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Body Switching For Fun And Well, Fun!

Author: kitty_alex
Title: Body Switching For Fun And Well, Fun!
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Spike finds a spell that lets him switch bodies with anyone he wants and he knows just the person he wants to use it on.
Notes: Thanks to kimalis for going over it for me.

I woke to find coarse ropes scratching at my wrists and a hunger for blood growling in my stomach. I listened. There wasn’t any heartbeat! My first thoughts were that Spike had turned me and tied me up some how, but the chip was still working, I was sure of it. I saw it work last night. It worked a bit slower this time, but he was still on the ground screaming in pain after awhile. I slowly opened my eyes to find familiar brown eyes staring back at me. Was I in front of a mirror? I looked more closely, the other me wasn’t tied up and he was wearing my clothes! I scowled and looked down at my tied hands. They were thin, pale, cold, and my nails were coated with chipped black polish. I was in Spike’s body tied to the chair in my basement!

“How?” I asked, my voice not sounding as British as I would have hoped.

“Found a spell in the Watcher’s books while we were researching last night. I might’ve ripped out the page and performed the ritual before you tied me up last night. Ain’t so great, is it?” His voice answered with a nice crisp accent.

“What do you plan to do with me? Please don’t break the pipe over the chair; I don’t want to get wet. I’m sorry I made you fix even though it wasn’t your fault. Just please don’t break it.”

“No, but that’s a good idea. Thanks, Harris. I’ll have to try it when I’m done.”


Spike lowered his boxers revealing a thick, swollen cock, a cock that used to belong to me until last night. He took off the boxers and threw them across the room before sitting on the bed and positioning himself in front of me. He began my firmly gripping the cock and rubbing his thumb over the tip while his fingers stroked the underside of the shaft. He moaned then moved his hand slowly along the shaft and ignoring the head entirely. I began to pant as I felt my own cock rise against my will. I tried to think of anything to get it down. I even tried to remember the time I accidently walked in on my eighty year old grandma while she was taking a shower, but nothing seemed to stop this growing hard on.

“See how unfair it is?” Spike asked me. “See how it’s so unfair while you’re pleasuring yourself in the middle of the night and I have to sit there and watch. I know you don’t mean any harm and I never get to see it, but still don’t you think it’s unfair?”

“It’s completely unfair, I’ll leave you untied from now on, I promise,” I swore. “You can jerk off all you want. I’ll even give you the bed, just stop and untie me. I want my body back!”

Spike stopped, but he didn’t move to untie him. He looked himself up and down then began to lazily stroke his cock. He smirked at me.

“No, I want to wear your body a bit longer,” he snaked his other hand under the wife beater and caressed the hard muscles that used to belong to me. He let out a small moan. “Now when did you get these, Harris?”

I tried to hold back a moan. What was wrong with me? That was my own body I was getting off on. Sure, I got myself off a lot, but I usually pictured naked women that I remembered from magazines, or Anya, except she had stopped coming over once Spike moved in. I think it was the fact that I refused to have sex in front of him. I was never kinky enough for her liking. Besides, I had never been attracted to Spike and I wished Xander Jr. wasn’t trying to hard to prove me wrong. I couldn’t take it anymore as my hard erection rubbed against the rough fabric, I finally released a moan. Spike stopped his stroking and looked at me, those brown eyes burning a hole through my skin.

“Please, Spike. Just stop.”

“You say stop, but your body is saying don’t. Which is it Harris?”

Spike got up off the bed and moved to where I was tied up in the chair. I was expecting him untie me or break the water pipe, breaking the water pip seemed more like Spike, but I was shocked when he threw a leg over the chair so his bare cock was rubbing against my clothed knees. I moaned again.

“I never did this to you! This is beyond revenge! This is just pure evil!”

Spike grinned and undid my belt buckle, “Aw, thanks, pet. But it’s no use trying to get on my good side. I’m going to do this anyway.” He slid a hand under my shirt and I hissed as his warm hand touched my cold chest. “Thing is, I think you’re going to like it.”

He removed his hand and I missed the heat. I watched Spike undo the button on my jeans and pull down the zipper. I pulled tightly against the ropes, trying to break free, then I remembered I had Giles enchant them so they wouldn’t break just in case Spike figured out a way to kill me in my sleep. Smooth move, Xander. Of course Spike would find a way to use it against you.

“Can’t we talk about this? I’m sure if we talked about this we could come to an understanding.”

“I rather just do this.”

Spike pulled my cock out and licked its length. The touch burned. I bucked my hips. I had no idea why, it seemed like what one did when someone was licking your cock like a lollipop. A sweet sugary lollipop with a creamy center that made you just want to- Alright, I’m never going to eat a lollipop without getting turned on again. There was another lick, this one was slower. I tried to keep my thoughts off the licking that was going on below, but Spike had my full attention, literally and figuratively.

“Suck it,” I begged.

Spike said nothing only grinned at me. He took the head in and began slowly sucking. One hand grasped my cock and stroked it while the other moved up to stroke the cool muscles under my shirt. I groaned and bucked, trying to get more than just the head into his mouth. His hand stopped stroking my chest and held me down. The hold was stronger than the ropes that bound me and I stopped bucking to just let him work. He was a pro, I watched him in my body doing things with my tongue, I knew I would never be able to do. His hand moved off my cock and he took more of me in. The free hand slid the jeans down further and he rubbed his thumb across my pressured balls. I moaned and groaned, trying desperately to buck up and fuck his mouth. He wouldn’t let me; he moved his hand lower, restricting my movements even further.

“Oh, fuck, Spike. Please! Let me fuck your mouth!”

He squeezed my balls roughly and I came. I was embarrassed that the simple act of squeezing my balls was enough to send me over the edge, but Spike didn’t seem to care. He continued to suck and swallow, making sure every drop was in his mouth. He moaned and pulled his mouth free of my cock.

“I taste really good,” he said moving himself forward so my softening cock and his hard cock were rubbing against each other. “Wasn’t as erotic as I thought it would be. I always did dream of sucking my own cock though.”

I thrust my cock against his and his eyes widened and he moaned.

“You talk too much,” I said. “I want to know what you taste like.”

He pressed his mouth hard against mine, his hands digging around for the knots. He undid the left restraints, but removed his hand from the other knots leaving my right hand bound tightly. I used my free hand to grasp his ass as we continued to create friction with our cocks. I could feel mine hardening again and snaked my hand over his cheek to his hole. I teased it and stroked it, I never let more than a finger tip in and it was driving him mad. He broke the kiss and leaned his head back to moan loudly. I grinned happily at the look of pure pleasure on his face. I knew that face; I had seen it sometimes when Anya and I had fucked in front of the mirror. Spike was about to come. I drove two fingers into him, not caring if I ripped the skin or if I had to actually be back in this body later. This was enough for Spike and he orgasmed roughly and with one last thrust up into his cock, I came as well. I withdrew my fingers and noticed the blood on them. I felt my face shift and I began sucking on them.

“Oh, fucking Hell that hurts,” Spike panted.

“Wait,” I said pulling the fingers out of my mouth. “The chip didn’t go off. I was able to hurt you.”

“Throes of pleasure, that must be it,” Spike said getting off of me nervously and looking around for his underwear.

“Don’t feed me that bullshit, what’s the actual reason?”

“ADAM removed the chip awhile back,” Spike said hurriedly throwing on a shirt and some pants from my closet.

“Wait, if he removed it awhile back, why do you keep staying here and letting me tie you up in the middle of the night?”

“You’re going to be late for your Scooby meeting; I’ll just go fill in for you until the spell wears off in two hours.”

“You like it! You like me tying you up!”

“Well, love, I promise I won’t whore you out to any nasties or do anything else you wouldn’t do while I have your body. See you in two hours.”

Spike was out the door, slamming it behind him.

“Untie me first! Spike! Untie me! Spike, you’ll be such a dead vampire when you get back in your body!”

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