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Halfway To Columbia - Part 5/7

Title: Halfway To Columbia
Rating: R
Author: kitty_alex
Feedbak: Yes, but be gentle.
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: What if Buffy had to go out and look for Cordy and Oz instead of looking for Xander and Willow when Spike kidnaps them.
Warnings: It's AU. Xander gets vamped and there is A LOT character death. Plus some not so pretty torture. Also, I'm not good at typing British accents, so use your imagination when reading for Spike.

Spike smoked and put his feet up on the table. He looked at his Childe covered in that bitch’s blood and smiled. Xander was shifting nervously and kept looking at the clock.

“Can we?” Xander asked him again.

“I’m not killing an entire fucking high school. Are you done?”

Xander came over to sit in the lap of his Sire. He pouted and Spike bit Xander’s quivering lip playfully then licked the bitch’s blood off his face. Xander was right, it tasted horrible, but he continued as his Childe began to moan. Xander’s hand traveled down Spike’s body, sending blood rushing into his…

“Oi! You’re trying to distract me until school opens!”

Xander gave him innocent eyes, “Not me, Sire. I’m just trying to please you.”

“We need to lay low, the sun will be up and we need a place to stay.”

“Oh, I know where we can stay!”

“It can’t be here.”

Xander made an annoyed noise and began to think, “What about my house? We have cable.”

“Any food in the house?”

“Just a bit of junk food, nothing with substance, I think they’ll do though.”

The sun was nearly up when they arrived at Xander’s house. Xander knocked on the door and tapped his foot impatiently. He rang the bell and knocked again.

“You sure I have to be invited in?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Had to trick the maid into inviting me in after I was turned.”

“You had a maid?”

“Was rich. Bloody poetry was the only thing that-“

“You write poetry?”


Xander nodded his head, “Cool, if that bitch ever opens the door, I’d like to hear one before I’m dust.”

He banged on the door one last time and it swung open. A woman with a glass full of whiskey opened the door. She was rubbing her head and squinting at them.

“Alexander? Don’t you have a fucking key?”

“I left it inside. This is my friend, Spike. Can we both come in? I want to show him my comics.”

Spike snorted, like he’d ever be interested in comic.

“Yeah, sure. You can both come in. Just don’t get in my way.”

Xander grinned and stepped over the threshold, “I don’t you’ll have to worry about me getting in your way again.”

Spike entered and closed the door behind them. He began closing the curtains while Xander stalked his mother who was making her way into the kitchen to refill her glass. Xander was wondering if her blood was more alcohol than anything else. He chuckled at the thought of literally getting off her blood. His mother turned and looked at him. She raised her hand to hit him, but Xander caught it. He squeezed until he heard the bone snap under his hand. She screamed and Xander let go. She pulled her arm back and nursed it.

“You just wait until your father gets home!”

Xander smirked, “I’m counting on it.”

Xander shifted to game face and grabbed her. He buried his fangs in her neck; he took a couple of mouthful and withdrew. He giggled and slide his fangs back in. He drank until her heart stopped beating. He released her and felt dizzy. Spike popped his head in and smiled at his drunk Childe.

“Let me guess, about a point-o-eight?”

“Way above,” Xander giggled and reached out for his sire except there were more than he remembered. “Stay still all of you.”

Spike laughed and came up behind Xander, grabbing him around his waist. The room was still spinning a bit, but at least he didn’t have to worry about falling.

“We’ll have to work on your alcohol tolerance. Want to sleep it off or have drunken sex on your parents’ bed?”

Xander growled, “Whatever you want, Sire.”

Spike pressed his lips forcefully against Xander’s, “Which way to the bedroom?”

Xander groaned when he woke. He had the killer of all headaches. He tried to remember what happened between getting invited in and now. He reached over for his Sire but found he was not in bed. Screaming from downstairs indicated that his father was home. He pulled the covers over his head. He didn’t want to deal with his dad; he wanted sleep and the headache to go away.

There was a scream and a snap, then the padding of bare feet coming up the stairs. Xander smiled because he could tell it was his Sire. He watched him as his Sire got back into bed.

“I accidentally killed your da,” Spike said. “I hope that’s okay.”

Xander ran a hand through his hair, “Was he drunk?”

“I think so. He called me a cigarette.”

“Oh, don’t try to be funny. My head is killing me. Does aspirin work on vampires?”

“Sorry, pet. Meds are a human cure, doesn’t work on mystical vampires.”

“Fuck,” he said while nuzzling up against Spike.

“If you want but it won’t help with your headache.”

“Then can we talk? Just tell me what we’re going to do next.”

“We could travel and see the world.”

“Dunno, Spike. I’m not the traveling sort of vampire. I like feeling grounded and I’m not very good with vacations or traveling. With my luck whatever we steal will break down and we’ll be trapped out in the middle of nowhere then we’ll be-” Spike kissed him deeply to make him shut up. Xander purred and broke the kiss. “Just no traveling, okay?”

“Want to stay here? We could collect minions and rule the Hellmouth,” Spike said and Xander’s pur deepened.”Like that? I could send the minions out hunting for witches, then slayers would come and challenge us, but we’d be ready for them.”

Xander moaned, “Yes! Oh, God, please. I pick that! I pick that!”

Spike grinned and nibbled on Xander’s neck, “We would have to take care of Angel first.”

“You could take Angel.”

“Glad you think so,” Spike grinned and bit into Xander’s neck.

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