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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

Xander woke up slowly. It didn't take a mental stretch to figure
out that he was on the sofa just outside his office at the club. It
also didn't take a genius to recognize the pounding headache as the
remnants of a hell of a drunk.

Slowly, he attempted to roll over on his side to begin to asses his situation.
When he did, the stiff crustiness inside his trousers, tugged painfully
at the thick patch of hair around his stale feeling cock. He was a man.
He knew instantly what that meant.

Flopping back down, Xander knew there was only so much energy
in his body. His efforts would have to be either mental or physical but
couldn't be both. He rubbed this fingertips in circles over his temples
as his brain back tracked to try and fill in the missing hours of
last evening.

He remembered coming to the club. When he thought about the sex
he vaguely recalled having a grope-'n-cum with a Spike lookalike.
It was a very satisfying.......'Uh oh. Wait a minute' Xander's
memory slipped a small tid bit into his recollection.

Instantly he knew why his partner had reminded him so much of his old
fantasy and nemesis, Spike.
"Oh, fuck. It was Spike.'

Xander groaned and held a small square throw pillow over his face in
embarrassment. He experimentally poked at his other emotions.
Regret? Um, huh. Not so much. Anger? Shame? Horror?
Actually, there seemed to be a shortage of all these. Vampire or
human, Xander had never been a speciesist and now that he was
beginning to recall the facts of his life, he remembered he liked Spike.

They had stood together through good times and bad. They had
fought the good fight and Spike had given his life for humanity.
You had to like a guy that was willing to do that.

So, he had been in his office, Spike barged in, got him drunk and got
him off. Xander frowned. Seemed like there should be more to the
whole scenario than that. It felt like something was missing.
Xander lowered the pillow and tried to ignore the stab of pain that
shot through his head as the light again hit his eyes.

What had they been talking about? What was.........KIM!
Xander tossed the pillow aside and threw his feet off the couch.
He immediately jumped up and rushed to his desk for his cell phone.
Hit hit speed dial and squeezed his eyes shut both in pain and prayer
that Kim answered and was all right.

"Kim? Oh Thank God! Kim where....."
"No, Xander, this is Travis, Kim's roommate. He never came home
yesterday. I have been going crazy here. I tried to call your apartment
but there was no answer. You don't know where he is?"
"No, Travis I'm at the club. I haven't seen him since he left here.
He never came in to work last night."
"Jesus, Xan. You don't think...."
"NO. Don't even think it. Look, Travis, call the police and file a missing
person's report. I think I may know someone who can help. I'll
keep in touch. If you hear from him or.........just call me o.k?"

Travis agreed and Xander's thumb hit the "end" button. Immediately,
he grabbed the card off his desk and dialed. Just when he was beginning
to think Spike wouldn't answer......
"Talk to me"
Xander blinked. Only Spike would answer the phone like that.
Surprisingly, it gave him a feeling of reassurance.

"Spike, it's Xander."
"Ah, yes, and now you want to call and tell me what a pervert I am.
Right? Well let me tell you something, you started it so don't even....."

"No, Spike, it was great. No problemo. Listen, that's not why I called.
You were right. Kim has gone missing. I'm going to go home to shower
and change. I know it isn't sunset yet so meet me there in an hour."

Spike grinned, thinking. 'Well that was just too easy.'
Giles had called Angel just 10 minutes ago and that told him to grab
Xander as soon as the sun went down and somehow get him to the
Council house. Angel had put Spike on the case, passing on the address.

He had no sooner jotted down the street directions and started to formulate an
elaborate plan for kidnapping Xander when the prospective victim himself
phoned. He actually would have preferred the stalking, sneak attack and
capture but..........
'Wait a minute" His brain hiccuped. 'It was great'?

"Sure, Pet. I'll be there in a tic. You get all cleaned up. Wouldn't
want you all dry, itchy and flaky now would we?"

"You're a fuckin' perv, Spike. Got a pencil? Here's the address...."

Spike paid no attention. He already knew where Xander lived.
Still, explaining that would only cause problems so he waited till he
finished, paused and ended the call with a "got it. See you then."

Spike had taken a hot shower, refused to blow his sire, dressed,
skirted Angel's groping hands, and gulped down two pints of
rich red human before arguing that no, he would not bend over
for a quicky.

Spike pulled the BMW up to the curb and slid out. He strode up to
the door and raised his fist to pound. Before he got the chance, it
was jerked open and he was face to face with a damp, drippy

"Come on in, Spike."
Spike nodded. It was said in the same manner that would be used on
anyone arriving at your door. Xander's tone held no inflection that it
was done to give a demon permission to enter.
Spike liked that. Very much.
What he saw inside, he liked even more.

Xander stood, drying his hair with one towel while another rode low
wrapped around his hips.
"Sorry I'm running a bit late. I made some calls, friends, places Kim
goes but, no luck. Sit down, I'll get dressed and be right out."

Spike made no attempt to be low key or inconspicuous in this oogling.
He grinned, sucked his teeth and slowly prowled, making a complete
circle around the human's body.

"Well, well, well, look at you. Been workin' out have we? Arms like
steel, flat stomach, nice round bubble butt. Bet you've made a bloke
or two happy flexin' them cheeks 'aven't ya?"

Xander's arms dropped to his sides. He still held the damp towel in
his hand and his hair stood up in wild wet humps. He refused to allow
himself to be flattered or encouraged by the sexy vampires words.
They had other, more important things on the table today.

"Jesus, Spike, what are you, 13 years old? That sounds like the cheesy
dialog to a 70's porno flick, and yes, I'm a man, I've seen a few."

Spike laughed and dropped down on the black leather sofa. He wasn't
insulted and he wasn't put off. He knew it was only a matter of time
before that bubble butt would be clamped around him.
"Yeah, you're right. Not like we needed much conversation last night,
is it?"
Spike smirked and kept his attention locked on a fascinating piece of lint
stuck to his tee.

Xander flinched. Due to the alcohol, he still couldn't recall the exact
particulars of their encounter in the club, he just knew he had gotten off.
He hoped to God he hadn't said it. No, he was sure if he had, Spike
would be throwing it in his face. Besides, if they were too drunk to
get undressed, he was too drunk to ask.

Xander casually resumed the fluff drying to his hair.
"Say, Spike, speaking of conversation, I didn't say anything odd last night,
did I? I mean when we, whatever, did, never mind.
Look I'll be dressed and ready in 5 minutes. I hope you've got some
ideas about finding Kim."

Xander suddenly turned to rush off. Not out of fear of Spike's answer. Not
because the evening cool air was causing goose bumps all over his damp
body, although it was. No, Xander knew it was time to go when it dawned
on him that he was stark naked, except for the towel that now seemed
very small, Spike was sexy as hell, and Xander's cock had started filling
and rising like a helium balloon in the Macy's Day parade.

It was all Spike could do to contain himself as the man rushed off smelling
of thick, rich pheromones.
"Now who's 13?" He chuckled quietly.

If nothing else over the past ten years, Spike had learned patience.
He could wait. When the time was right he would reach into his
back pocket and whip out that line of "can I call you Spike and
bite you?" THAT, he thought, was a fucking classic.

But not yet. First he wanted rid of the distractions of a pesky demon, a
missing friend, the arrival of a gaggle of unwanted Scoobies, and the
annoyance of a fuckin' sire with a perpetual hard on.

Spike stared at the closed door Xander had just gone through and he
relaxed. He flopped his boot covered feet up on the expensive coffee
table like he was home and sighed happily.
'Who knows, maybe I am.'

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