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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

Wesley stood with his ear pressed against the door he had just
slammed shut. As soon as heard the front door open and close
he rushed over to the window and peeked out, watching the
bain of his existence walk away.
His lips silently formed the word, "Angel"

The entire evening had been hell. Sitting so close to those
strong arms that use to wrap themselves around him, watching
Angel's huge meat hook hands as they gently lifted the expensive
long stemmed glassware. His lips as he sipped the smooth
drink, his tongue darting out to lick the remnants off.

Wesley whimpered.
Two years was not enough time to forget how good those cool
hands felt as they pawed his pliant, naked flesh. Fingers that
pinched, poked, prodded and penetrated every erogenous zone
and orifice of Wesley's body.

All evening he was at war with himself. His body, particularly his
cock, wanted to throw itself at the vampire. Wes could clearly see
him covering Angel in kisses and ripping the clothes off both of
them just to feel skin on skin. Rocking against him, humping his
leg like a poodle in heat.

And he knew just how Angel would respond. He really was a
super hero, at least in bed. He worked that cock like a magic wand,
waving it in the air and "ABRAKADABRA", turning Wes into a
quivering puddle of goo.

Wesley never could understand how Angel could be such a sweet,
caring and sensitive lover in bed then cold as ice before the cum had
started to dry. Still, he was a man that knew what to do with another
man's body.

But that wasn't what he walked away from. If it was just the sex,
Wesley would have stayed. He would have continued to warm Angel's
sheets at night and been his own man during the day. Unfortunately,
somewhere along the way his heart gotten involved.

Somehow, when he least expected it, Wesley Wyndham Pryce fell
in love. And the object of his affection? One certain cave browed,
self important, forked haired vampire.

Wes sighed as he peered through the fold of the curtain. He watched
as Angel kicked the flat tire and could almost lip read the profanities
that rolling off his lips. Wes smirked.
"Good! Jerk!"
Wes then smoothed out the curtain and went to bed.

As soon as they got in the car, Spike pressed the button that brought
down Xander's window. He hoped the cool early morning air
might help to sober the human up.

"AHHH! Damn that's wonderful!"
Xander had hoisted himself up and was hanging his head out the
window like a dog. Spike chuckled before reaching over and
grabbing Xander's arm, pulling him back in to his seat.

"Careful there, Pet, don't want ta lose you now."

Xander turned to face the vampire. He was overwhelmingly
touched by his concern for Xander's well being.
"That's so nice. Oh my God. That is the nicest thing anyone
has ever said to me. No body treats me that nice except Kim."

Suddenly Xander remembered the whole point of the evening
and he felt himself teetering on the edge of a crying jag.
His face screwed up and Spike was afraid the dam was about
to burst.
"KIM! Kim is missing, Spike. We have to find him. I love him,
Spike. I can't lose him."

Spike frowned.
"Thought you said Kim was not your boyfriend."

Xander cracked up, whooping and laughing, his mood shifting
direction quicker than a coon hound on the trail of a rabbit.
"NO, silly. I love him like a brother. He is my bestest friend and
my bro. Ya don't fuck a bro, Spike. That's just not done."

Spike laughed and watched as Xander again leaned out
letting the rushing air blow his thick, dark hair into a
halo of fluff. Spike had trouble keeping his eyes on the road.
His fingers twitched on the wheel.

He knew they would be arriving back at Xander's place soon.
He wondered what he should do. Walk the man to his door?
Sure, he reasoned, it was all part of the 'seeing him home safe'
routine. Then what?

Spike looked over again. He had to be honest, at least with himself.
He wanted Xander. Badly. Even ten years older he was still Xander.
Sweet, funny, caring and damn if he wasn't sexy as fuck. Growing
into full manhood was a good look for him.

Spike let his eyes wander down to the human's lap and wondered
just what he had tucked away there. Unfortunately during the times
they had been forced to bunk together, try as he may, Spike had
never been able to sneak a peek.
The old Xander was very modest.

'All right then.' Spike reasoned. 'A walk to the door it is. Then, if
he is drunk enough I may just get a good night kiss. Possibly with
Spike looked at Xander who was now sticking his tongue into the wind
and seemed to be trying to lick the fog.
'Possibly not.' Spike reconsidered.

'This has to be done carefully. He's already squiggled by the odd turn of
events today, can't do anything that will scare him off completely. So
that's it. Slooooow and easy. Baby steps at first. Wait as long as it
takes to get that nummy treat twixt the sheets.'

Just as Spike had solidified his plan and knew he could be patient enough
to make it work, he realized they had arrived. He pulled up to the curb
and jumped out. He hurried around and opened Xander's door extending
his hand to help him to his feet.

Xander snorted.
"So apparently chivalry isn't dead after all."
"Hey, not my fault you can't hold your alcohol. They told me to make sure
you got home in one piece and that's what I'm doing. The whole lot of
them would blame me if you got eaten before you made it to the door,
now wouldn't they?"

With his arm around Xander's waist for balance, the two of them stumbled
their way up the walk as Xander fished around in his pocket for the house
keys. After several unsuccessful trys, Spike finally took charge and the
door swung open.
"Well, there you are then. Safe as a baby in it's Mum's arms."

Xander stepped inside then turned to Spike and grabbed a huge
fistful of the front of Spike's shirt. With a quick snap of the
wrist he jerked the startled vampire through the open doorway and
slammed him against the wall. When Spike's mouth fell open in surprise,
Xander dove in.

He took only a second to remember to be grateful that Xander had
previously invited him in. That could have been very painful if he hadn't.

Pressing himself flat against the shocked blond, Xander proceeded to
kiss him within and inch of this unlife, his tongue doing acrobatic stunts
inside Spike's mouth that had his tonsils sitting up and taking notice.

Xander moaned, his hips undulating and his hands still clamped firmly
around the bony wrists of the blissfully happy vamp.
Finally conceding that his lungs needed air, Xander pulled back slightly.

"So I'm drunk again. What do you think, Spike? You think we will ever
have sex when I'm sober?"

Spike was stumped. He had no idea what the right answer was but he
knew one thing for sure. His fear of rejection over a good night peck
was no longer a concern. After a quick reflection, Spike did what
Spike always does. He tossed his duster to the side, he kicked the
front door shut and he scooped the human up in his arms to hustle
him off toward the bedroom.
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