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Fic: Baby Love Prt 1/1

TITLE : Baby Love
AUTHOR: bohofemm
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PAIRING: Spike/Xander.
GENRE : Slash
PROMPT: 006. First Meeting.
SUMMARY: Spike spends time with Agatha in the hospital while waiting for their second child to be born.
WARNINGS: None. Schmoop. A Parental Spike.
NOTES: X-Posted to lover100 Follow up to Family of More. and Growth of a Man.
DISCLAIMER: You recognize them? I don’t own them.

“Papa. Do you realize I’m too old to be a big sister?” Agatha murmured, lightly stroking her long braid. “Most people get siblings when they’re three or four years old. I’ll be ancient by the time she graduates!” Spike scoffed.

“Aggie Rue, you’re being dramatic. And you sound like your granddad.” he murmured. “You sound much too grown up to be so young.” Agatha giggled.

“Papa. I’m ten!” she squealed. She sighed, scribbling away in her journal. “Can we name her Isobel?”

“Might be a boy. Besides. Da wants to call her Jocelyn if it’s a girl.” Spike gagged at the name. Agatha nodded. “What name did you have in mind?”

“Isobel Louise. I like the way it tickles my tongue.” she admitted, staring up at the ceiling. “Why did she decide to come so late?” She yawned.

“Because if she came in the day, I couldn’t be here. And please stop calling the baby a girl. You’ll scare Da.” He lovingly tugged Agatha’s braid. “If we check on Auntie Willow, do you promise me you won’t get scared?” The girl nodded solemnly.

Pulling his daughter by the hand, Spike quickly navigated the hospital halls. He struggled to hide just how nervous he was, and just how much he was hoping for another girl.

“I was there when you were born.” Spike remarked. “Nine pounds, ten ounces.” Agatha grinned. “Now, did Da tell you that you can stay for the baby’s birth as long as you stay with me?” She nodded. “Want to?”

“Kind of.” she admitted. “Will there be blood?” She cringed. Spike suddenly remembered her fear of needles.

“A Little bit, but I’ll be right there. Da will help Auntie Willow, and we’ll just watch.” he murmured. She grinned, as Spike led her into a hospital room. “We’ve decided to watch.”

“Izzy Lou’s on the way!”

“Who’s Izzy Lou?” Xander asked, staring blankly. Agatha grinned.

“My sister. Isobel Louise.” she replied matter of factly. “If I’m Papa’s Aggie Rue, she can be Da’s Izzy Lou.” She threw her arms around Spike. “Right?”

“What happened to being too old to be a big sister?” Spike asked, grinning at Xander. She shrugged.

“It’ll be cool. Plus how cool will it be in special show-n-tell to say I watched my sister being born?” she squeaked. Willow cleared her throat.

“It might be a boy, Aggie. Don’t get too excited for a girl just yet.” she murmured, wincing. “Big pain. Big pain.” Agatha glanced worriedly at Spike.

“It hurts having a baby.” he murmured. “Auntie Willow’s fine. It just hurts.” She nodded, tightly gripping Spike.

“What are we going to call Baby if it’s a boy?” she asked.

“Giles. Giles Joseph. For Granddad, and all he’s done in the time I’ve known him.” Xander said, hugging his daughter. “Love you, Aggie,”

“Love you too, Da.” she said. She crawled into Spike’s lap. Ten years old or not, she still loved sitting in Spike’s lap, just as she had when she was younger. “Do you think we’re having a girl?”

“I honestly don’t know.” he admitted. “But as long as Baby’s healthy, I’ll love him or her just the same. And you’ll always be my baby,” She giggled.

“This is it.” Xander muttered, running down the hall. Agatha, startled at her Da’s unusual behavior, glanced up at Spike, searching for an answer.

“Your sibling is in a big hurry to say hello.” he murmured. “It’s going to rush into the world, before Da can even get the doctor in here.” She shook her head.
“Was I like that?” she murmured, watching Willow out of the corner of her eye. Spike shook his head.

“Took your time, you did. By the time you were ready to come out, it took another three or four hours to even get you out.” he murmured. She glanced up.

“Tell me again about the night I was born?” she pleaded softly.

“The night you were born, it was a cold Cleveland night, with snow falling and the wind howling. We sat and sat and sat, while Auntie Willow had her pains. Took you thirty-two hours to even get ready to come out, and another four for you to actually come out. Guess you were comfortable inside that big squishy waterbed. Then, we held you, and almost called you Rosalind Drusilla, ‘cept that’s two many ‘R’ sounds with a last name like Harris and we know how Da feels ‘bout Grandmum. So, Auntie Willow told Da that you looked like an Agatha. And Ruth was the middle name of Auntie’s very special friend, so, we shortened it to Rue.” he said, still watching Willow. She laughed.

“What did Granddad say?” she asked, despite knowing what he said word for word.

“He said You’ve been born into an amazingly special family. Your dads are different but special. We all love you. Couldn’t ask for a better family.” he murmured, lovingly kissing her forehead. The room fell quiet.

“What’s going on?” Agatha asked. Then, a furious screech filled the room. “Is that my…?”

“It is.” Spike grinned. “And we missed, since we were so caught up in the night you were born. Plus Baby just wanted to see you.” Agatha glared skeptically at Spike and rolled her eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes.”

“Aggie,” Xander walked over. “You have a sister.” Agatha gasped, tears suddenly filling her eyes. “Are you sure you want to call her Isobel Louise?” She cocked her head, as Spike dabbed her eyes. “Because once we name her, we won’t change it,”

“Does she look like an Izzy Lou?” she asked. Xander led her over to the hospital bed.

“Xan, cut the cord.” Willow muttered. “Please.” Agatha watched in fascination, as Xander clipped the gray-blue umbilical cord. “And let Aggie be the first one to hold her.”

“Nine pounds, eight ounces,” a nurse exclaimed. Spike grinned foolishly.

“She’s smaller than you by two ounces.” he told his older daughter.

“Papa. I can count.” she mumbled.

“Be nice to your father.” Xander scolded, as he set Agatha up in a rocking chair. “Be very careful. She’s fragile.” Spike growled.

“You’re going to scare the kid, Xan.” he muttered. “Just be sure to support her head, Love, and she won’t break.” Spike had a way with Agatha, that Xander just didn’t have. He supposed that it had something to do with the fact that Aggie was almost identical to Spike in personality.

“Hi, Little Sis.” she murmured, holding the baby wrapped in the warm pink blanket. “They tell me I can name you. Hmm…Isobel Louise Harris.” She glanced up at Xander, grinning. “Izzy Lou.”

“I like it.” Spike murmured. “ ‘bout you, Pet?” He gathered behind the rocking chair, as Xander moved next to him.

“It strangely fits.”

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