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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

The other three stood back, waiting, unsure what to expect
as Andrew went to answer the door. He was the only one
not worried about how this reunion would play out. He had
no doubts. After all, this was Xander. No amount of time
passing could change that.

Andrew flipped the switch that turned on the porch light
and he jerked the door wide open. Before he could stop
himself, Andrew's eyes got big and he took a step back.

The man standing on the outside was stunning. Andrew's
face burst into a big grin as his eyes skipped happily up and
down Xander's solid, well defined body.

The name popped easily into Xander's brain along with all the
memories of the boy that he had tucked away and forgotten.
The name then left his lips on the wings of a chuckle.
He remembered the boy's attempted life of crime, his capture,
being tied up and in the end, he remembered him standing strong
along side the bravest of them.

"Yeah, it's me. I work for the Council now. I'm a real Watcher's
Assistant. In fact I'm assistant to the Head Watcher. Hey, hi
Spike. Long time no see. You look exactly the same. Course
you would. Vampire and all. Come on. Come in Xander we have
all been so excited to see you."

Before he had the chance to speak to him, another voice called
his name. A quiet, timid, unsure voice that he knew as well as his

Xander let go of Spike's hand and stepped around Andrew. He was
so focused on the source of the voice, he never heard Andrew invite
Spike into the house or Spike's answering "Thanks Mate."

Wesley stepped off to the side and quickly embraced Spike. The two
men, who had worked so well together in LA had some catching up of their
own to do, but first, they made no attempt to hide their interest in the
show that was too long in coming.

Xander stopped several feet back and stared at his dearest friends.
His mind flooded him with emotional pictures that brought tears
to his eyes and choked the air in his lungs. He attempted to match up
those memories to the two people standing in front of him.

Ten years. An eternity and a brief second. He looked first at Giles.
A man who had easily slipped into the role of father figure when his
own had no ability to show love for anything other than a six pack.

He had taught Xander, by example, about life and about being a
good man. He had patiently listened as Xander struggled through the
awkward years of finding himself and he showed no shock or disgust
when Xander had finally realized he was gay. Almost as if Giles knew
before Xander did.

The years had taken a toll on him. His hair, thinner and grayer had
been cut short befitting an older gentleman. His face also showed the
years and stress of his position. The wrinkles around his eyes deepened
with the open, honest love that shone through.

"Xander, my boy, you look wonderful. We have missed you so much."

Xander didn't trust himself to speak, instead he gave a smile and
curt nod before turning his attention to the small redhead at Giles side.
The years had been good to her. Other than the expensive clothes
and woman's look about her face and body, she was just as he
remembered. And now he remembered it all.

The whispered name was all it took. It was the trigger that shot her
across the room and into his arms where she still fit so perfectly.
Without a conscious thought, he scooped her up and held her tightly
against his solid body.

Inhaling deeply into her hair, Xander closed his eyes. At first he thought
that she must, after all this time, still be using the same perfume till he
realized she wasn't wearing any at all. It was pure Willow. Cool,
clean, soft and sweet. It swamped him and filled him with the knowledge
that she was unchanged. How could he have forgotten this?

This was life and love. This was Willow.
He couldn't imagine what he had been so afraid of.

"Oh, Xander, I've missed you so much. You look so grown. You've
changed so much. How could you walk away like that? Are you all
right? Are you happy? I've wanted to call you a thousand times but I
didn't know.......Oh, Xander."

Before he could answer or even open his eyes, Xander felt another pair
of arms wrap themselves around him and Willow, Xander and Giles
contented themselves to just hang on. It was a moment that was so long
over due, it could not be rushed.

Finally, after several minutes, the silence and reverence of the mood
was broken by the loud blast of a nose being blown into a tissue.
"Oh my God, that's so beautiful."

Everyone looked over at Andrew and laughed, relieving the heaviness
of the moment.

Giles, too, had to wipe his eyes and regain his composure. He stepped
back, still keeping a hand on Xander's shoulder, he sniffled.
The seriousness of the problem that brought them here could be
set aside for a little while.
"I think this moment should be celebrated. I'll just bet if we look
hard enough we can find a bottle of wine that is begging to be opened."

As the three old friends started toward the kitchen, Andrew rushed to
catch up with them.
"Boy, Xan, you must work out. A lot. You really look great. I mean
REALLY great. All strong and........"

Giles voice was stern and carried an undertone of jealousy.

Willow smirked and grabbed Xander's hand, pulling him on as Giles
reigned in his wayward companion.
"They're together."
She whispered. Xander's eyebrows rose but when he thought about
it, it didn't seem all that odd.

At the last minute, he paused and looked back. Spike stood grinning.
"You go on with your mates. Wes and I have some catching up of
our own to do then we will be right in."

"You won't leave without saying something will you?"
Xander wasn't sure why, but suddenly it became very important to him
that Spike stick around.

Spike shoo shooed him with his hands. The sight of the black chipped
nail polish caught Xander's eye and made him smile.
"Not going anywhere. Now you toddle off. Pop that wine open and
me and Percy will be right in."

Xander nodded and turning back to his old friends, and Andrew, he let
them lead him away. When they were gone, Spike turned to Wes,
casually tossing his duster over the sofa back.

"So, you and the Poof had a tiff?"

Wes bristled. He hated the thought of Spike and Angel sitting around
discussing their personal business. In fact, he didn't think Spike even
knew Wes and Angel had personal business.

"Did Angel say something to you about us?"

Spike shrugged and lit a cigarette, taking his time to blow a slow
stream of blue smoke.

"Didn't need to. I could smell it on both of you for months, then,
nothing, then whoosh, you're gone. Let me guess, Peaches
wanted to pretend you were Slutty, right?"

Wes diverted his eyes and stammered, his brain fumbling for a point
of reference. Was that it? Was that why Angel continued to deny him?
All this time he had been in love and Angel had been using him?
Wes needed to think this one over and he had no intention of
discussing it with Spike.
"I really don't think this is the time or place......."
"Sorry. Didn't mean to bring up........"
"No, no, it's all right. Is he, um. Is Angel o.k?"

Spike looked into Wes's eyes and knew. He couldn't hurt this human
by telling him the truth and no way would he admit to his own reluctant
physical activity with the Neanderthal.

Before Spike had the chance to question him further or explain that
he and Wes were actually strolling down the same 'Angel is a prick' path,
another knock came to the door. Spike looked at Wes suspiciously.

"You order up another Scoobie?"

Wes shook his head.
"No. Everyone is here. We tried to get Buffy to come but she had
some sort of party in Rome to attend and to be honest, she has very
little to do with slaying now days."

The knock came again, harder this time, so Wes answered.

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