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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 22 WIP

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here
Thanks to kitty_alex for pointing out the big hole in my pink bits pink aura bits.

Xander drove them across town, heading for the Shady Hill Cemetery.

“We couldn’t just patrol my backyard? Save us the trip?” Spike asked.

“Who am I to question the wisdom of the Watcher?”

Spike snorted. “You’re the unpaid help Harris. Question everything, I say. Bloody Watcher.”

“C’mon Bleachie, it won’t be that bad.”

“Harris where have you been the last few days? Every time you’ve stepped out there’s been a demon on your arse and it wasn’t always me.”

“Nah, coincidence. We just got unlucky is all.”

Spike looked at him sceptically. “That’s a pretty serious run of bad luck mate.”

“Look, you heard Giles; it was quiet, now it’s picked up a bit. We’re bound to bump into the bad guys a little more often.” Xander pulled the car into a space near the cemetery gates. “Anyway, you’re healed, you’ve been on human blood so you’re plenty strong enough. I know you love a good fight, what better way to find one than patrol?”

“I’d be much happier if the only bad guy you were bumping into was me.”

Xander shut the car down and took off his seat belt, turning to Spike. “I won’t be sidelined, Spike. Just cause a couple of demons tailed us doesn’t mean I’m going to leave everyone else to do the dirty work.”

“I don’t expect you would Harris. Just be a bit more careful than usual yeah? Something’s just not sitting right with me.”

“Fine. I bow to your experience on this one.” He looked down the street and then checked his watch. “We’re a bit early, they should be here in ten minutes or so.”

Spike turned to Xander with a leer. He laid a hand on Xander’s belly, stroking softly. “Ten minutes you say?”

“Give or take,” he replied, feeling himself getting hard in an instant.

“Well if, as you say I haven’t lost my touch, this shouldn’t even need ten.” Spike unbuckled Xander’s belt, and flipped the button open on his pants. He leaned over and brushed his lips across Xander’s while he lowered the zip and slid his hand inside Xander’s boxers. Spike’s eyebrows shot up when he felt how hard Xander was already. “Maybe just five mate.”

Xander moaned at the cool touch and readjusted his seat further back. “Don’t care how long, just do something quick before they get here.”

“That’s what I had in mind Harris.” Spike pulled Xander’s cock free and lowered his head, taking the length in his mouth.

Xander sighed and relaxed back in the seat.


 By the time Willow and Tara pulled up, Xander and Spike were leaning against the car, weapons in hand; Spike looking slightly amused and Xander looking a little flushed.

“Four minutes Harris. Not bad mate.” Spike chuckled.

“I defy anyone to hold out longer when you do that thing.”

“What thing’s that?” Spike asked, twitching his eyebrow and licking his lips.

Xander got up and went to open Willow’s door. “Later, pal. Behave yourself tonight,” he said, pointing at Spike. “Hey Will, Tara.”

Willow and Tara grabbed their coats and weapons from the trunk. “Hi guys!” Willow called with a wave at Spike. “Hey you look better, your insides are all insidey this time. It’s the best place for ‘em.”

“Right. Thanks Red.” He nodded a hello to Tara. “Let’s get this over with, don’t know why we’re all the way out here when there’s a perfectly good cemetery outside my front door.”

“Giles wants us to check out this place because Buffy cleared that nest out yesterday and we have to see that nothing else has moved in. He said we should check out the other crypts and make sure they’re all empty too and just do a circuit.” Tara said.
“That’s all is it? Watcher has everyone organised doesn’t he? Alright then, lets do it.” Spike hefted his weapon over his shoulder and led the way in, calling back instructions. “Stay together, no one goes off alone. Too many demons around this week.”

All the crypts they visited were empty, with no sign of anyone or anything having been there in a while. They’d spent over an hour walking from one to the other, finding nothing and Spike was getting bored.

“Soddin’ ridiculous. Get torn to shreds by the buggers all weekend, now when I can really kick their arses they’re nowhere to be found.” He swung his axe at a tree, embedding it deep.

“Well on the plus side you really took care of that suspicious looking foliage Bleachie.” Xander joked, sitting down on a gravestone and patting the spot next to him. “So she-witches tell me how things are over your side of the rainbow.”

“She-witch is kind of redundant Xan,” Willow shook her head at him as she sat down. “Ooh, rainbows! Tara just finished her course on auras, she is now fully qualified with the California Metaphysical Nexus. Go her.” She nudged Tara with her shoulder.

“Oi! Are we patrolling or are we just having a nice little sit down?” Spike asked impatiently.

“Sit down,” Xander and Willow chorused together.

Spike threw his hands up and went to sit on a headstone nearby, lighting a cigarette and making sure to keep them all in sight.

“So Tara, auras? Pretty colours right?” Xander asked.

 “I’ve been learning how to read them,” she said. “It’s kinda cool.”

“Do Willow, I bet she’s all multicoloured,” he said.

Tara looked questioningly at Willow who nodded. “Sure why not, no action here tonight.”

“It’s a bit dark,” Tara said. “Let’s move over here.” She indicated one of the garden spikes lighting the walking paths that was casting a soft glow over the area. Tara stood in front of Willow and stared just past her body. “Willow’s always looks warm. Now it’s mainly red, that’s her passion and love and shows how giving she is. There’re some shots of a pale blue too, that’s her magic and her spiritual connection with the earth. Pretty again today sweetie,” she smiled at Willow and got a wide beaming grin back.

“So it changes?” Xander asked.

“Yeah it does, the colours always mean the same things though. It depends on the mood and mindset of the person and who they are interacting with at the time. Willow’s is usually reddish but a pink layer really shines when she gets closer to me, that shows we’re feeling- Oh, umm-never mind,” Tara said, blushing furiously.

“What? What’s the pink?” Xander asked looking from Willow to Tara. Both girls avoided his question. “Come on Tara, spill.”

“Harris you git, it means the witches got a dirty tickle on for each other.” Spike shook his head at Xander who shot an apologetic look to the girls.

“Oh, okay, thanks for that Spike. Really.  Tara, let’s do Xan now. C’mon Xan, stand over here.” Willow pulled Xander over and moved out of the way.

Tara looked carefully over his shoulder and around him. “Ah, its kind of a greeny-blue. Maybe turquoise, maybe aqua.  It’s beautiful though.”

“And turquoise means what? I’m handsome, intelligent, a potential lottery winner?”

Tara laughed. “Not exactly, but turquoise is still good. It just says you’re sensitive, gentle, composed and calming-”

A snort came from Spike. “Calming? Think you might have misread there pet. Harris is bloody annoying at the best of times.”

“I’m going to ignore that Spike because I’m composed and gentle,” Xander told him in a benevolent tone. “Go on Tara.”

Tara frowned a little. “There’s an unusual colour there too, sort of an area of gold sparks. Its pretty, but I don’t know what it means, I haven’t seen it before. I’d have to ask my mentor. And there’s a touch of a deep green around you; that’s your reliability showing through.” she added.

Spike nodded his agreement. “Well, maybe you’re right after all. He can be relied on to annoy you no end. Good job pet. Now let’s get back to work shall we?” Spike strode over to Xander to hand over his axe. Their eyes meeting and fingers brushing as Xander grabbed the handle.

Willow walked away and picked up her bag, rifling though it and so missed the open-mouthed expression of surprise on Tara’s face as she watched Spike approach Xander. Her eyes shifted back and forth between them, a smile playing over her lips and a knowing light in her eyes as Spike stopped at his side. “Oh my,” she whispered seeing the effect Spike’s presence and brief touch had on Xander’s colours. “So much pink.”

Both Xander and Spike caught this look, understanding exactly what she had seen in his energies. While Xander stood there stunned, Spike moved quickly to Tara, making full use of his extra speed. “Not a word till he’s ready. The slayer is not going know yeah?” He spoke very quietly in her ear. 

Tara nodded, smiling at both of them. “I-its okay Spike, I would never tell what I saw in anyone without their permission. But you know Willow would be okay with it, she loves him.”  

“His choice.”

Xander had snapped out of his mild panic-induced daze and joined them. “Tara it’s too soon. Please?”

“Sure Xander. Don’t worry.”

He smiled gratefully and in a louder voice said, “Okay, let’s get this patrol moving people.” Xander strode off, leading the way along the path but was soon caught up by Spike.

“Oi! You said you’d be careful. Don’t go putting yourself out there like that mate.”

“C’mon Spike you saw what it’s like here tonight, what are the chances-”

“Alexander Harris if you finish that sentence and jinx us, there’ll be trouble mister.” Willow’s sharp voice called to him.

Xander tossed back an apology and they headed off to the next row of crypts.


Every building they stopped at was empty, with the exception of one. Strewn with familiar looking bones, shredded fabric and with a strong odour of purification lingering in the air, all signs pointed to recent habitation.

“Could have just been an animal.” Tara said.

“Not with those heavy doors. They were shut tight when we got here,” Xander said.

“Yeah, an animal couldn’t have dug that far down for a meal.” Three pairs of horrified, disbelieving eyes turned to Spike. “Oh come on, look at the bones and the clothes. You didn’t get that?”

They quickly closed the crypt up again and moved off with a new purpose.

“With a nice place like that, food source close by, it wouldn’t have gone far.” Spike led them further into the cemetery. “It’ll be in the new section. Fresh food.”

“Oh joy.” Xander said.

Rounding the corner and noting the new paving and smaller saplings that delineated the old and new sectors, they slowed and stepped into the dark shadows behind the last of the crypts. From there Spike could scan the lower area while they remained out of sight.

Spike scented the air. “Fresh earth, bit of decomposition and something else, definitely demon.”

Xander stood close behind him. He couldn’t smell anything Spike spoke of; his nose was filled with that scent of smoke and leather that was so Spike. Knowing it was too dark for the girls to see him from where they stood, he leaned into Spike and wrapped an arm around his waist, pressing his lips silently into Spike’s neck and scraping his teeth over the cool skin. “You smell so good.” His voice was softer than a whisper, knowing Spike would easily hear him. Spike’s fingers linked with his and Xander slid his hand down, rubbing it over the hardness that was stretching the front of Spike’s jeans. Xander took Spike’s ear between his teeth and let his hot breath spill over it while he licked.

“So can you see anything Spike? Should we maybe go have a look?” Tara asked.

Xander pulled away from him and Spike sighed, letting go of Xander’s hand. “There’s more than one grave been opened. Nobody there though. It must have moved on. We should get down there. But you all stay behind me, we have no idea what the hell this thing is.”


They trooped down the short slope, Spike scanning the grounds in front of them. He stopped, turning to the left and indicating for them to be quiet. “Down this way,” he pointed.
As they reached the end of that row, they all could see fresh mounds of dirt and smell the damp earthiness of newly turned soil. It was the additional smell of rotting flesh that stopped them. Xander quickly counted six open graves, very obviously they had been emptied by hand, going by the way soil had been thrown about, and the rough edges of the cavities.  

“I don’t think I’m at all premature in saying bingo.” Willow whispered.

“No you’re right there Red.” Spike told her. “But where’s gone? I can smell the bugger, soddin’ digusting-.” Spike stopped and held up his hand for silence. “Its not go-”

As Spike spoke, three pairs of lengthy arms hooked over the edges of one of the open graves as three demons hauled themselves out of the hole. Two were still carrying body parts and all were uttering long low howls. They were tall and thin and looked almost as if they had been stretched on a rack. Everything about them appeared to be elongated, eyes hung in long ovals, mouths too. Long, lanky arms and legs swung freely by their sides. A greenish, grey colour, they looked like no more than stretched and skewed rotting corpses.

“Heads up folks, here we go.” Spike called, lifting his axe and taking up a fighting stance.

The demons, on seeing the group, dropped the meals they had been scavenging and attacked in a whirl of arms and legs.

Willow and Tara joined hands to send pulses of energy towards the demons, knocking them back. Each demon hit by the green light rolled away screeching, but quickly jumped back into the fray. In this way they were able to help Spike and Xander by keeping the odds more even.

Xander was swinging his axe and the demons, their long arms and legs very obviously a liability to them, were staying well back.

“Bloody limbs are so long I can’t get the blade near their bodies.” Spike called to him. “Never mind, start with those then.”

“Spike I rarely find going for the long flashy parts helpful, they’re usually the distraction aren’t they?” Xander replied lunging at a demon with the axe.

“Usually mate,” he grunted, rolled across the ground as a long arm swiped at his head. A green energy blast hit the demon giving Spike time to get on his feet. “But sometimes, they’re just a bloody pain in the arse, lop one off and see yeah?”

Xander swung his axe low and connected with the creature’s calf. The axe easily slid through the skinny limb, cleaving it in two. When nothing sprayed, squirted or oozed at him, Xander called to Spike, “Chop away pal.”

The demon teetered for a moment and looked as if it were about to topple, but as Xander watched, a new limb began to protrude from the dry stump. Within seconds a completely new leg was formed and the demon started towards him again.  “Ah, Spike, not so effective with the lopping of limbs, we’re gonna needs some body hits here.”

The demon Xander had been fighting paused, raised its hand and waved it through the air as though feeling something in front of its face. It let out a series of short high pitched cries and the other two demons froze in their tracks.

“Okay and what the hell?” Xander said.

Spike’s demon spun on the spot, the one picking itself up from a blast of witch power turned, and all three headed for Xander, their voices joining in a keening wail. Willow and Tara aimed a blast, intending to take them all out; it hit, but the demons only stumbled once and kept their feet.

“Sorry guys, we can only do one at time. It’s not strong enough for all of them at once,” Tara apologised as they sent a second burst at the closest demon, sending it rolling away. It soon got to its feet and again moved towards Xander.

Spike ran for the other two demons, swinging his axe at their legs. He was knocked back as a long arm struck him, the creatures still advancing on Xander.

“And again, what the hell? Why me? Am I easy pickings? Vampire too feisty for you?” Xander again hefted his axe and swung it at the nearest demon, cutting away a hand. Not for long though, as he saw the new fingers inching their way out.

Spike had gotten to his feet, and was circling around behind the third demon. It’s focus completely on Xander, it didn’t notice the vampire take aim and swing at its head. It was a clean cut, taking off the top third of its skull. The demon crumpled to the ground and Spike stood over it, waiting for its regeneration. When nothing happened he laughed. “Head shots Harris, it can’t regrow a brain. Must be too complex.”

The two demons towered over Xander, flanking him and he was unable to get the axe past their flailing arms. The girls aimed another round at the demon to his left, knocking it down as it connected with his shoulder, sending him end over end across the grass towards the reach of the second. Xander’s axe flew from his hand and he landed at the feet of the demon unarmed and dazed.

“Xander!” Spike shouted and growling, he ran for the second demon, waving his arms and axe. “Come one then, you want a fight?”

It gave him a quick glance then ignored him completely, turning its back and bending down to snatch at Xander’s arm.

“Harris! Roll. Your right,” Xander acted immediately, slipping out of the demons grip. When he saw Xander out of the way, Spike brought his axe up to the demon’s head. The arc took it through the skull and it embedded the blade the grass two feet from Xander’s side.

The last demon was battling against the witches’ power. It stood, they shot. Each time, however, it was able to inch closer to Xander, as Willow and Tara regrouped their energies and subsequent bursts from their hands grew weaker.

Spike took a moment to crouch down and check Xander, franticly running his hands over him and looking for wounds. “You’re okay?” At Xander’s amused nod, he stood and ran towards the last demon. It too was single minded in its need to reach Xander, to the point of ignoring the approaching danger to itself. Spike again easily got behind it and slashed through its head.  


Willow and Tara were resting on the ground, both looking exhausted. Spike checked all the bodies for any signs of regrowth and, satisfied, made his way back to Xander.

Xander had picked himself up and was brushing dirt and grass from his clothes when Spike stopped in front of him and took a fistful of his jacket.

“You still going to try and tell me that was a coincidence? Just your patented Harris bad luck again?”

“Well yeah, I was considering that route.” Xander took Spike’s hand and lifted it off his coat. “And that’s not happy touching there pal.”

Spike shook his head. “Mate those things disregarded the big blades swinging at them to get to you. They didn’t go for the witches, they didn’t go for me. They went for you. Something is going on here.”

“Spike they didn’t go for the girls because they had that green thing happening. They didn’t go for you because you were the strongest. They went for me cause I had nothing, that’s the only thing going on.” Xander thought and nodded at his own reasonable argument.

“No you didn’t have nothing mate, you have a pretty mean looking axe, you took off a couple of body parts, you were a threat to them but they were overlooking that too for some reason.”

“They overlooked it cause they knew I probably wasn’t strong enough to get past their limbs to their heads. It’s been the same all weekend Spike. The demons we’ve encountered, they all know I’m an easy target. If you want a kill, you go for the weakest right? I’m right. I’ve watched the Discovery Channel, I know how it works.” He looked around for his axe and walked away to collect it. “Simple. And besides when we were at the Lion, there were loads of demons in there and only two of them gave me a second thought.”

“Only two of them acted on that second thought Harris. Then another two in the days since,” Spike said following him. “Those are some fairly high stats. You can’t ignore that and keep putting yourself out there.”

“Watch me Bleachie. This is the Hellmouth, Giles says demon activity is increasing. I am neither super, nor powery. Just a guy with a sharp stick most of the time. If there’s trouble about it’s going to come for me, its just logical. And I’m just going to have to be ready to help fight it because that’s what I do. I help. I always have and I’m not going to hide behind your duster or Buffy’s skirts just because we’ve bumped into the clueyer side of the demon population. Tomorrow, we’ll go out again and I’ll run interference while you get your arse kicked or Buffy gets a good pounding, but you won’t be looking for bullseyes painted on your heads then will you?”

“Yeah, well, your bleedin’ logic has a few holes from where I’m standing Harris. But you know what? You’re an adult and I’m not gonna go telling you what to do. For now. But if I’m right and we find out these things are deliberately targetting you then all bets are off and you do what I bloody well say got it?”

“If and when, Bleachie. Stop worrying. It’s all just a normal night out on the Hellmouth.”

Xander wandered over to Willow and Tara offering them both a hand up.

Spike grunted and picked up his axe. “Let’s finish this normal night out then. One more section to go.” 




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