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Consort/Pet (?) Fic Search

Hi All,

I'm looking for a fic where Xander "belongs" to Spike.  I'm not sure how this happens but here's what I remember....

  • There's  a butler vamp who takes care of S and X; he gets really pissed at X's father at some point and whips him with a belt
  • Xander does translations for money, he used to work in construction but there was a problem
  • Spike has a group of people he pays so that he can drink their blood.  When he realizes he can drink from them as long as he's not planning to kill them (due to the chip) he gets emotional
  • Xander is taking some kind of martial arts lessons from another vamp
I may be mixing up more than one story but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Edit:  OMG, Bloodclaim is wonderful! I post, I make a pitcher of lemonade, I walk back to my computer and have three answers.  Yeah!  LadyVirgo1956, JudyJudyJudy and Pip almost simultaneously told me it was...

Yanagi_wa's Ulterior Motives -
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