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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

Xander sat, silently studying the smirking vampire across from
him and the last ten years fell away as though it were no more
than ten minutes. Spike, as always, held the upper hand.

The knowledge made him sick. It made him want to storm out in a
superior huff, but he didn't. Xander knew if he wanted to save his friend
from the unknown, he couldn't do it alone. As much as he recoiled
from the idea, he needed Spike.

Reaching for the whisky, Xander pulled two shot glassed out of his
desk drawer and he poured the golden liquid into each one. He lifted
his, tipped it in Spike's direction and swallowed it in one gulp.
When the gut and throat wrenching burn of the alcohol had subsided
and the air returned to his lungs, Xander spoke.

"Fine. I admit I need your help but we need to agree on a few things
first. I'm doing this for Kim and the other men who have gone missing.
I have no intention of going back to this chaotic life. That isn't me
anymore. We find and kill this demon and you go away. Period.
End of story. Agreed?"

Spike picked up the other shot glass and mimicked Xander's action.
He then slammed down the empty glass and grabbed for the bottle to
refill both.
"Gotcha. We do it and I return to the Poof and you get your little
Korean cutie back in your bed. Everybody's happy."

Xander scowled as he gulped his drink and smacked his glass back
down on his desk top.
"He is not MY cutie. I mean he is cute just not in bed. I mean not
MY bed. I mean........shit! Hey! Nobody said he was missing.
I just can't find him. Shit! Pour the fucking drink."

Spike chuckled. One thing hasn't changed. Xander Harris can't hold
his liquor. And so it went. The two men argued, drank, joked, drank,
and skirted the issue of demons and dangers of the night.

As politically incorrect, they both, by silent mutual agreement, avoided
the subjects of the past, the Scoobies, and anything related to the fall of
Sunnydale. They seemed to respect the fact that this was a time of testing
the waters and feeling each other out.

As the level of the bottle went down, the mood in the room became
greatly elevated. Xander was pleasantly surprised that Spike knew
the names of all the characters on the Munsters along with the little
known fact that there were TWO Marilyns.

Spike had to say that the bumbling boy Xander Harris had turned
into quite a successful businessman. Spike was very impressed,
although he would die - again - before admitting it.

Sometime after 3, Jim the security guard had stuck his head in to say
that they had closed up for the evening. The doors were locked and
the bank receipts were in the deposit bag in the safe. Xander saluted
Capt. Jim and nearly fell out of his chair.

Jim just laughed before leaving. It was good to see the boss actually
enjoy himself for a change. He was usually so stern and serious. Spike
divided the last of the liquid between them and they finished it off.

"'S'all gone."
Xander stuck his tongue in his glass and proceeded to thoroughly lick
it clean of any remaining whisky. It was a stunning visual that caused
a flow of heat to roll through Spike's body and land in his crotch.

"Muss be time to go hum."
Hoisting himself to his feet, Xander tripped and started to tumble backward
where luckily, and just in time, a pair of strong arms caught and held
him tightly.

Spike steadied his old acquaintance as well as he could despite Xander's
"Whoa! Easy, there. Looks like home might be a long trip for you to make.
I noticed you have a couch in the outer office, why don't you just sleep it
off there?"

Xander was overwhelmed and touched by the concern of the wonderful
vampire. The sexy, blond, strong and handsome vampire.
Turning in the grip of the secure arms, Xander faced the blond and
threw his arms around Spike's neck.

Spike's eyebrows shot up but before he had the chance to ask or
question the advisability of the man's actions, the softest, warmest
most amazing lips in the world attached themselves to the vampires.

Never one to shy away from a golden opportunity, Spike tipped
his head slightly to the side and opened up. As expected, Xander moaned
and his slick, wet tongue dove in. It licked the roof of Spike's mouth
and tasted the sides of his tongue.

Spike's brain swam in the combined flavors of expensive liquor and
warm human. The long forgotten familiarity of the scent of his old
companion swamped and fueled Spike's need.

Ten years may have changed a lot of things, but this was still Xander,
and Spike knew one thing. This was no fumbling, inexperienced boy.
This was a man who knew how to kiss another man.

Spike was thrilled. He loved to kiss but was beginning to think it was
a dying art. No one kissed him anymore. Not the quickies he picked
up in bars and clubs and certainly not Angel.
Angel could barely stand to look at him when he fucked him. Kisses
and cuddles were definitely NOT on the table.

Grabbing Xander by the hips, Spike pulled him closer. He could have
stayed there kissing all night, but apparently Xander had other ideas
sloshing about in his booze soaked brain.

He suddenly pulled back. Spike opened his eyes and looked into the
heated passion boiling in Xander's face. It shot fire bolts through
Spike's body and caused his already hard cock to slam it's head against
the zipper of his pants in a wild escape attempt.

With his hand on Spike's shoulder, he shoved the vampire, hard,
slamming him back against the wall and Xander again closed in. He
slithered like a deadly predator, forward, his breath ragged and his heart
beating fast and hard in his chest.

Spike shut off his vampire instincts and allowed himself to feel afraid.
Even if it was just pretend, it was wonderful. The sight of the larger,
pumped up, sexually charged man advancing on him thrilled him.
He whimpered and knew from the small tic in Xander's lip, that it
was the right move.

Xander pounced. He slammed his right hand into the vampire's chest,
pressing him even flatter against the wall, his left hand on the door frame
by his head. Spike lifted his head and stared at Xander's lips, willing
them back where they belonged. They obliged.

Immediately Spike grabbed him around the waist and tried to press their
bodies closer together. His cock needed friction. His cock needed
freed from it's confine. His cock needed.

The alcohol had shut down all thought and Xander's body was free to just
feel and right now everything felt good. His crotch ached and tingled, his
cock throbbed, begging for a hand, his, Spike's, hell, the mailman would do
right about now. And his lips. Fuck, those cool wonderful lips.

Xander's hand slowly slid down the firm chest to the flat, hard stomach.
His thumb and forefinger expertly flipped the button on the top of Spike's
jeans and the fingers aimed south. Spike sucked in as much as he could
to give the human some wriggle room, and the hand slipped in.

Both men gasp as the hot over heated hand circled the sticky, rigid, cock.
His hand slid down the foreskin expertly so that his thumb could swipe
through the wet, dribbley head.
"Oh my God, your body is perfect. So fuckin' perfect"

Xander broke the kiss and laid his forehead on Spike's shoulder, his
own hard cock humping and jerking against the smaller man's hip
frantically as he stroked. Spike's head hit the wall and he moaned.
It was a sound that seemed to trigger a practiced response and
Xander's hand slowed.

Spike immediately put his own hand on the outside of his trousers over
Xander's and humped, trying to make the man understand what he needed.
"Come on, Love. I'm close. Shit, don't stop now."

Xander held firm, his tight grip around the cool, confined cock did not
allow Spike any control. He slowly kissed the vampire's neck, starting
up behind the ear then down to his shoulder. Spike whimpered.
Xander's own frotting never stopped. He was close too but knew
he needed more. He couldn't cum just from this. As good as it felt,
he needed more.

"You feel so fuckin' good. Damn, you are fuckin' perfect. You want
to cum don't you? You want me to star strokin' you again? I'm close
Xander continued to kiss, lick and nibble on the smaller man's smooth
flawless skin.

Spike was nearly crazed. His whole body screamed for release. It was
too late for undressing. He had no interest in finding a bed. He shuffled
his legs apart, his balls were so full and heavy they hurt in the tight cramped
space. His cock was swollen to the point the fat head poked up above the
"Come on, Xan. Shit, I need to cum."

That was what he was waiting for. That was the expected response and
Xander knew his own orgasm was within reach. He smiled against the
neck of his partner and whispered in his ear.
"Me too. Look, Baby, I'm gonna give us both what we need. I'm gonna
make us both blow our loads. You want that don't you?"

Spike whined and nodded.
Xander again started moving his hand. Up and down, faster and faster.
"I need something too, Baby. When I cum I need to call you Spike and
just bite you a little bit. You won't mind will you?"

Spike's eyes popped open in shock. He wanted to ask. He briefly thought
about what it meant. In the end he just closed his eyes and nodded.
Xander humped harder, almost painfully as his hand did it's practiced
best. Within seconds both men felt the rush of passion and release.

At the first sign of orgasm, Xander bit. He clamped his dull, human teeth down on
the neck of the vampire, never breaking the skin. It was an action that shot
a fevered rush of electricity through both their bodies, up their legs, down their
spines, and right out the heads of their cocks. Spike's eyes rolled back.

They jerked, each man slammed by the power of their own release and floated,
riding the wonderful waves of orgasm that turned their extremities to jelly and
their pants to a sticky mess.

Finally, Xander tugged his hand free. He waivered, swaying on his exhausted
legs. Sleep suddenly seemed like the best idea in the world. The alcohol
now completely took over and Xander squinted open his unfocused eyes.
"Thanks, that was great. Sorry you got to go but I'm gonna go lay down
now. Maybe I'll call you. What did you say your name was again?"
Xander yawned

Spike's eyebrows shot up in surprise.
"Name's Spike, remember?"

Xander dropped down on the couch and flopped over on his side.
"Ha ha. Nay, you only have ta be Spike when I cum. You can show
yourself out can'tcha?"

Spike face burst into a huge grin. He wanted to move the human over
and lay down with him. He wanted to stay. In the end, he just tossed a
throw over the sleeping man and walked away.
He knew this wasn't over. Not by a long shot.
Authors note.
Some readers don't like my Angel and feel I am disrespectful
of his original character. My response is that it is only a story
and all in fun, however, be warned that if you are a die hard
Angel fan, you may wish to skip tomorrows chappy.

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