelius clan. Xander becomes a bit of a favorite with the head of the family and I think he's taught to fight, but I could be wrong.......

3. There's something big happening and Xander becomes take charge guy. Johnathon is working at the Magic Box, and Xander delegates stuff to him. They get in touch with their graduating class and call them to arms again. They might be going up against the Initiative and they take their stand in a multistory car park...........

I know there's hardly any information but any help would be so great even if you can't remember the story but might have a bit plot to help spark others.

Regardless, Thank you.

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