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I've seen a lot of people post requests for recs and searching for fics lately, so I thought I'd join the group!

Here's the thing: 

Something that has always bugged me is that at some point in Season 7, someone (a summoned being?  Great Flying Spaghetti Monster?) tells Buffy that the reason that the First was loosed and everything has been going to pot is because she died at the end of Season 1 and came back again, therefore bringing two Slayers into the world and shifting the balance, or whatever.   Buffy, of course, thinks this is all her fault.

But if you think about it, she didn't PLAN on coming back to life.  In fact, the only reason she came back is because Xander gave her CPR, and that makes everything: the shifting balance, the rise of the First, the deaths of all those people, ultimately Xander's fault.  Yes, otherwise we would not have a wonderful TV show and the Master would have risen, yadda yadda yadda, but eventually the world would have righted itself with the new Slayer doing Slayer-type things, I'm sure.  Because they had to right the balance, or whatnot.  And what with the PTB of the Buffyverse so fixated on "balance", I'm sure that if we had let the show go on long enough there would have been a Super Team of Evil to balance out all the babySlayers.

Are there any fics where Xander learns about this?  Where someone accidentally drops the reason why the First and seasons 2-7 and deaths were his fault?

If not, could someone write this fic?  Have I sparked a bunny in any of you?

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