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Buffy and Angel Maps and Interiors

I've been checking Buffyverse links all evening and a depressing number of them are dead, including the ones that used to lead to various maps and layouts of locations like 1620 Revello Drive, Giles's apartment, Angel's S1 office, and Sunnydale itself.

It would have been enough to make me weep (blood tears!), but fortunately I am a paranoid cow, and when I originally found these links, the first thing I did was save the goodies. Unfortunately, I was new to the ways of fandom and the internets and did not save all the details of where I found them or who produced them. I also cannot vouch for their accuracy.

Behind the cut I am posting clickable thumbnail links that lead to larger images. If anyone knows who/where to credit, or has a claim to stake on any of the images, please let me know. (And if you have others to add to the post, let me know that too!)

Angel's S1 Home

Angel's S1 Office

Giles's apartment

(originally at www.moracle.co.uk/sets/giles/)
Believed to be originally by omphalos. Also, extra bedroom may have been added for a fic.

Buffy's House, 1620 Revello Drive

Spike's Crypt

Sunnydale High School


Xander's Basement of Doom
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