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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 21

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT.
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here
Thanks kitty_alex
The clock radio switched itself on at six; soft music playing. As he slowly surfaced, Xander became aware of the dead weight on top of him. Spike was lying across him, his head buried down beside Xander’s ear; arms and legs twisted about him. Xander flexed a little and felt the stiffness in his muscles. Achey, but nice, considering the reason for the strain; a good hot shower would help no end. He grimaced when he felt the dried flakes clinging to his skin in various places.

Xander yawned and stretched as much as he could; Spike’s arms clung tighter around him as he moved.

“You awake Bleachie?”

Spike stretched his body out, sinuously writhing against Xander. “No.” He latched on to Xander’s neck, kissing the many small purple marks he’d left before and running his hands down Xander’s body.

“Oh, no, don’t go starting something, I have to get up.”

Spike snorted into his neck, “That’s my plan mate.”

“Bad, plan. Bad!” Xander said, trying unsuccessfully to pull away. “If I’d been thinking I would have set the alarm earlier, but apparently my mind was elsewhere.”

Spike looked up at him and smirked. “I know exactly where your mind was Harris, I was the one blowing it yeah?”

Xander laughed, kissing him lightly. “Oh, I remember. You did a damn fine job of that too.”

“Not so bad yourself mate. You have a bloody amazing turn around for a human too.”

“Well that was a first for me. The, ah, recuperation time I mean.”

“Yeah? Well you won’t hear me complaining.” Spike was rubbing his hand up and down Xander’s thigh as he spoke gradually inching higher.

Xander caught and stilled his hand. “Much as I would love nothing more than to stay in bed with you, I really have to get in the shower. I can’t be late second day back.”

“No you can’t mate, that’s true. So how about we kill two birds with one stone?”

“Now there’s a plan! Gimme five minutes for the boring human stuff, then you can come and show me how fast you can kill those birds. And, eww, forget I just said that part.”

Spike let him up and waited while Xander attended to business. He spread himself out in the boy’s warm spot and stretched luxuriously. Yeah he was not complaining at all. A little disappointed with himself for giving in so soon, considering he had promised to take it slow, but the man had just about demanded it and who was Spike to hold out on him? He was the horny, impatient vampire, that’s who. No bloody wonder then.

As far as first times went, that had been damn fine. Boy was a little aggressive when he got going, Spike certainly appreciated that, very responsive too. He had been expecting a little down time, but Xander had jumped right back in with only a couple of minutes’ breather. Almost up there with vampire recovery time, which was, truth be told, nearly non existent. Still, he was young. Spike slid his hand down under the blankets. Yes it had been a good night all around.


In just a few short minutes he heard the water running in the shower and was in the bathroom before Xander had even stepped completely under the water.

“Whoa Bleachie, you don’t waste any time,” Xander laughed as he found himself with his arms full of vampire.

“You’re in a hurry, mate.” He glanced down. “So am I.” He backed Xander under the spray, running his hands over the boy’s slick, wet body. Feeling Xander’s full length sliding against his, he grabbed his hips and pulled their bodies hard together. “Gotta get you to work on time.”

As he ground himself into Xander, they slid against each other easily, cocks laying side by side and lubricated by the streams of water running down their chests. Xander grabbed handfuls of his hair, plunging his tongue deep into Spike’s mouth, then tore away and leaned his head back against the cool tiles. Spike dropped his forehead to Xander’s shoulder and copied his steady thrusting rhythm, Xander’s hands gripping his waist.

Their breaths soon came hard and fast, grunts and pants filling the small steamy space. Xander voiced his relief with a sharp cry as he came; Spike, seconds later taking Xander’s shoulder in his blunt teeth and moaning against the wet skin.

Xander let out a long sigh. “Good morning.”

“That it is.” Spike kissed him then slapped a bar of soap in his hand. “Hi ho, hi ho and all that mate.”

Xander scrubbed away the mess from the night before then passed the soap to Spike while he got out and dressed for work. He was sure to add a T-shirt under his clothes to cover the purplish marks along his collarbone. No need to advertise what he’d gotten up to.


He was finishing a coffee when Spike joined him in the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“There’s some blood in the refrigerator. You can, um, hang out here if you want.” Xander waved his hand towards the living room.

“We’ll see mate. I might head home later; have some things to do, people to see.”

Xander picked up his keys and the empty blood cooler and headed for the door, feeling a little awkward now that Spike had mentioned he was going home. “Ok then. I guess I’ll catch you later sometime?”

Spike caught up with him at the door and took his mouth in a long, slow kiss. “No question mate.” He pushed Xander out the door. “Off you go, promise I won’t steal the family silver.”

Xander laughed as the door slammed behind him. He dropped the cooler in the corridor and jogged off to the car. Yep. Good morning.


His day went much quicker than yesterday. Xander was cheerful, chirpy and much more efficient, getting through the majority of his paperwork before lunch. He received questioning looks from his colleagues at his radically different outlook but brushed it off as having gotten out of the right side of the bed.

“Yeah but whose bed was it Harris?” his boss asked with a grin.

Xander just laughed it off and offered nothing else. The phone call from Willow to say she was on her way to have lunch with him topped of a great morning. When she arrived, they sat under the same tree he’d sat with Tom yesterday.

She handed him a plastic box of hot food and took out one for herself, sighing when he looked questioningly at it. “Those coloured things are vegetables. Tara cooked. Don’t worry, you’ll like it. Just doing my bit for your poor abused innards.”

Xander found he did in fact like it, despite there obviously not being a single piece of dead animal in or near it. “Tell Tara your girl-food is good. My digestive tract thanks you.”

“So Xander, when are you coming back? We have patrol tonight, how about it?”

“Ah, shifty witch, with the tasty food and the probing questions.”

“Its one of my lesser known powers,” she smiled. “So, will you come? Just a few laps of the cemetery, you, me, Tara, something long and sharp?”

“Gosh Will, when you put it like that, how’s a fella to resist?”

“Pfft, beats me. How’s Spike?”

“Better now. You wouldn’t even know he’d been hurt.”

“So do you think he’ll come back? We really do need him.”

Xander shrugged and then thought for a moment. “Actually you know, he probably will. He told me not to be to hard on Buffy cause she couldn’t help having the crush-kill-destroy vampire feelings. Don’t know if I’m ready to deal with her yet Will. She tried to kill him just because I said we were friends.”

“She’s just worried about you Xan.”

“Yeah I know that Will. That’s not the issue, it’s that she thinks so little of me. She seems to have this idea that I can do no right.”

“I’ve noticed that too. It’s not like her is it? I mean she’s always looked out for us but she’s never been so unreasonable before.”

“But Will, it’s just me, did you notice? Yeah she always had our backs, and I know she still does but now it seems to be me that gets her extra special crazy love.”

 “Oh! Do you think she might be secretly in love with you and she’s just-” At Xander’s look of scorn she stopped. “Right, scrap the Buffy crushing, dumb idea.”

“Look Will, whatever it is I just can’t keep dealing with it. If I go back to the Magic Box, she’ll start up with something, and if she attacks Spike again then that’ll be the end of it.”

“So you really are friends?”

“Yeah, we really are.” Mind off exactly how friendly, Harris. “I love my girls but I need a guy to do guy things with sometimes.”

“Xan it’s okay, I get it. Playing Barbies with your life long best friend doesn’t do it for you anymore.”

“Sorry, Will, I wanted to let you down easy.” Xander smiled and gave her a hug.

Willow handed him a box of sliced fruit laughing at his turned up lip. “Your scurvy-free good health will thank you one day.” She rolled her eyes as Xander chose the smallest, blandest looking piece he could find. “Boys!” she huffed. “Oh, wait, boys! That reminds me. I have a message from Giles.”

“Is it ‘all’s well go home and relax’?”

“That would be nice. But no, you remember that demon you and Spike killed on Sunday? Well Giles has gotten an ID on it and he wants some more information from you.”

“Why? Didn’t we kill it enough?”

“Apparently it’s only found in a small area, and nowhere near here, somewhere down the coast. It sets up a den in the scrubland near beaches. Anyway, its not known for venturing far from home usually, so according to Giles, it’s ‘rather peculiar’  for it to be here in Sunnydale, especially right in the town.”

“Well I don’t know what to tell him, we ran, we dodged, we slew. The end.”

She took out a note pad and pencil. “Ok, Giles wants to know, did it do anything weird?”

“Aside from attack me? Nope.”

“Alright, did it have any weapons, or was it carrying anything?”

“Again with the nuh.”

“Well did it communicate, did it say anything?”

“No we didn’t have time to cha-” Xander stopped while the wheels turned. “Hold on Will, thought coming. Thought here. Yeah it did. It kept saying this one thing over and over, no two things almost the same. God what was it?”

Willow’s pencil hovered over the paper and she waited patiently while Xander tried to recall.

“Doll, something about a doll. Wait a minute.” Xander pulled out his cell, dialled home and waited; the machine eventually picked up. “Hey it’s me, pick up if you’re there.” He was about to hang up when he heard a click.

“Miss me already mate?”

Xander laughed. “Kinda, but I need some info. Willow’s here, she says that demon on Sunday, can you remember what it was saying?”

“Only kind of? Must be losing my touch.”

“Nah you definitely got that, don’t worry.”

“Good to know. Right, now, she was saying two things yeah? I remember cause it sounded like the name of a guy who owes me money from a poker game. Djuurahk dohl and ah, djuurahk ahl.”

Xander doubled checked the pronunciation then repeated the words to Willow, who wrote them down phonetically. “Thanks Bleachie. Did I wake you up?”

“Course you bloody did you git, it’s the middle of the day. But no matter, I have to get going anyway.”

“Well, sorry, but thanks for the help. See you later?”

Spike chuckled, “Bet your sweet arse you will.”

Willow nudged Xander and whispered instructions to him.

“Oh, Spike? Willow says there’s a patrol tonight. You in?”

“Dunno. Am I gonna be dodging stakes again?”

“No just Willow and Tara.”

“You going?”

“I was planning to.”

“Suppose I could be persuaded to go. What’s in for me?”

“You mean besides all the wacky violent mayhem? I don’t know, I suppose something else could come up later. Something big that you might need to handle.”

“Cheeky bugger,” Spike snorted. “I think I might have something needs handling here before I go.”

Xander furiously tried to block the visual before he embarrassed himself in front of Willow. He coughed to cover the small noise he’d made.

Spike laughed. “Swing by my place on your way then. You can give me a lift. Gotta run, have something big to handle right now.” He hung up.

Xander disconnected, tossing the phone on the ground and offering a prayer of thanks that witches didn’t have the freaky super ears too. He met Willow’s questioning look with a feeling of mild panic.

“What?” he asked.

“He’s still there? I thought he was okay now.”

Xander nodded. “Yeah he is better, he’s just about to leave now.”

“So he’s coming tonight to lend some muscle?”

“As long as Buffy is a big giant elsewhere.”

“She’ll be over the other side of town checking on a demon lair, that’s why we’re doing this patrol.”

“Then that’s a yes on the Spike muscle.” And again with the mental images. Redirect, redirect.

“Okay Will, I need to get back to work. Meet you there tonight?” Xander stood up offering Willow a hand. He pulled her up and into a hug and waited as she drove off.


The afternoon went a little slower and Xander found himself distracted often by images of what he imagined Spike had been up to in his house. He stayed at his desk for most of the time, having dwelt on and extended the visuals until he was in no condition to be walking around the office terrorising innocent colleagues with his reaction.

The last of his reports reviewed and passed on, Xander checked the clock. Quittin’ ime. Still daylight though so too early to pick up Spike for patrol. He wondered whether the vampire would be home or not. One way to find out. Armed with his afternoon’s fantasies, he climbed in the car and headed for the crypt.



Xander knocked lightly on the heavy door. When there was no answer he opened it and went in anyway. No Spike up here, but a duster lying over the chair. Xander stuck his head through the manhole and saw Spike’s boots and jeans lying on the floor. Bingo! Unless he’d gone out sans footwear and pants. Xander filed that image away for another day. He climbed down the ladder as quietly as he could and dropped to the rug at the bottom. Spike was in bed facing away from him apparently sleeping. Did he ever do anything else? Still it was daylight and in vamp hours it was nearing dawn.

Xander kicked off his shoes, stripped off his clothes and slipped into the bed behind Spike. He curled himself around Spike’s back, sliding a hand up his leg, over his hip and stroked his fingers over the hard ridges of Spike’s abs.

Xander was admiring the strength and form under his fingers when Spike took hold of his hand moving it down his belly and wrapped it around his erection, stroking himself with Xander’s palm.  At the same time he gently rubbed back against Xander’s groin. Xander shifted, making himself more comfortable and pressed into Spike’s ass feeling his own arousal growing.

“Do you have a thing for waking me up mate?” Spike’s gravely voice asked.

He laid a kiss on the back of Spike’s neck. “Nah, Bleachie, just have a thing for you.” Xander pushed his hardening length against Spike’s arse. He tilted his head and found Spike’s ear, sucking of the soft lobe before moving down to the silky skin behind. He laid small kisses along Spike’s neck, leaving a moist trail to his jaw. He shook Spike’s hand off his and took over the long slow motions. “I think I can do this, I got the idea,” he whispered.

Spike thrust gently into Xander’s hand. “Oh yeah, that you do,” He ground back, letting Xander’s hardening length slide between his cheeks.

Xander felt his cock respond instantly. “Got that idea too, no trouble.” He leaned up and over Spike kissing across his face until Spike turned, wrapped his arm back around Xander’s head and kissed his mouth, entwining his fingers in Xander’s hair.

Spike was rocking himself back and forth, forwards into the warm tight hand, back to the thick cock pressing into his arse. Xander had broken their kiss and was scraping his teeth along Spike’s neck, sucking and nipping at the skin. He had stopped the strokes up Spike’s cock, and was sliding his thumb in small circles around the head, slicking it with the droplets already appearing. Spike held his head close, increasing the pressure at his neck, encouraging a little more force from Xander. He rotated his hips and pushed back hard letting Xander’s erection slide along his cleft and nudge his balls. Spike let go of Xander’s head and leaned forward, pulling a small tube from under his pillow and tossing it over his shoulder. “Put that to good use mate, and right quick.”

Xander let go and Spike immediately pulled his legs up to his chest. He poured a handful and spread it over his fingers, reaching down to Spike’s tight ring. He slipped one finger carefully in, marvelling at the silky channel clenching around him. Two fingers in and Spike was pushing back against him, forcing him deeper and faster.

“That’ll do it. Come on now, Xander.”

There, his name again, and his cock gave another jolt. When Spike meant business, it seemed, there was no messing around with nicknames or insults, just straight to the point.

Spike pulled himself forward so Xander’s fingers slid out, then pushed back again seeking out his erection and rubbing against it.

“C’mon mate,” Spike whispered urgently.

Xander manoeuvred himself down a little and angled his hips. He took his throbbing cock in hand and lined it up. As soon as he touched it to Spike’s hole, the vampire slammed himself back, taking Xander in one quick, smooth thrust. Xander hitched in a breath as the cool tight passage gripped him.

“Oh sweet Jesus, Spike, oh my god, you are so tight,” Xander breathed in short sharp gasps, trying to collect himself enough to begin moving inside Spike. Inside Spike, good Lord he was inside Spike. And it was good. It was cool, and snug and heaven. He didn’t care about the inappropriate comparison, he was fucking a demon and it was heaven. He began moving his hips, one hand on Spike’s ass holding it open, his fingers touching and stroking around the opening, feeling himself sliding into the tight hole, feeling Spike’s soft pink skin stretched around him.

Xander slid himself in full length, bit by bit, rotating his hips in small circles then slid out again leaving only the very tip inside Spike, wait a beat, back in, shift the angle a little, out again. It was long and languid, slow and easy. The intensity gradually built and Xander sped up his movements, his hand went around Spike’s waist and found his hard cock pressed tight between his thighs and belly. Xander eased Spike’s legs apart and gripped his erection, lubricating his hand over the tip first, then holding tightly just behind the soft swollen head, letting the motion of their bodies move Spike’s cock through his fist.

Xander’s breaths came fast and hard against Spike’s back and he noted that Spike too was breathing harshly. He felt the first convulsions ripple through Spike’s passage, fluttering over his sensitive flesh. With a harsh drawn out moan, Spike’s release shuddered through him, long and hard, the cool seed spilling over Xander’s hand. Inside Spike, the muscles were convulsing around Xander’s cock and bringing him to a peak, another long hard thrust and Xander was there too, pouring himself deep inside Spike, feeling the warmth of his flow flood around him.  He let the last of the tremor roll through him, feeling Spike still and fall back against his chest. He pulled out and moved away, letting Spike roll to his back. Xander draped himself over the hard, flat chest leaning in to press his lips to Spike’s in a soft, barely there kiss. Spike’s hands ran up and down his back.

“God I hope it’s like that every time,” Xander said with a heavy contented sigh.

“We’ll have to try it again real soon and find out mate.” Spike wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him down, licking at Xander’s lips until he parted them to let Spike’s tongue in.

Xander sank down into him, closing his eyes to better savour the sensations. They lay together, idly exploring each others’ mouths until Xander began to drift off.

Spike shook him out of it and cleaned them both up with a T-shirt from he floor. “Can’t go to sleep, we have a patrol. Come on, let’s get going mate.” He threw the covers off and Xander climbed out of the bed, reaching for his clothes. Spike lay on his side watching Xander dress, a slow smile spreading across his face.

“What?” Xander asked.

Spike’s hand was gliding over his belly, lower and lower. “Well Harris, now that I know what’s under those fancy new clothes, it’s gonna make patrol a whole lot more interesting.”

Xander raked his gaze over Spike’s body and moaned. Beautiful. He dived back onto the bed and kissed Spike, fast and hard. “Same here. Now get up, if I have to get dressed so do you.” He hauled Spike out of the bed and, with a grin, slapped his ass.


Upstairs, Spike grabbed his duster and his favourite weapons, offering Xander a choice of several axes. Armed and, for the moment, satiated, Xander led the way to his car.



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