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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

To all Angel fans: Please note that this is not Angel bashing. It's just
a bit of fun at his expense. Oh, that includes the banner too.

The sleek black car passed through the residential
neighborhood nearly unnoticed. The predawn hours
saw all the houses dark, the occupants still tucked safely
in their beds, sound asleep.

When the car reached the road's dead end, it pulled into the
driveway of a sprawling ranch house. Separated from the others,
it was surrounded by a 6' privacy fence and a row of tall,
fragrant pine trees.

Silently, the garage door slid up and the limo cruised in, the door
lowering quietly behind them.
Dropping the glass shield behind the driver's seat, the voice
gently stirred the sleeping riders.
"Sir? Mr. Giles? We're here sir."
"Huh? What? Oh, yes, thank you. Willow. Wes. Andy, dear.
Come on. We are here. Let's find a proper bed and get some sleep."

The announcement was met with moans, groans and mumbling as they
all pulled themselves together. The driver had already jumped out and
was in the process of unloading the luggage from the trunk of the car.
With his hands full, he expertly slipped the key into the lock and opened
the house door for his important clients.

Entering the kitchen, only Wes seemed to notice the very high end
interior of the expensively decorated home. Willow and Giles simply
tossed their jackets and briefcases on the nearest empty surface and
kicked their shoes to the side.
Wes, shook his head. Was there nothing too good for them?

"I'm done. Dibs on the first bedroom I find. See you all later.
MUCH later."
Willow waved her hand in the air and stumbled off down the hallway in
search of a soft mattress and a dark draped window. From the sound
of the slamming door, she found it.

Wes was next. He felt conflicted being back in the States. He was
restless and wanted to talk about the demon and Xander's connection
to it. His body was exhausted and screamed for sleep, but his brain
was in high gear. It spun and whirled like a child's top.

Immediately, he opened his briefcase and extracted the folder he was
compiling on the fact of the case.
"Giles, I think the first thing we need to do is contact Angel and let him
know we have arrived. He can notify........"

Andrew stood with his hands firmly planted on his hips. The evil look
on his face would have been much more effective if his eyes hadn't been
so bloodshot.

"No, Wes. Whatever we need to do, we can't do in our present condition.
We are all whipped and need to sleep."
Turning to Giles, Andrew snapped his fingers and pointed toward the

"Rupert, take the overnight bags and find our room. I'll check the house
for security and I'll be there in five minutes. Wesley, I can't order you
to bed but I can tell you that if you disturb us in the next 8 hours, I will
personally shoot and dismember you. Are we clear?"

Wesley stood with his mouth hanging open. He looked to Giles to
see if he was going to allow this insubordination. Giles smiled
sheepishly and shrugged.

"You heard what the man said."
With that, the older man turned and walked away, a sleepy grin
covering his face.

Spike slid the key card through the slot on the door of his suite watching
the little light turn from red to green. The second he stepped foot inside
the room, he knew and mumbled angrily.
"The Poof."

He stood silently to determine where his annoying sire was, his thoughts
focusing on one point.
'Why the fuck is he here?'
Spike was fairly sure Angel couldn't have gotten the bills for his
spending yet and he didn't think he would drive all this way just for
a quick fuck, so why the hell, he wondered, was the giant PITA
(pain in the arse) here?


Spike cringed as the baritone voice boomed from down the hallway,
apparently Angel's vamp radar was working as well as Spike's.
Spike could see it now. By the end of the day they would be uncomfortably
ensconced in the Knights Inn, the Motel 6, or God forbid, the tacky
place out by the edge of town, The Twins Motel.

Tossing the keys to the BMW down on the coffee table and his duster
on the back of the chair, Spike strode purposefully forward. He had
no intention of giving up his comforts. There was no fucking way his
slug of a sire was going to move him out of this God damn suite.
After all, he reasoned, he was a fucking champion on a fucking mission
and deserved the fucking best.

Following the scent of the older vampire, Spike was slightly surprised
when it led him to the closed bathroom door. Spike slammed his fist
against it once and shouted.
"What the fuck you doing here? Didn't trust me? That it? Think I
couldn't handle a simple demon and an ex-donut boy? Thanks a lot
for the show of confidence, you big prick!"

"Don't even try it, Spike! How the hell much is all this costing me? You
couldn't get a simple room? And what about the car? You fuckin' took
my best car. Damn you Spike!"

Spike would not have this argument behind a closed door. Grabbing for
the knob, he twisted, only to find it securely locked. Again he pounded,
this time harder, longer and leaving no doubt what he intention was.

"Open this fuckin' door you big fuckin' potato eater!"
"Go away, Spike, we'll discuss this later, and stop insulting my
"Open the fuckin' door, ANGEL!"

Suddenly, Spike had had enough. He was not about to be put out of
his suite. If the cave-vamp wanted a slum room then let him go find
one. With his shoulder against the door, he shoved, splintering the
cheap wood easily off it's hinges.

Both men were shocked silent. Spike stood in the doorway with his
hand on the off kilter door knob staring at Angel who sat chest deep
in a bubble filled bathtub.

The older vampire had a loofah sponge in his hand and a polka dot
shower cap on his head. The topper, for Spike, though, was the bright
yellow rubber ducky perched on the head of his sire's hard, erect penis.

In a flash, Spike spun on his heels, rushing back toward the sitting area
and the poof's briefcase he had seen there. He rummaged through it's
contents, retrieved what he wanted and was back with an amazing

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Angel casually slid down till the bubbles tickled his chin and he resumed
his abuse of the yellow grinning floater.

"Ha ha, Spike. Camera. Vampire. Out of luck. Come here you yellow
bastard. Suck the big bad vampire's cock. Oh, yeah that's the stuff.
Ride that dick you feathered little flexable flyer, you. The big bad Angel
vamp is gettin' him some of that rubber ass."

Spike watched in disgust as Angel used the hole on the bottom of
the duckie's flexible body. He slid it over the head of his cock and
gently squeezed it causing the suction to massage the head as his hand
stroked the shaft. He had a hell of a rhythm going.

The painted red grin on the damaged duckies face never waivered
as Angel stroked, squeezed and humped, causing waves of bubbles
to slosh over the rim of the tub and onto the expensive tile floor.

"Ahem. Digital, you perverted poof."
Angel's hand stopped.
"Works like a charm."
"On vampires?"
"Don't you ever read the fuckin' enclosed instructions?"
"We're staying aren't we, Spike?"
"Biggest room is mine you disgusting debaser of dunkable ducks."

Spike had no idea if digital cameras really worked on vampires or not,
but just out of curiosity he decided to check it out, later, right now, he
was exhausted.

With a whistle, he trotted off to bed with a smile on his lips and a song
in his heart. Unfortunately the song running through his head was
"Rubber Duckie, you're the one. You make bath time lot's of fun..........."

With a violent shudder, Spike dropped his clothes to the floor and fell
into the king size, pillow top bed. He resolved to remember to tip the
maid for the excellent service.
Within minutes, he was asleep.

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