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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

Angel had spent an extra long time getting himself ready for
what he knew would be the reunion of a lifetime, or in his
case, several lifetimes.

He had showered, indulging in what he referred to as a
wank of necessity. One to take the edge off. He was afraid
if he didn't, considering his present state, his cock would
spring into an instant hard on the minute it came within six feet
of Wes and his cock.
Very undignified.

It was a reaction that would make him look needy, anxious,
horny, and desperate. All things he was but there was no
sense it letting it show. He wanted Wes back but it had to be
on his terms, with him in a position of power and control.
Angel would have to remain on top.

After his shower, Angel had plied his hair with numerous costly
products that promised to give it that 'just fucked' look that
Wes used to give it for free.

He then chose, discarded, repicked, tossed and finally selected
the perfect black silk shirt and matching trousers. It always
amazed Angel when he looked through his closet, that there
were so many different shades of black.
Just to be safe, he had packed several for this trip.

When he checked his watch, he was shocked to see that so
much time had passed and now he was running late. Angel had
hoped to get to the Council house before Spike and Xander.
He wanted to be able to whisk Wes away from the rest before
the distraction of a sappy, heart tugging reunion could constipate
his efforts.
Angel hated to be constipated.

The only thing he hated more than feeling like his brain was backed up
was feeling insecure. Angel stood in front of a blank mirror pretending
to look at himself and he gave himself a little pep talk.

"Look at you. Tall dark and handsome. Any man would be thrilled
to have you. O.k. sure, I'm a vampire, drink blood, can't go out in the
sunlight and have a tendency to bite, but hell, no one is perfect.
Besides, I'm a fucking superhero. I swoop down and help the fucking
helpless. Wes would be lucky to just spend time with me. After all,
what the fuck has Superman got that I don't have? Red tights? HA!
I got 'em. I just don't wear them in public. What's Batman got?
A codpiece? O.k. yeah, I would like to have one of those."

Angel cupped his crotch and turned from side to side imagining how it
would look in the mirror. A codpiece really would look sharp. Maybe
he would get on the internet and see about ordering one.

Immediately he stopped. He waved his hands back and forth in front of
his face in a often practiced move designed to help him concentrate.

"This is it, Big guy. Focus on the mission. The goal of this operation
is to swoop down and collect my property. No human or demon
will stand in the way! Wes is mine and I keep what's mine!
I'm ready I'm psyched. I'm stalling."

Angel sighed and his shoulders slumped. He had wasted enough
time. He had the address and he knew Wes would be there. It was
now or never.

"All right then. Here we go."
Angel grabbed his leather jacket and his car keys. He pulled the hotel
door closed behind him and before he could change his mind he walked
out into the night and in to the P.T.Cruiser that the valets were still
snickering over.

'Fuck 'em' He thought. 'Don't see them helping no helpless.'

He slipped one of his favorite Sinatra CD's into the player and
began to croon along with old blue eyes.
"I did it myyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyy"

In no time he was in the target neighborhood. He knew how the
Council operated and immediately located the right house.
Elegant but not ostentatious. Landscaped to fit the area but not
over done to the point that it would stand out or be unnecessarily
noticed. Besides that, the number was painted on the curb.

Pulling up behind his own sleek black BMW, Angel took a few moments
to curse Spike and his parentage till he realized that in some respects,
he was Spike's parentage. He then insulted Spike's clothing choices,
the size of his feet and his freakishly large cock.

When he could think of no other reason to dawdle, he squared his
shoulders and marched up the sidewalk. Before he could second guess
himself or allow his insecurities to bubble over, Angel raised his meaty
fist and knocked.
When no one answered, he wanted to scream. It took all his super
strength to remain calm and knock again.
This time, his patience was rewarded.

Wesley was stunned. No one had said anything about Angel coming.
If he had known, he would have stayed in England. Immediately,
Wesley's temper flared. Apparently Xander wasn't the only one
who was being ambushed tonight.

Angel was temporarily struck dumb(er). Two years had only made
Wes more sexy, warmer, sweeter. The heat and passion pooled
in Angel's pants and caused an uncomfortable squiggle in his stomach.

Spinning around with fire in his eyes, Wes confronted Spike.
"Why is he here? Who called him? Did you know about this?
Is this some kind of joke?"

Quickly Spike threw this hands up and took a step back, the
smirk never far from his lips.
"I had no idea he was coming. He just showed up. Don't think the
others know either. No one is playing with ya."

While Spike and Wesley argued the point, Angel had attempted to
stick his hand inside the house only to find it blocked by the rules
of the vampire universe. "Damn" He muttered.

By now, the shouts and accusations had caught the attention of the
others who came rushing in. Giles was the first to spot the visitor
who was still standing on the outside looking in.

"Angel? When did you arrive? We had no idea. We thought you
were still in LA. Has something happened? Are you here to help
with the demon? Please come in, come in."

At that point the room resounded with a chorus of 4 male voices
all shouting in unison.


Too late. With a smile on his face, Angel stepped in. He instantly
took charge, adopting an arrogant, efficient attitude. Still stinging
from the nonwelcome he received from Wes, he decided to try
another tactic. He would play hard to get and force Wes to come
crawling. It would do the Watcher good to be a little more humble,
he decided.

"Get over yourself, Wes, I'm here for the case. I couldn't possibly
sit back in my comfortable office slash apartment while the lot
of you are putting your lives on the line in a situation like this. Those
gay men were helpless victims in this demon assault and as you
know, I........"

This time, everyone in the room even Xander, chimed in, finishing the
sentence for him.
" the helpless. Yeah, we know."

It broke the tension as everyone, except Angel, laughed. Xander
was surprised to find that despite the time that had passed, he still
felt very attached. These were still his friends and family and he
realized now that he had missed them very much.

Hurrying back to the kitchen, Andrew retrieved several bottles
of wine and seven very expensive long stemmed wine glasses.
Giles knew that whatever was happening here in Oxnard could
wait a little longer. This was too precious a time to waste on
the discussion of death and demons.

Jackets were discarded, shoes kicked off and tossed to the side.
Feet were propped up on surfaces that feet were never meant to touch
and everyone settled in. Wes still made a point of scowling at Angel
from time to time but no one took it as a serious threat and Angel
found it most encouraging.
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