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If I Were Souled ~ What's My Line - Part 2

Title: If I Were Souled ~ What's My Line - Part 2
Rating: R
Author: kitty_alex
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Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Series Summary: Spike has settled into Sunnydale and has found a place for himself with Xander. Only problem is the Anointed One has unknowingly created a major road block for them.
Chapter Summary: William and Angel are kidnapped by Spike and the Order of Taraka attack.
Warnings: AU
Notes: I'd like to thank kimalis for helping me out with Spike's slang and bringing detail to me jumbled mind. Then I'd like to thank Buffyworld for episode guides.
Word Count: 7,270
Previous Chapters: You can find previous chapters here

Buffy stared in disbelief at the girl in front of her.

“Wait, what? Slayer? I’m the real slayer. There can’t be two slayers.”

“I knew that whole thing with there can only be one was bull,” Xander said behind her.

“Will you shut up, Xander. You aren’t helping. Look, let’s just say for a second that there can be two slayers. We both drop our guards and weapons and no matter how much he drives us to do it, we don’t attack Xander even when he makes a stupid joke.”

“Hey! My jokes are witty and clever!”

Kendra considered for a moment, “Da boy is annoying, but I shall back off. If ya are a slayer, take me to your Watcher.”

“Alright, then we can work this entire thing out.” Buffy said a bit relieved.

Kendra stood at attention in front of Giles while Buffy slumped against the counter looking displeased. Xander wasn’t listening, he tuned out after Giles started ‘de-briefing’ Kendra. Apparently her Watcher was some famous Watcher or something that sent her because there was evil a foot! Xander rolled his eyes. He was still pissed when Willow walked in and Kendra freaked out that civilians knew about slaying. What was this? Special Ops. in the military? He heard mention of Buffy drowning and decided to jump back on the conversation wagon.

“I saved Buffy! When I got there, she wasn’t breathing so I did CPR.”

“Buffy’s temporary death must have activated the next slayer,” Giles said.

“So, did I do bad reviving Buffy?”

“No! Of course not, Xander. This just complicates things a little. It will get sorted out.”

“Oh, I know how to uncomplicate things,” Buffy said. “We could send her back. Obviously I’m not dead, so she can go fight vampires in her neck of the woods and leave everything else to me.”

“I cannot just leave. I was sent here for a reason. All de signs point to a very dark power dat is about to rise in Sunnydale.”

“And how are you going to find this dark power? You going to draw up a list of my friends and start attacking them?”

“Of course not, I thought da boy was the vampire’s consort.”

“Consort?” Buffy looked at Xander.

Xander put up his hands defensively, “Hey! That was our first date! Wait, it was you! Will sensed a slayer! You were watching us kiss. That’s like voyeurism! No, you know what, that IS voyeurism!”

“You kissed William?” Willow asked. “Go Xander!”

“William?” Kendra asked. “As in William de Bloody? I read about him. He’s dangerous. He’s killed two slayers in under a century. He was hardly a few years old when he killed his first one.”

“Well, this William is good. He has a soul!” Xander exclaimed.

“William has a soul?” Willow asked, then it dawned on her. “You mean William is- Xander, why didn’t you tell me? Wait, how? When? We are having a talk mister when this dark power has been taken down.”

“I can’t believe you. He looked very dangerous when he was robbing dat poor man of his money.” Kendra said.

“Will rob someone? As if! Will feels guilty if the clerk gives him the wrong change at the supermarket! He could never steal from someone!” Xander yelled.

“I…” Kendra said with guilt in her voice.

“What did you do?” Xander glared at her.

Willy looked at the semi-conscious William through the bars of the cage. The light was getting dangerously close so he’d have to move fast. He unlocked the cage and grabbed William. He used his body to shield him from the light as he dragged him to a darker storage room. He opened a hatch and threw William down into the sewers. William tried to get up, but he was kicked back down.

“Hey, brother,” Spike said.

“Oh, bloody hell,” William swore.

“He has developed quite a tongue on him,” Spike said with a bit of pride. “Ain’t the sniveling little bastard we once were.”

“You saw to that,” William said with a glare.

Willy joined Spike and William in the tunnel and looked at the two vampires.

“Wow, friend. You two really are identical.”

“So what happened? Bastard come in for otter’s blood and get the snot beat out of him by one of your local patrons?”

“No, he said he doesn’t drink animal blood anymore.”

“Been feeding off humans? William, I’m shocked and bit proud.”

“Blood bags only and do not feel proud. As soon as I find a way to get rid of you, I will be going back to drinking pig’s blood.”

“Like you could get rid of me,” Spike laughed and knelt down to inspect William’s side. “If it wasn’t one of your patrons, who did this?”

“So concerned about your other half?” William spat.

“Just want to make sure they weren’t really looking for me.”

Spike lifted William up by his hair and smiled at him. William spit on Spike’s face and Spike rose in anger, drawing William to his feet. Spike took William’s shirt and cleaned his face with it.

“We had a deal,” Willy said. “What about my money?”

“Do you not have enough money? You already stole my rent.”

“Stole from my twin William?” Spike asked. “Stealing from William is like stealing from me, I suggest you don’t find out what happens when you steal from me.”

Willy smiled and pulled out the money he had stolen from William and placed it William’s back pocket. He looked expectantly at Spike.

“How’s that, friend? All better?”

Spike threw Willy’s money into the dirty water a few feet away from them.

“All better, friend. Now remember, if you tell, I’ll have your guts for garters.”

Willy bent down and picked up his money, “Yeah, I promise. What are you going to do with him? Sure that soul prevents a good family reunion.”

Spike looked over William, “I was thinking makeover. Give him a bit of bleach, do his nails, maybe some eyeliner. Just get the real twin effect going.”

“You do and I bet I could convince Dru to shave your head.”

“Speaking of Dru, she’s waiting for you.”

Jesse came down the stairs to see Cordelia trying to push a man out the door. He looked curiously at the scene.

“What’s going on?”

Cordelia looked at Jesse descending the stairs and smiled, “Oh, nothing. He was just leaving.”

The man looked at Jesse and Jesse felt his skin crawl. There was a worm snaking its way across the man’s face. Cordelia seemed to notice it too as she was backing away. Jesse stood in front of her putting himself between the man and Cordelia. He looked around for something to hit the man with; there was a vase on the coffee table. He was sure Buffy would forgive him in a life or death situation.

“Cordelia, run!”

She ran and Jesse lobbed the vase at the man. It hit him and he dissolved into pile of words. Jesse felt sick and ran with Cordelia. He guided her into the basement and slammed the door behind them. They stomped on the worms as they tried to get through the cracks in the door. Cordelia looked around and found duct tape. She handed it to Jesse.

“I don’t do worms.”

He rolled his eyes and put the duct tape along the cracks of the door. They were safe for now.

Xander looked around Willy’s backroom then at Buffy and Kendra.

“He’s not here,” he said with a pout.

“There’s no ashes,” Buffy said helpfully.

“How do we know he’s not in some dust pan somewhere!” Xander said.

“Calm down, Xander. We’ll find him, okay?”

“Uh, can I help you with something?” said a man’s voice.

They looked to see a small man standing by the door. Kendra pointed at him.

“Dat’s de man who William stole money from.”

Buffy grabbed him and threw him against the wall, “What really happened? And you better talk or you can say ‘hello’ to my fist.”

“Whoa, William steal money from me? He’s my boy, my friend. We’re like this.” He held up two fingers and crossed them.

“Then where is he? She,” Buffy nodded her head to Kendra, “locked Will in this cage. Since there’s no dust, you must know where Will is.”

“You’d think I’d let my buddy turn to dust? No, I saved him and put him in the sewers just in the nick of time. He’s probably in there waiting for sunset so he can go home. You just wait and see.”

“And you are telling the truth?”

“I swear on my mother’s grave that it’s the God honest truth!”

Buffy backed off, “If he doesn’t show up, we’ll be back.”

“Why are we looking for dis vampire anyway?”

“I messed up,” Buffy said. “It should have been me looking for the information and Will is missing because of it. Xander, I’m sorry. We’ll find him. I’ll tear this town apart until we find him.”

“No wonder why you died, dis is reckless behavior. I’m sure your Watcher wouldn’t approve.”

“Hey!” Xander said. “Buffy was prophesized to die, it’s hardly her fault. You should blame the seer not the slayer.”

“Thank you, Xander.” Buffy said with a huge smile.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s just get back to Giles and see if he found anything that might help.”

Buffy nodded and they left. Willy was relieved. He let out a sigh when the telephone behind the counter rang. He picked it up and woman’s voice greeted him.

“Oh, hi mom,” he said.

Spike stroked Drusilla’s hair as she slept in the bed, “Hey, love. Wake up, pet. I have a surprise for you.”

Drusilla yawned, “William?”

Spike frowned, “He’s part of the surprise.”

He went to the landing and pulled the bound and gagged William into the bedroom. He was struggling against the binds and yelling into the gag. His eyes were fierce and dark as they glared at Spike. When had his soul gotten so much fight in him? He used to be gentle and easily subdued, but now he was wild. Spike frowned; did he always have this fight in him? Was this what he was missing? Spike shook his head, he wasn’t missing anything. He picked William up by his hair and showed him to Drusilla.

Drusilla clapped her hands, “It’s my William!”

“The one and only,” Spike said bitterly.

“Will Daddy be playing with us?”

“No, Daddy’s upstairs in the cage waiting for the ritual.”

“But, William always loved Daddy’s touch best. He would scream the loudest when Daddy touched him.”

Drusilla stroked William’s cheek and he flinched at her touch. He vamped out and tried to bite away the gag using his fangs. Spike knocked William in the back of his head.

“Now, now, none of that. You’ll ruin Dru’s play time.”

Drusilla giggled and pulled off William’s gag, “You’ve been a very bad William. Mummy will have to punish you.”

She pulled William into a kiss and he struggled to get away. Spike snorted and went upstairs to watch over ‘Daddy’.

Buffy was ranting about how great Giles thought Kendra was and about how she was just a mini-Giles as she approached Xander. Willow was nodding her head sympathetically and trying to pretend like she was on Buffy’s side.

“I’ve read all of dem sir,” Buffy mimicked. “Let me show you where I read about de Order den we can get horny with de books.”

Xander let out a weak laugh, “Horny with the books, funny.”

Willow looked concerned, “Is everything alright?”

“We still haven’t found William yet. Jesse has gone missing. I haven’t seen him since yesterday. This does not spell ‘good’. This spells less than good, this spells ‘bad’.”

“What do you think has happened to Jesse?”

“I don’t know. I can only imagine what horrible things he’s suffering through.”

“I spy with my little eye something that being with the letter b.” Cordelia said as she paced about the basement.

“Is it a broom?” Jesse asked from where he was sitting, his eyes following Cordelia’s movement.

“No, guess again.”

“Is It- You know nevermind. I’m sick of playing this game. How about we play ‘I’m going on a picnic.’”

“That’s a lame two year old game. I know how about we play ‘Jesse comes up with a plan and saves the day.’ I think that would be a great plan.”

“I have a plan, a very good plan.”

“Oh, yeah. What’s that?”

“We wait here.”

“We wait here?”

“Yes, obviously Mr. Bugman was after us or he wouldn’t have tried to come through the door. If we’re trapped in the basement with one way out, he’s obviously going to set up a trap.”

“So I’m supposed to wait until we, what? Die first? I rather take my chances with creepy guy upstairs.”

“We’re not going to die! It’s not like we’re trapped in a cave out in the middle of nowhere. This is a house in the middle of suburbia! A house that the slayer lives in!”

“But what if that thing ate her? I mean, the door was open and there was no one home.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m tired of being stuck with a bitter, rejected man. I’m going to go upstairs and take my chances.”

He got up and grabber her arm, “Now that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If in theory he ate the slayer, the one with all the power, what chance do you have of making it out?”

“A lot better than being stuck here with you!”

He let go of her and put his hands up, “Fine, whatever. You made the mess; you might as well lie in it.”

I made the mess? Me? I made the mess? How is this my mess?”

“You let him in here! All it took was a free makeover and you will let anyone in. You are so shallow! I can’t believe I ever had the slightest crush on you! I feel like such an idiot for thinking there was more to you than just a big dumb cheerleader.”

“Oh!” She stepped closer to him obviously angry. “There is more to me. A lot more to me. I just wouldn’t show it to a complete chess club reject like you.”

“Oh yeah, well, if that’s all you think of me fine! Why don’t you run off and get eaten before my loser-ness rubs off on you.”

“Maybe I will! I would rather be trapped in here with anyone else. I would even pick gay Harris over you.”

“You don’t talk about Xander in that way! You take that back or I’ll-”

“Or you’ll what? Hit me? Kill me? Yell at me some more?”

Jesse glared at her pulled her into deep kiss. She kissed him back and found herself enjoying it. She was kissing Jesse McNally and enjoying it! She pulled back and looked at him shocked.

“We have to get out of this basement,” Jesse said.

Cordelia nodded and moved towards the stairs. Jesse followed behind her. She waited as he pulled the tape off of crack of the door. No worms, that was a good sign. Jesse carefully opened the door and looked around. Cordelia poked her head out too. Jesse headed out of the basement and into dining room. He looked around and motioned for Cordelia to follow. He made his way slowly from the dining room into the front hall. Cordelia followed but stopped when she felt something drop on her. She looked and screamed. Some worms had fallen on her from the ceiling! Jesse ran when he heard Cordelia screaming he was out the front door and in the lawn when he looked back to see if she was still following him. She was but she was still screaming spastically.

“Get them off of me!” She screamed stopping in front of him.

Jesse looked around for something to use and found a hose. He quickly picked it up and began spraying Cordelia. She was turning in place and hopping. Jesse gave her one final look over before giving her the okay that she was bug free. They sprinted for the car and climbed in. The tires squealed and left skid marks as Cordelia floored it to get as far away from the house as possible.

Xander wasn’t in the mood to listen to Buffy. She was still angry about Kendra and Giles. He wondered how much longer she could rant without blowing Willow’s ears off. He giggled as he pictured Willow’s head exploding and Buffy continuing like nothing had happened.

Buffy glared at him, “What’s so funny?”

“Chocolate covered vegetables. It’s so ironic it’s funny.”

Buffy gave him a weird look, “Okay, that’s the last time I’m asking you that question.”

Xander pointed, “Oh, Willow. I think that guy is staring at you.”

Buffy looked and grabbed Xander’s arm, pulling it down, “Oh my God, he is. But don’t be so crass, if he knows we’re talking about him he won’t come over.”

“He’s all the way over there. How does he know I’m pointing at him? I could be pointing at the vending machine and saying ‘Can you believe they raised the price of soda?’”

Willow looked, “Oh, him? That’s just Oz. He’s not interested.”

Oz got up and started making his way over. Buffy grinned and dragged Xander away.

“Have fun!” She said to Willow.

Willow ducked her head and blushed.

“You are shameless,” Xander said with a laugh.

“Why thank you. Still banned from the carpentry table?”

Xander looked over to see the scowling face of the instructor, “Oh I would have to say that’s a solid yes. Mind if I accompany you to your table?”

“Why I always accept the kindness of Xander.”

Xander chuckled and held out his arm for her and she took it. They marched to the law enforcement table. The blonde police woman had just picked up her clipboard to do role call.

“Buffy Summers?” the woman asked.

Buffy raised her hand, “Here!”

The policewoman set down her clipboard and pulled her gun. She went to aim it at Buffy, but Buffy was already reacting. They were struggling with the gun while everyone in the hallway stared stupidly at the scene.

“Run! Take cover!” Xander yelled at them.

Panic soon ensued as shots were fired into the ceiling. Buffy kneed the woman in the gut as soon as she thought all shots were fired. Buffy ran hoping the woman would chase after her, but she didn’t. She pulled out another gun and grabbed Xander, then pointed the gun to his temple. Without thinking, Xander grabbed gun and pulled it away from his head, then jerked his head back hitting the woman in the nose and forcing her to let him go. He ran after Buffy and this time the woman chased him.

“BUFFY!” He yelled out as he tripped just when a shot was fired at him.

The bullet missed him and he was horrified to see it whizzing towards Willow.

“GET DOWN!” Oz shouted.

He jumped in front of Willow and took the bullet in the arm. Xander crawled towards Oz and Willow and the policewoman again focused her soul attention on Buffy.

“Is he okay?” Xander asked dumbfounded.

“He’s been shot!” Willow exclaimed. “I doubt he’s okay!”

“I meant did it miss any all the vitals and arteries?”

“Oh!” Willow looked at Oz who was clutching his arm. “It doesn’t look like it hit an artery. There would be a lot more blood.”

“I’m shot!” Oz said a bit mystified. “I’ve been shot! It’s cool and painful at exactly the same time.”

Buffy came over and looked from Willow to Xander to Oz. She looked at Oz’s bleeding arm with a mixed expression of concern she gotten someone shot and relief that it wasn’t Willow.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy said.

“It’s not your fault some psycho woman decided to fire shots at you,” Xander said. “What happened to her anyway?”

“She took a hostage when Kendra came. She let him go and Kendra is in pursuit.”

Kendra walked up to them with no policewoman. Buffy gave her a questioning look.

“She’s gone,” Kendra said simply.

“She was definitely one of the Order members,” Buffy said to Giles as he was looking through on of his books in the library.

“That’s good,” Xander said. “Now I don’t feel so bad about almost breaking her nose.”

Jesse walked in with a completely soaked Cordelia beside him. She looked pissed and Jesse wasn’t looking too happy himself.

“You broke someone’s nose?” Jesse said to Xander. “Good for you!”

“We had a rather violent visit from the Order of Taraka,” Giles said to Jesse.

“We had a little run in with one of the Order members too.” He looked at Kendra and smiled. “Hey! You new to the Scoobie gang?” He held out his hand. “I’m Jesse.”

Kendra lowered her eyes and didn’t take his hand. Jesse looked at her questioningly and Cordelia walked past both of them.

“Hi, Cordelia. Nice to meet you.” She sat at the table. “Have you found Will yet?”

Xander shook his head, “I took both Slayers on a search around to all the demon bars. No one has seen him. We don’t know where he could have disappeared to.”

“Both slayers?” Jesse asked. “I knew that whole ‘There can only be one’ gimmick was a rip off of Highlander. Do they have to fight to the death now?”

Giles cleaned his glasses, “This is serious. We have no idea when the Order is planning to attack next and all you can do is joke and make obscure movie references. We need to research and-”

Cordelia screamed and hurriedly pulled a worm off her put it on the book Giles had open on the table.

“EW! I am so taking a shower!”

Cordelia got up and ran from the library while everyone inspected the worm she had placed on the book.

Jesse motioned towards the worm, “That’s what attacked us.”

“A worm?” Buffy said. “Does it grow or something? Because that doesn’t seem very threatening.”

“No, Buffy.” Jesse said closing the book on the worm and killing it. “There were a couple thousand of them and when they all get together; they form an odd little man who likes to sell makeup for some strange reason. If it was me I’d-”

“Again,” Giles interrupted. “I would like to stress the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in.”

“Right, seriousness. Well, Kendra has enough for the both of us, but let’s get down to business. We know who the other two members are now all we have to do is stop them. Do we know anything else?”

“I am afraid it is not very good. I have discovered what Spike is trying to do with what he pilfered out of Du Lac’s grave. Apparently there is a ritual in there that will revive an injured vampire.”

“Injured mystical vampire,” Xander interrupted. “Most vampires can heal on their own despite extensive physical damage.”

Giles looked at Xander, “You knew and you didn’t tell me?”

“You would have Anne Rice-ed me and I was not looking to relive my glory days as a vampire.”

“Ah, I see. Well, then, continuing onward. The ritual takes place in a church with the presence of the vampire’s sire.”

“But, that makes no sense,” Buffy said. “Will isn’t her sire. Angel is.” Her words fell as it dawned on her. “I haven’t seen Angel since about the time Will went missing.”

“The disappearance of William and Angel at exactly the same time is far more than a coincidence,” Giles reasoned.

Xander glared, “Are you saying that Will had something to do with this?”

“He is a part of Spike.”

“That doesn’t mean anything! William might withhold information, but the man needs to get paid and he’s human, well, his soul is human. Humans make mistakes. Just because he’s a soul doesn’t make him perfect. He’s not involved in anyway. He’s a victim.”

“Maybe da boy is the vampire’s consort,” Kendra suggested.

“Xander is not anyone’s consort!” Jesse said. “Innocent until proven guilty. Right? That’s what the law says. So for now, we don’t have enough evidence to convict Will. We find the church, we stop the ritual, and if Will is working with Spike then you can have a nice big ‘I told you so’, until then, we need to focus on what’s important.”

“Thanks,” Xander muttered to Jesse.

“You’re like my brother, Xander. I have to stick up for you and for your sake I hope Will is innocent and healthy.”

Drusilla hummed as she felt her toys. She picked up the box labeled 'Holy Water' and walked toward the bound William to her bed. He glared at her and struggled against his restraints.

"This was your favourite toy, wasn't it William?"

"I remember perfectly well. You and Angelus loved to torture me."

Drusilla laughed, "You enjoyed it when Mummy and Daddy would play in front of you. The way you used to scream. It was like music. You sobbed so beautifully for me, my William. Spike doesn't cry when I hurt him, needs more of you in him, I think." She traced her fingers along William's bare chest.

"I like very much being in my own body."

Drusilla ran a hand over William's scarless eyebrow, "I remember seeing you. Scattered words, words that would never be written unless given the proper pen. Blood as ink." She took the holy water out of the box. "So much anger in one tiny mortal shell. It was beautiful." She poured some holy water on his chest and William screamed. "Always by my Spike's side, so angry. So much pain. So beautiful was my William's pain. Pain bound poor William to the world."

"Stop it, Dru. Just stop it. Just torture me, do not do this. Just do not do this."

She giggled as she dripped holy water along William's forearm, "You were hoping I'd take away the pain, give you peace." Drusilla scratched William's chest leaving bleeding wounds behind. He screamed out, he just wanted to make her happy so she'd stop talking. "Only more pain awaited my William. Especially when-"

"Dru, please. No. Do not talk about that, please. I will do anything; just do not talk about that.”

Tears sprung to his eyes and she smiled brightly, "So beautiful is my William's pain."

Xander was loading a crossbow when Kendra came in. He wasn’t the best shot in the world, but he had been practicing with it enough that he came pretty close to hitting his attended target. He tried to ignore her as she stared at him; there was obviously something on her mind.

“So why don’t you give me the whole submissive act you give Jesse? Is it because I’m gay?”

“I still don’t trust you.”

“What’s not to trust about a man holding a crossbow?”

“You might tink you have everyone fooled, but I still suspect you are a consort of the vampire.”

“Consorts are rare, did you know that?” Xander fiddled with the arrow and armed the bow. “Not many recorded entries in the Watcher’s journals. Most vamps don’t like humans and if they do like a human they turn them.”

“So, you are tellin’ me to mind me own business because I do not know what I am talkin’ about.”

“Smart girl. I knew there was something I didn’t utterly dislike about you.”

“Buffy is very different dan how a proper slayer should be,” Kendra said to him.

“Because she keeps civilians, vampires, and consorts as company? Yep, she’s an odd one. We love her for it though.”

“I was taught that those distract me from me calling.”


“Friends and even family.”

“Even family?” Xander asked a deep frown appearing on his face.

Buffy knocked on the door, “Mind if I talk to Kendra alone? It’s kind of a Slayer thing, Xander. If we think of anything to help Will, we’ll come and get you, okay?”

He nodded and put the bow down. He was glad Buffy had come; he didn’t know how much more of Kendra he could have taken. He was feeling sorry for her and she was still probably thinking about how untrustworthy he was. Xander left Giles’ back office and joined Jesse who had just found the worm demon. He tried to imagine what life would be like without his best friend, he couldn’t.

William was sobbing, "Just stop. Stop talking about that."

"Mummy was so displeased with you, wasn't she?"Drusilla cupped his face. "Never did like her clinging child."

Spike walked in and smiled at William, "That's better. Exactly how I remember him. Good job, pet. That's enough though. We should leave for the church now."

"Can William watch Daddy die?"

"Let's leave him here. Was never much into watching."

"You seemed to be into it a lot. I remember it was my name she used to scream out," William said with a smirk. "Loved to watch. You would watch her with Daddy; you would watch her with me. You would think you would have picked up a few things from all that watching."

Spike growled, "I think I preferred you sobbing and muzzled."

"You never knew how to please her. You never loved her enough; you never hated her enough to do the things I did to her. You just never were enough without William at your side guiding you like a small child."

"Shut the fuck up."

"Still call out for me, do you pet? Miss the way your William used to hurt you until you were withering and screaming. Spikey just does not do that for you, does he?"

Drusilla grinned, "He's beautiful, Spike. There's my William. My pained William. You'd hurt me, my William?"

"If you got me out of these ropes, I would hurt you until you turned pretty colours just how you liked. Remember? Do you remember Italy when we-"

Spike growled loudly and punched William, "That wasn't you. You were dead!"

"It was the part of me you kept around, the part you knew you needed. You would be nothing but dust if it was not for me. You just do not know how to think like I do. Maybe I should let you dip into my mind a bit, let you take out a few pointers. Show you exactly how to treat her."


"What Dru and I had, you will never have. You were always a blunt instrument, Spike, always getting used, but not very well."

Spike shifted into game face and broke a pole on the wooden four poster bed. He held it against William's chest waiting for William to utter another word. William just grinned at him, daring him to do it.

"Dru made you suicidal," Spike said to him. "Me staking you, what do you hope to accomplish? All the nightmares end? You get to go to Hell in peace? What exactly do you hope to gain?"

"Why do you not stake me and find out."

"Right, might not got the brain ticking away in your old noggin, but I know when something ain't right." Spike threw the bedpost aside. "I stake you, something bad happens, stops me from doing this ritual. You always were the 'throw yourself to the lions' type for the ones you loved, Will, but I got your little game down pat. Dru, can me and Will play a little game of my own before we go to the church? William can come if we play this little game first."

Drusilla clapped her hands, "I like games."

"Know you do, pet." Spike opened the nightstand drawer beside the bed. "You like riddles, Will. How do you scar a vampire permanently?"

"Spike, do not do what I think you are thinking."

"Nope, that doesn't count as an answer." He pulled out a small knife. "Looks like you lose. The correct answer was to cut them with a weapon soaked in holy water." He looked over the blade of the knife. "Dru loves her toys, don't ya pet?"

Drusilla grinned, "That's Miss Edith's favourite."

"I think I know exactly what your punishment should be, Will." William screamed as the blessed blade dug into his right eyebrow. "You're not better than me. I hope this scar reminds you of that."

Buffy shoved Willy against the wall, “Remember how I said if Will didn’t show up, we’d be back? Well guess what, he didn’t show up. Now spill.”

“William? I don’t know a thing about him. I swear, the last time I saw him he was in the sewer!”

“What about the ritual? The one that’s Spike is doing. You hear anything about that?”

“Nothing! He’s keeping it under his hat!”

Xander whined, “Can we stab him or something?”

Xander frowned and berated himself. His first time at playing the bad cop and he was doing a very poor job of it.

“I say we hit him,” Kendra said.

“My friends are getting antsy here,” Buffy said. “If you don’t fess up, I might just give them what they want.”

“Okay! But, I can’t tell you. I’d have to show you!”

“Alright, let’s go then.”

“We have to go to de Watcher and inform him of what happened.”

“Are you kidding?” Buffy scoffed. “By the time we do that, wait for Giles to prattle on about how serious the situation is, Angel could already be dead.”

“Is dat all you care about? Your boyfriend?”

“And let’s not forget dead Angel means revived Drusilla,” Xander added helpfully.

“Yes, and I should believe you.”

“For the last time, I am not Will’s or Spike’s consort!”

“Oh, yeah, he isn’t,” Willy said. “He’s way too weak and look at his reaction time. He’s so not a consort.”

“Thanks, Willy. You really helped.”

“You two can go get yourselves killed,” Kendra said. “I am going to de Watcher with or without you.”

“Without then,” Buffy said with a glare.

William watched Spike prepare the incense for the ritual. He was positioned in the back of the church and tied to sit up straight in one of the pews as Spike prepared for the ritual. Angel and Drusilla were chained together at the front and William had a perfect view of all of it. He laughed and Spike gave him a look.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing. Was thinking about how you were going kill Drusilla. Never were one for rituals, were you?"

"And I should trust you why?"

"I have taken pity on your pathetic attempt to revive our original sire. The herb you are mashing into tiny bits should be handled more delicately or you will off set the balance of the entire mix then boom, no more church and we'll join Darla wherever she ended up."

Spike dumped the mix into the incense censer, "Looks like I'll have to take that chance."

"What are going to do when Angel wakes up?"

Spike lit the mix in the censer, "Gave him enough of Dru's special tea where he wouldn't wake up for another week if he were to be still unliving for another week." He put the gag back in William's mouth and lightly smacked his cheek. "Now be a good boy and shut the fuck up. Big brother is working."

Spike started the ritual. He chanted while Drusilla repeated the words. He wondered if Spike had drugged him because he was thoroughly amused by the image of Spike chanting and swinging the incense censer as he went. Spike finally reached the altar and put down the censer. He put on a pair of thick leather gloves and picked up the Cross of Du Lac which was lying on a pillow next to the two chained up vampires. William watched Spike tug on the bottom of the cross, when it gave way William though he had broken it until he saw the shining glint of the dagger. William could just picture Xander saying, “Oh! Pretty!” He chuckled into his gag as he watched Spike plunge the dagger into both Drusilla’s and Angel’s hands.

“Right then,” Spike clapped his hands together gleefully. “See, I’m curing you while William is tied to a bleeding pew. One point for Spike.”

“Hey! I’ve brought the Slayer!” Spike recognized the voice as that rat, Willy.

Spike turned around and growled, “Are you fucking high or something? You bring the Slayer here in the MIDDLE of the ritual. You couldn’t have leaded her around a bit?”

“You didn’t say when. You just said bring her here!”

“I thought you had some bloody sense in that fucking head of yours!”

The assassins marched forward with Buffy. She was trying to keep her face neutral as Xander snuck in from behind. They had faked an argument on the way just in case it was a trap; Xander could follow from behind and jump in if needed. He was supposed to stay in the shadows until Buffy gave him the word, but at the sight of ruffled blonde hair sitting a few feet away, he couldn’t stick with the plan.

“William,” he whispered as he approached. “I’m going to pull the gag out.”

He was yanked up by his shirt collar and dragged.

“Well, well,” Spike said. “Haven’t seen you since you almost staked me. One would think you didn’t love me anymore. Well, Xanny-bear, Xan-pet, love of my Xander life, do you? Still ache for me?”

Xander blushed and bit his tongue, “You think you’re so clever.”

“I am clever. Now, see, we have unfinished business. If I recall, we had a deal. I let everyone go and you let me turn you. It’s been months, Xander. You don’t go back on your word, do you?”

“Go to Hell, Spike.”

Spike pushed his head aside, “See you there then, Xanny-bear.”

He lowered his head and Xander struggled to get away, but Spike’s grip tightened. Spike’s head was lowering, then they were tumbling. Xander flew out of Spike’s hands and they scrambled to regain composure. William kicked Spike back down and waved his free hands to mock him.

“Sorry, Spike. I think you need to invest in better rope.”

William drew back his leg to kick Spike in the head, but Spike grabbed his leg and pulled him down.

“I laced the gag; you should be one step to happy land right about now.”

William pulled himself forward and kicked Spike in the gut, “About that, Woodstock was worse.”

Xander backed away from the dueling vampires, neither one was making any head way in the fight. He bit his lip and found himself torn. He looked around; maybe someone else needed his help. Buffy and Kendra were taking good care of the policewoman. Jesse and Cordelia were luring the bug man out into the lobby. Giles and Willow were trying to pick off the leftover minions that had decided they weren’t any match for a slayer. Xander picked up some broken wood and ran over to stake a vampire right before it tackled Willow.

She smiled at him, “Thanks.”

“Not over yet.”

Buffy looked over to see Spike preoccupied with William. Kendra could handle the policewoman; she had to stop the ritual. Buffy ran over to where Drusilla and Angel were tied up. She looked at the cross, it seemed important enough. She reached up and pulled it out the cross and was hurriedly trying to untie Angel from Drusilla.

“Spike,” Drusilla said weakly.

Spike looked up from his fight with William to see Buffy at the altar. He gasped and kicked William into one of the lit torches. He fell back into it and the drapes exploded into flames. William scrambled away from the fire before he spread to him. Spike was on the move now; he was ripping through the church and desperate to save Drusilla from Buffy. He grabbed her and flung her away then moved to unstrap Drusilla.

He cupped her cheek, “I’m here, baby. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”

He picked her up and started fleeing from the church. Buffy was determined not to let them get away. She picked up the censer and threw it. It missed Spike and hit the pipe organ at the top of the church. It fell onto Spike and Buffy cheered.

“I did it! I killed Spike and Drusilla!”

Xander stopped dusting minions and searched the church for William. William was feeling up his own body in disbelief. Both their eyes moved to the pile of debris. They stilled for a second, both wondering if they should divulge the secret that Spike might not really be dead. They’d let Buffy have her victory while it lasted, who knew. They might have been wrong about the connection.

William hummed to himself as he unlocked his mini fridge and took out one of the bags of blood. He looked over it and moved to the sink. He opened the bag then bit his lip. Spike wouldn’t be a threat and Drusilla wasn’t fully healed. He didn’t need human blood anymore; all he had to do was dump it. He sighed and instead pulled out a mug and poured the contents of the bag into it. Just because Drusilla and Spike were gone didn’t mean something else wouldn’t come along he reasoned with himself. He popped the mug into the microwave and threw the empty bag into the garbage.

“Is that human blood?”

William yelped and turned around, “Xander! Do not sneak up on me!”

“I scared a vampire,” Xander said with a grin. “Is that why you haven’t been drinking in front of me? You’ve been drinking human blood?”

“Human blood makes vampires stronger than if they were on animal blood. Spike wasn’t on animal blood and I figured it would behoove me not to be on it either.”

“It’s okay. I understand that part. I just don’t get why you had to hide it from me.”

William scratched his head, “I am supposed to be human and I find I am anything but. It is more me being ashamed of myself than anything. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Will. I think you are a good vampire with a human soul, if you ask me. You’re a lot better than most people I know.”

The microwave beeped and William took his mug out. He shifted to game face and sipped it.

“This does not bother you?”

“No, not at all,” Xander said with a smile.

“Not going to wish Kendra a pleasant flight back home?”

“I don’t see you sending her any ‘See you soon’ cards.”

“Well, yes. But, she locked me in a cage and tried to turn me to dust.”

“She tried to behead me while I slept, then after I avoided the beheading; she tried to beat me into a bloody pulp. Then afterwards, she was convinced I was your consort and didn’t trust me!”

William considered it a bit, “You win. Maybe we can get her a ‘Please never come back’ card.”

Drusilla pushed the useless debris from her and Spike. She looked at him, he was unconscious and breathing out of habit. She picked him up and held him to her chest.

"Don't worry, dear heart. I'll make you strong again. Just like me and William."

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