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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 20

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT. Really really this time. Promise.
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Warning: This chapter is porny smut and little else
Other , less nekkid chapters are here
kitty_alex is off and away,  therefore, this chapter is completely beta free. Blame me.


Xander was nearing the building’s entrance when he felt a thump against his back. He was spun around and pinned to the door by a hard, cold body. Spike was leaning against him, hands braced either side of Xander’s head. Xander stared into the glistening blue eyes that were mere inches from his own. He felt his own hot breath in the small space between them before Spike’s lips slammed against his. Xander pressed back into the kiss, opening his mouth willingly for Spike’s tongue. He wrapped his arms around Spike, running his hands over the smooth leather of his duster, feeling the strength underneath.

This was so different, so much more than any kiss they’d shared yet. Xander moaned against the feel of Spike inside his mouth, Spike’s tongue flicking over his, stroking along the ridges behind his teeth. Xander slid his hands up Spike’s back and into his hair, pulling his head in harder and forcing his own tongue into Spike’s cool mouth. It was when he felt the cool night air on his skin as Spike’s hands slid under his shirt, that he realised they were still outside in full view of any neighbours or passers by.

His hands on Spike’s chest, he pushed the vampire, twisting his head to break the kiss and take a much needed breath. “Whoa there Bleachie, let’s take this inside okay? You don’t want my neighbours sharing this do you?” At Spike’s smirk, he frowned. “Do you?”

Spike laughed, “Nah mate.” He reached around behind Xander, holding him with one hand and releasing the door handle with the other. He walked Xander backwards through the door and to the stairs. “Not sharing you with anyone.” He stopped and kissed Xander’s neck then continued backing him up the stairs. “You said I have some sucking up to do and I plan to make good on that.” He pressed his lips to the base of Xander’s throat and sucked lightly on the soft skin. “Major sucking up, you said.” Spike slid one hand down to the front of Xander’s jeans and gently squeezed the hard mound he found there. “The kind of sucking up that doesn’t need an audience.” They had reached the top of the stairs and were moving down the corridor, Spike’s hand hooked in the front of Xander’s jeans, his thumb stroking over the taut fabric.

Xander took hold of the lapels of Spike’s duster and drew their mouths together in a hard kiss. He pulled Spike towards his apartment door, breaking away only when he felt the heavy wood behind him. He fished around in his pocket for the keys, a task made all the more difficult when Spike pressed against him, licking and sucking at his throat, his hands grabbing and kneading Xander’s ass. Xander forgot about his keys, held Spike’s head tight to his neck and ground his growing erection against Spike’s hip.

The sound of a door opening further down the corridor caught Xander’s attention. “Bleachie if you don’t let up for a minute then anyone and everyone will be getting a free show.”

Spike lifted off his neck with a light nip. “Then open the fucking door Harris.” He turned Xander around and hovered impatiently while he dug out the keys. As the door unlocked, Spike pushed Xander inside and kicked it closed behind him. His blue eyes darkened with lust as he raked his gaze over Xander, from those shining, deep brown eyes over the muscular planes of his torso, lingering on the bulging erection, down the solid thighs to his feet and just as slowly back to Xander’s face.

One step and they were together, Spike had the boy wrapped in his arms, lips parted wide to taste the warmth and sweetness of Xander’s mouth. Hips ground together, forcing hard cocks against each other. Xander’s hands sliding under Spike’s coat, fingers digging into his shoulder blades. Spike’s hands behind Xander, one tangled in his hair, the other against his ass.

Xander tore his mouth away panting for breath and roughly peeled Spike’s coat off. He pressed his mouth back to Spike’s, breathing hard against the cool lips, tongue searching and twisting with Spike’s, then pulling back to rake his teeth gently over the swelling lips, licking at the corners of Spike’s mouth. Drawing Spike’s full bottom lip into his mouth, he sucked on it, running his tongue along the silky sensitive inside. He moaned against Spike’s lips as he felt the cool hands slipping under his shirt, around his waist and stroking over his back. A tiny shudder ran through him as the fingernails left a tingling trail up his spine causing his cock to twitch and throb against Spike’s.

Spike moved his hands under Xander’s shirt, lifting it higher until Xander was forced to let go and raise his arms. Spike ripped the shirt over his head and flung it away, stepping back to take in the uncovered body before him. He ran his hands over the warm body; across the broad shoulders to the wide bulging pecs, down the dark line of hair leading over his navel and disappearing into the increasingly tight jeans. He felt Xander’s muscles bunching under his hands as his fingers traced this path over his body. Spike grabbed the bottom of his own shirt and had it off and tossed across the room in seconds. He pressed his body against Xander, feeling the heartbeat against his chest, the burning heat of Xander’s skin on his. Spike buried his head in the crook of Xander’s neck and scraped his teeth down to the collar bone. He sucked and licked at the sharp corners while Xander threw his head back and let small sounds of pleasure escape his lips.

Spike’s mouth worked a path around the base of Xander’s throat. Little nips at the soft skin, sucking at the hard edges of bone, drawing a red stain to the surface. Each touch of Spike’s mouth left a burning marker despite the cool of his lips. Xander tipped his head back and let his hands rove over Spike’s back. Oh he’d been right, it felt as good as it looked. Soft smooth skin covering hard toned muscles; Xander’s fingers ached to touch every square inch. He traced the patterns of Spike’s spine, the ridges of his rib bones. Felt the last of the scars from Friday night’s attack and smoothed his hand over those. There was the dip at the small of his back before the soft swell of his ass. Xander slipped his hands inside Spike’s jeans and down to cup the firm cheeks and pull him closer.

Spike pushed back into the warm palms. His lips left Xander’s throat and his tongue traced a wet path up over the jaw to his lips. Spike ran his tongue back and forth between Xander’s lips, and slipped it into his mouth, flicking at the boy’s tongue, teasing it back into his own mouth, where he sucked rhythmically in time with Xander’s clenching grip on his arse.

Their kiss grew deeper, harder, more frantic. Their lips slid against each other, tongues plunging from one mouth to another while their hips thrust together in a desperate tempo. Spike’s hands were all over Xander, at his back, over his chest, gripping his face and scraping over his nipples. Xander’s hands squeezed harder on Spike, his fingers dipping into the cleft and holding Spike hard against his straining cock. Neither had words nor desire to speak at that moment, vital blood supply was quickly draining to more urgent areas of need.

Spike had planned to take his time, to discover all that Xander had to offer and what they could be like together, but he knew there was time for that later. Now they both needed to relieve the immediate ache, to go with the urgent desire they had felt building over the weekend and that was now coming to a head.

Spike started them moving again. He forced Xander back and down the short corridor to the bedroom, his lips never once leaving the warm, delicious mouth under his. Into the bedroom and across floor, he backed Xander up to the bed, finally ripping his mouth away to shove him down on the mattress.

He took in the sight of Xander lying on the bed. The boy was a picture of wild abandon. His hair messed and lying in all directions, his lips swelling and moist, small red and purple marks ringed his throat. His hard, brown nipples stood out against the tanned and muscled chest. A promising looking bulge stood out in the front of his jeans. Spike’s target.  He kicked off his boots, unbuttoned and peeled off his black jeans, climbing onto the bed and straddling Xander’s thighs. His hands immediately, snapped free buttons and tore down the zip. In one quick movement he had Xander’s jeans and boxers down his legs. Spike’s mouth slowly widened into a grin as he looked down at what he’d uncovered. Xander’s long thick cock lay fully hard against his belly, the head dark and glistening. Spike dropped to down onto Xander’s chest and kissed him hard, thrusting with his tongue, lips crushing each other and teeth clashing. Their cocks were pressed together between their bodies, sliding easily as both became slicked with trickles of fluid from the tips. Spike twisted and rotated, increasing the friction on the sensitive heads. Xander kicked his jeans off, his legs came around Spike’s waist and he jerked his hips rhythmically, meeting Spike’s movements, panting his pleasure into Spike’s mouth. Spike pulled his head back and met Xander’s eyes, their heavy-lidded stares held as they ground against each other. Spike’s hand slid between them and wrapped both cocks tight together. Xander reached down and linked his fingers with Spike’s as they increased the speed of their movements. Xander cried out and came first in a bucking, arching frenzy, his hot seed pouring over Spike’s fingers and lubricating Spike’s still thrusting length. Seeing the ecstasy of release on Xander’s face, feeling the hot jets spill from Xander and over the head of his own cock, Spike soon followed. He pumped his hips, the friction sending him spiralling into orgasm. Waves shook him and he shot his cool thick stream between their bodies to mingle with Xander’s.
Xander opened his eyes in time to see Spike’s face tense and his teeth clench as he came. He took all Spike’s weight as the vampire collapsed against him, his face in Xander’s neck. Xander could feel the cold, panting breaths against his now hot skin. He ran his hands over Spike’s back, kneading the muscles, sliding down past the waist to grab and squeeze at his ass. Xander’s legs fell back to the bed and he threw his arms out wide, sighing his relief and enjoying the heavy press of Spike’s body on his. He tilted his head and nibbled on Spike’s neck, licking and tasting the unique flavour of the vampire’s flesh. He bit lightly at the corded muscles and was rewarded with a husky “Fuck yeah” gasped in his ear and a slowly reawakening cock stirring against his.

Spike groaned and his hand came up to hold Xander’s head tight to his throat. Straight for the neck, a sure way to get him going again.  He wrapped his other hand around Xander’s waist and sat them both up, locking his legs around Xander’s hips and beginning a slow rocking, his half hard length slicked by the mess between them.  Xander was nipping and biting him, kissing and licking over the tiny marks that soon faded. Spike’s hands slid up and he rubbed his thumbs over Xander’s nipples, scraping his nails over the hard nubs and drawing a small sound of surprise from Xander as he too showed new signs of life. Spike reached down between them, wiping his hand through the now cold mass on Xander’s belly and slicking it over the boy’s cock. Not hard yet, but Spike could feel the pulsing of blood and knew it wouldn’t be long. He pulled Xander’s head back and caught his warm lips in a slow, deep kiss, his fingers below matching the stroke of his tongue over Xander’s. He groaned at the feeling of Xander’s mouth; the sweet taste, the warmth, the softness, the eager response.  Xander’s cock slowly filled in his hand. Spike deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into Xander’s mouth and tasting every crevice, familiarising himself with every sensitive spot. One hand worked gently on Xander’s cock, the other twisted, flicked and pinched at a hard brown nipple. Xander’s hands were on his back, pulling him closer, sliding down to cup his ass and pull their groins together. When he felt his hand full of a hard thick cock, he broke away from Xander and slid backwards on the bed.

“No, don’t stop now Spike,” he panted.

“Not stopping mate, c’mere.” Spike pulled Xander to sit on the edge of the bed and kneeled on the floor between his legs.

He took Xander’s erection in his hand, rubbing his thumb over the tip, drawing a sharp gasp from Xander. “Harris, this is just stunning.” Spike looked up at him, stroking lightly, hand over hand down the hard length.  “Now, mate, you said something about some major sucking up? Let me take care of that right now yeah?”

“God, yes Spike,” Xander breathed harshly, thrusting his hips forward and grabbing Spike’s arms. The cool, feather-light touch of Spike’s hands was tantalising yet maddening. The aching strain in his cock begged for relief; Xander would never have imagined he would be ready again so soon. Spike shot him a greedy look, hooked his hands around Xander’s thighs, spreading his legs wide, then his head lowered and Xander felt a cool wetness enclose him from tip down to root. The head of his cock slid against the softness of Spike’s throat and Xander cried out as Spike swallowed around it. He gripped Spike’s shoulders, his fingers digging into the hard muscles and tried to stop himself from thrusting, knowing if he did, it would be over far too soon. Spike slid his head back, his tongue pressing hard along the vein, lips clamped tight until just the tip remained in his mouth; he circled it with his tongue.  Xander gritted his teeth against the pressure when Spike began sucking, his mouth gliding down until Xander was buried deep. Spike kept at this; a slow pace, hard suction up to the head, down to the base, again and again and Xander could no longer help himself. His hips lifted and he pushed himself hard into Spike’s mouth, grunting and winding his hands in the blonde hair. He closed his eyes, the sight of his cock disappearing into Spike’s wet pink mouth too much to withstand for long.

Xander’s cock filled him, still covered in the mixture of both their release, the salty taste spread over Spike’s tongue with every pass over the swollen head. He let go of Xander’s legs and took his hips in a firm grasp, holding him still. The way the boy was ramming into his mouth would soon be the end of him and Spike was in no hurry to finish this. It was too good to rush. He lifted off and flicked his tongue out, collecting the white drops seeping from the slit.  His eyes met Xander’s. “Not yet mate. I have a lot of making up to do first.” He licked his lips, smiling at the small groan and the pained expression on Xander’s face. His lips were parted, his tongue mirroring Spike’s movements. Spike reached up and pulled Xander’s head down to him. Those full wet lips were not an easy thing to resist and Spike caught them with his teeth, biting gently, licking soothingly. He whispered against the boy’s mouth, their lips brushing softly together. “Lie down Xander.”

Xander’s eyes snapped open in surprise and met Spike’s. That was the first time when they’d been alone he’d heard Spike use his name. He moaned and dropped back onto mattress. Such a small thing but hearing it come from Spike’s lips, ghosting over his own mouth, had sent a thrill through his body. He lay back and revelled in the sensation of Spike’s hands on him. A soft two-handed stroke, an occasional lick at the tip. Not enough to bring him to a peak, enough to make him catch his breath, to spread his legs wide, to clutch handfuls of the bed covers. He sighed in disappointment as Spike’s mouth withdrew and he felt him pull away. Then two cool hands on his calves lifted Xander’s legs so his feet rested on Spike’s shoulders and a slow, wet lick trailed down his thigh.  

Spike tasted the smooth skin on Xander’s long leg, nipping and lapping at the soft inner surface. He kissed his way lower, nuzzling at Xander’s balls, sucking the pouch into his mouth. His hands held Xander’s legs apart, as he licked, bit, kissed and sucked his way around, ignoring Xander’s small pleading sounds and giving careful attention to every sensitive spot except the throbbing cock.. The taste and scent of this part of Xander was so strong, so arousing and heavily laden with pheromones that Spike’s erection was full and painfully hard very quickly. He ignored that too, wanting to give his full attention to the beautiful body in front of him. He spread his hands on the backs of Xander’s thighs, his thumbs dipping between Xander’s cheeks and revealing the opening that lay hidden inside. He moaned. Oh, very nice.

Xander felt the pressure of Spike’s thumbs and gasped at the sudden exposure of his hole. A ripple ran through him with Spike’s noises of pleasure, but quickly became a tremor when Spike’s tongue licked a moist path from his balls, over the sensitive skin behind and ringed his entrance. He drew his legs up to his chest, exposing himself even more and allowing Spike easier access. At this invitation, the vampire below him growled softly with his mouth pressed to Xander’s flesh, the vibration drawing another shudder from Xander. Spike’s mouth was kissing and sucking at the wrinkled skin, the hard point of his tongue tracing intricate circular patterns. Xander writhed and groaned when he felt Spike’s tongue enter his body. It jabbed in only a small fraction, but Xander squirmed, pushing his hips down, trying to increase the penetration. He held his legs back and thrashed his head, panting Spike’s name over and over as the long cool tongue continued its assault on his tight entrance.

“Spike, god, more, please more,” his voice came rough and deep. “Oh yes, do that, oh god,” he breathed as Spike’s hand wrapped around his cock and began a firm fast rhythm, reducing him to mindless sounds between gasps for breath.

Xander was losing control, he’d never imagined in all his fantasies of Spike that it would be like this. Not just the physical sensations, though god knew that was incredible on its own. It was also the knowledge that this was Spike; Xander was on the edge of a shattering orgasm because Spike was tongue fucking him, because Spike was pumping his swollen cock, because Spike was a vicious, lethal demon who wanted Xander. Xander lifted his head off the bed and caught Spike’s eye. The sight of Spike’s face buried between his legs, his hands sliding furiously over Xander’s wet pulsing cock almost brought him to the brink. A few more strokes and Xander would be gone. No, not yet, he needed something else, despite the amazing feeling Spike was inducing, he wanted more.

“Spike stop, stop.” He covered Spike’s hand with his, stilling the movements. He let his legs drop down, sliding back on the bed away from Spike’s face.

“Something wrong mate?” Spike asked, wiping his face.

“Christ no.” Xander dived for a bedside draw and threw a tube at Spike. He shifted himself up on the bed, spreading his arms and legs wide. “Fuck me Spike, get up here and fuck me.”

He did not need to ask twice. Spike leapt onto the bed, kneeling between Xander’s thighs, covered his fingers with the lube and slide one finger deep into him. Xander was so relaxed, so ready it went in easily. He slipped a second inside and began stretching the hole. Xander was writhing and gasping under him, his legs pulled up high.

“Enough, that’s enough, fuck me please Spike, I want you in me.”

“Don’t want to hurt you mate.” Spike thought of the chip firing if he took the boy too soon.

“No you won’t hurt me, just do it. I promise you won’t hurt me.” Spike still had his fingers in Xander, twisting and spreading the tight muscles. Xander dropped his leg down and knocked Spike’s arm away growling at him in a harsh voice, “Fuck me now, dammit.”

Spike pulled his fingers out and generously lubed up his cock. The boy wanted to be fucked and he was more than ready to oblige. He hooked Xander’s legs over his shoulders and eased his cock up against the opening. With a little pressure he slid in easily, taking it slowly, giving Xander time to adjust. He glided smoothly through the tight passage until he was buried to the base of his cock. Xander was bent almost double beneath him, his head tipped back stretching his neck taut. Spike fell forward, bracing himself with his arms behind Xander’s knees and started up a long deep stroke, almost pulling out completely before gliding back as deep as he could go.  

Xander reached up and pulled Spike’s head down, plunging his tongue into Spike’s mouth while thrusting his hips up, meeting Spike’s movements in and out of his body. Spike’s long hard cock stretched him wide but there was no pain; thanks be to past experience and some rounds of latex experiments with Anya. There was a delicious burn and the empty, full, empty, full sensation of Spike’s strokes but nothing hurt.

Spike pulled away from Xander’s mouth with one last nip at his lips. This was so incredible, the warmth surrounding his cock, the clenching muscles squeezing him tight on every pass, the sounds of intense pleasure Xander was making. He lifted himself upright, holding Xander’ ankles wide apart, spreading his own knees for balance and began a punishing pace.

One of Xander’s hands reached up to grip his cock, Spike slapped it away and took over the job himself, matching time with his thrusts into the tight arse. Xander wrapped one hand over Spike’s and the other pulled his leg far back, encouraging him to go deeper.

“Fuck, Xander, you’re so tight, ah god, so tight,” Spike grunted out between thrusts. He tilted his hips and aimed higher.

Xander cried out as Spike now hit his prostate with each stroke, “Yes, there, that’s it. Ah, fuck me, Spike.”

Xander squeezed Spike’s hand tighter on his throbbing length and rolled his hips to force Spike deeper still. He knew it was nearly time, felt the pressure rising and looked down at Spike’s length disappearing into his body. He heard Spike’s moaning sounds coming shorter and faster, saw his eyes squeezed shut and his head thrown back, this accompanied by the final hard slam into him and the cool pulsing wash filling his insides. Xander thrust forward once more into Spike’s tight grip, backward onto his jerking cock and came with a howl sending hot streams over their hands and across his stomach. His legs fell as he rode out his orgasm, his body twitching and the last of the milky fluids trickled from him.

Spike threw himself down on top of Xander, grabbing his shoulders and rolling over them so Xander completely covered his body. He lay still, panting unneeded breaths, feeling Xander’s racing heartbeat echoing in his own silent chest, feeling the hot breath pouring over his neck where Xander lay. He reached up and stroked slow patterns over Xander’s back with his fingertips, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure. Xander pulled up away from his neck and kissed him. Spike opened his mouth to Xander’s tongue but let him have his way. The warm wet tongue licked lazily at the inside of his mouth and traced over his lips while his fingers stroked the side of Spike’s face. 

Xander pulled back and looked at him. “That was mind-blowing. My mind? Completely blown. But I can’t stop touching you yet.”

Spike laughed softly, “It was fucking incredible, and no complaints here mate, touch all you like.”

“Mmm,” Xander sighed, sliding off Spike to lay beside him. He kissed him again then lay his head on the flat planes of Spike’s chest, letting his fingers play over the ridges of muscles, enjoying Spike’s hand wandering over his back.

Xander heard Spike’s breathing slow, then stop completely, his hand falling away. There was silence beneath his ear. Xander closed his eyes, his own breathing slowing, deepening, as he too slipped into sated sleep.



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