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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 27 WIP

Title: Family Bonds
After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for

not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here

Beta love to kitty_alex


Back at the front gates the still night air was filled with the smell of ozone. It was pitch black with the two main light towers out and Giles distributed several flashlights amongst the group. At the first light pole, Xander shone his light around the base and up the sides looking for the fuse box.

“Ah, here,” he said, shining the light on it. “It’s all intact, there’s nothing wrong that I can see, well nothing other than the fact that it’s completely burnt out. But it’s not damaged at all.”

“Buffy was directing her light to the ground around the pole, but staying far back as Xander examined it. “The ground around it hasn’t been disturbed either. Maybe it was just a fault?”

“It is a possibility,” Giles said in a vague voice. “But best we check the other post, perhaps that might yield some more information.”

The second tower was no different to the first. No damage, just blackened metal and burnt wiring. The path around it gave no clue as to the cause.

“Well that’s a bust,” Willow said. “But, look, all the little garden lights are out too.” She pointed to the long garden beside the path that led off to the western side of the grounds.

Spike wandered over to the decorative lights edging the gardens and sniffed. “Same,” he said. “Burned out. Looks like it’s all of them too.”

“Okay, now the towers, yes, that could have been the wiring, or they might have been on the same cicuit, even the slightest chance that the bulbs were replaced on the same day or were faulty, but these things here? They’re all wired up to their own transformer, look.” Xander indicated the little black box tucked away behind the bushes. A small trail of smoke drifted from the side of it. “Looks like something’s taking out the lighting.”

“Okay heads up people, we got some company.” Buffy looked around the immediate area shining her flashlight into the dark trees. “Um, just don’t ask me where, cause damn, but it’s good at hiding. Maybe it’s gonna jump out and yell boo. That’d be original.”

“Maybe it’s waiting for us to start up a game of Marco Polo?” Xander sniggered.

Willow laughed, “Oh, I bet it’s-”

“Children please,” Giles sighed tiredly. “While I am overjoyed that you are putting less pleasant issues behind you, might I remind you time and place, both of which are equally delightful concepts.”

Buffy, Xander and Willow dismissed Giles and continued their banter, the only thing making the scene less than normal, was the huge distance between Buffy and Xander.


Spike stood well back from the group, lit a cigarette and folded his arms.  Watching Xander with his friends, a tiny smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. Not that he actually liked them, but he’d always admired the way this bunch stuck together. Reminded him of his vampire family, back before the Coiffed Crusader took off on them. While he would gladly snap the neck of any human or slayer, in particular this bloody crazy bint who kept trying to do him in, these people were important to Xander, and therefore off limits to Spike. No written rule, no vampire laws, just Spike’s personal preference. If you’re shagging a bloke and you’re hoping to keep shagging that bloke for a long time to come, it’s best to avoid breaking pieces off his nearest and dearest unless he asks you to. And while that was the focus of an occasional wet dream, Spike had serious doubts Xander would ever ask.

Spike was happy for Xander that he was working past issues with the Slayer, although he had a feeling it might be just surface resolve at this point and that Xander might still be having some doubts. That would be something to keep an eye on. That, and what Spike also thought was a bit of bravado, covering up for his unease over the revelation that he was under some kind of magical influence. Xander turned around for a brief moment and smiled at Spike, and damned if that didn’t make his insides, and a bit on his outside, lurch just a little. The boy’s eyes had a warm light to them, and did his eyelids seem a little heavier when he looked at Spike? They’d had a pretty good few days. A few shags, a few gropes, a mighty fine blowjob on and in the car; yeah a fella had to admit it was not bad at all. Spike had no regrets so far, he enjoyed the man’s company, they felt comfortable together in and out of the bedroom. Spike would’ve liked to be more open but it was still early days and what with the Slayer making frequent passes over the cuckoo’s nest, then maybe it would be best to keep a lid on things till it was all settled.

Tara and Anya had found out and while he was okay with Blonde Witch, the boy’s ex was royally pissing him off. Spike new they were still on good terms, but fuck didn’t she lay it on thick with the voyeuristic innuendo? He knew Xander didn’t mind so much at the moment, but perhaps he was a little less possessive than Spike when it came to lovers. Spike hoped not though. He would like to think that Xander would make a right fuss if someone were to hit on him.

He snapped back into focus when he noticed the others again hoisting their weapons, moving off into the dark and Xander walking back towards him. Was that still walking or had it become foreplay? And when did Harris get such coordination? Spike cocked his head, his lips parted and watched the way Xander’s hips swung, how his long legs stretched out in front of him, how his shoulders rolled and his head dropped a little lower than usual. Oh, bloody hell, that was nice. Spike wet his lips and adjusted himself in his now too tight jeans. Xander was almost slinking, pouring himself across the grass to stop in front of Spike.  

His deep low voice rumbled in to Spike’s ears. “You keep looking at me like that for much longer and not only will everyone know about us, but I will tear every piece of clothing from your body and fuck you right here till you scream my name.” Xander reached out, sliding the tips of his fingers into the waistband of Spike’s jeans. Spike felt them brush over the wet tip of his painfully hard erection. Had he been breathing, Spike would have choked when Xander pulled his fingers out and slipped then into his mouth, sucking off the small amount of fluid.

“What the fuck Harris?” Spike managed to get out. “Oh you are going to be well buggered tonight mate.”

“I’m counting on it Bleachie.” Xander put his axe on his shoulder. He turned and followed the rest of the group moving off down the path where the garden lights had blown.

Spike stared after him, his mouth gaping open. Oh yeah, not a single regret.


They wove in and out of gardens, around burial plots, followed the lines of garden lights and ventured into crypts. Each new location turned up nothing and there were no more burned out lights

“So G-man, a guy might think you were exaggerating a little when you say the demon population is on the rise. Cause they sure aren’t very increasy tonight.”

“Maybe there’s just too many of us? Tara asked. “Should we maybe split up and take sections?”

“It would be against my better judgement at the moment but I think Tara that you might have a good point.” Giles said and frowned at them all. “And I do have to say you have all been less than covert this evening.”

“Hey I’ve totally been stealth slayer.” Buffy argued.

“It’s a good idea Rupert,” Spike said pointing out his team. “I’ll take Harris here and the blonde witch. You can have the rest.”

“I don’t get to patrol with my spell buddy?” Willow asked, pouting at Giles.

Willow I am sure that you will cope with the separation, we will all be there to support you.” Giles patted her on the shoulder. “And as much as it galls me to say it, Spike is right. It would be better for everyone’s safety if both groups were to have access to some extra power should it be necessary.”

“No need to fight over me either,” Anya said, moving away from Buffy and Giles. “I’ll just go with Xander and Spike too.”

Xander heard Spike’s low growl, actually felt it vibrate through him and settle in his cock. “Ah, Anya, I think you might be happier with Willow and Buffy, um you know cause, um, Buffy hasn’t told you about the new shoe store she found last week, have you Buff?”

“There was a shoe store?” Anya turned around and faced a bewildered Buffy with her hands on her hips. “A new store and you didn’t tell me?”

From behind her Xander shrugged, made blah blah motions with his hand and rolled his eyes at Anya.

Willow stifled a giggle and beckoned Anya over. “Oh yeah Anya, in the mall and forty percent off, oh you should have been there.”

Giles pulled out a map of the cemetery, assigned areas and a meeting point and the two groups split, moving off in opposite directions.


Spike, Xander and Tara headed off for the lower levels, an older area with many tall headstones and crumbling crypts.

They walked together in silence for a while, listening for any sounds from the darkness around them. Near the end of their first section, Spike stopped in the middle of the path and cocked his head.

“Spike you hear something?”  Xander whispered.

“Yeah mate I do, it’s off the path, just a short way. Demon’s been following us for a bit now.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Xander asked.

“No Harris,” Spike said rolling his eyes. “I’m trying to draw it out of its cover and into the open where it can’t get the jump on us.”

“Oh, sneaky,” he said with a grin. “I knew you were more than just a pretty face.”

“A whole lot more mate,” Spike said, smirking at him and stepping closer.

“Ahem, don’t mind me.” Tara’s blush was evident, even in the darkness.

 “Oh, that whole pink, thing,” Xander said stepping back from Spike. “Are you um-”

 “No! Xander no, I wouldn’t look without your permission.” Tara smiled at him. “And next time you ask me to, we will have Spike far enough away that it won’t show. That’s more information than I need.”

“Ah, mate, demon,” Spike said tapping Xander’s shoulder.

“Oh right demon lurking in trees.” Xander picked up his axe.

“No, demon out of the trees and about twenty feet behind you.” Spike pointed with his weapon.

“And might I say EW.” Xander screwed up his face at the stench rolling off the creature.

It stood no taller than Xander, was much more solid and had small rows of bubbling pustules across both shoulders. As each bubble burst open, noxious fumes were released along with a small but thick spray of yellowish fluid. The demon stood still a low noise emanating from somewhere in its face, no mouth was obvious though.

“What the hell is that?” Xander asked Spike, pulling the cuff of one sleeve over his nose and lifting his axe.

“You can’t expect me to know the name of every bloody demon mate, you know how many there are?”

“Spike do you know how to kill it?” Tara asked.

“Not exactly but you really can’t go wrong if you lop the head off. Works in about eighty percent of cases.” Spike told her. “And I would probably say you wouldn’t want to get any of that soddin’ disgusting yellow stuff on you.”

“Poison.” Xander said nodding.

“Nah, wouldn’t know mate, but I bet it stinks like all fuck and would probably be a bitch to wash off.”

The demon began moving, taking long sideways steps in an arc around them. While it had no visible mouth, it had two large eyes placed close to the centre of its forehead. One eye looked directly at Xander, the other swivelled around and switched between Tara and Spike. With a loud screech it lunged, striking out with its feet at Tara.

Xander pushed her back and swung his axe all in the same movement, the blade skimming past the demon’s midsection. Spike came in behind it and swung, but the demon kicked out catching him off balance and sending him rolling. Tara began chanting and directing her hands at the demon and Xander could see small sparks of energy gathering.

Xander left Tara to her thing and took up a position beside Spike who had since found his feet. Side by side they inched forwards to the demon, keeping their weapons in front of them. From their left, a stream of Tara’s green light shot through the air, the demon swiped a hand at it and batted the energy away.

“Its no good, I won’t be able to hit it,” she called to them.

“Get your weapon up pet and pay attention,” Spike told her.

Tara did exactly as he said, lifting her short sword and holding it out in front of her with two hands. The demon rolled one large eye towards her, then launched a second, shrieking assault, this time swinging its legs directly at Xander.

Xander jerked his body backwards, letting the demons foot pass harmlessly by. He spun himself around and away, coming to a stop at the demons flank, his momentum carrying the axe through the air and on into the back of the demon’s neck. His blade passed out the other side and the demon’s head rolled away down the gently sloping path still screeching.  Rather than falling to the ground as expected, the body continued to swing its legs, albeit in a more random and sluggish way. With one swing of his own axe, Spike had both legs off the demon and the carcass lay twitching on the ground at their feet.

“Ok as far as demons go, that was one of your more resilient. And fragrant.” Xander said, again covering his face as the new smells from the butchered body assailed them.

“Xander that was pretty cool,” Tara told him. “You’ve been working out a bit or training have you?”

“Me? Workout? Funny little wicca woman,” Xander laughed and ruffled her hair.

“No mate, she’s right. That was one of your more stylish manoeuvrers.” Spike agreed.

Xander snorted. “Nah, just that demon was slow and I’m chock full of pizza energy tonight. Well that and I’m kinda in a hurry to get home. So where to next?”

Tara and Spike looked at each other with doubtful expressions but as Xander had already begun walking away.

Spike was about to call out for him to wait when a second demon crashed from the cover of trees and loped in its sideways gait after Xander only a matter of feet away.

“Harris behind you!” Xander heard Spike’s warning at the same time as the new smell reached him. Axe already swinging, he spun around, his blade slicing through the demons legs above both knees, he continued the arc twisting the handle around and took off the demon’s head as its body dropped to the ground.

He stumbled backward and sat down heavily, trying to avoid the spraying yellow sludge coming from the amputated legs. Spike and Tara ran over to him, Spike offering a hand up.

“Okay well that was pretty cool.” Xander said looking from one to the other. “Guess I picked up a few moves watching you and the slayer, Bleachie. It was bound to happen.”

“Oh come on now Harris. You’ve obviously been training with someone. That was some damn fine axe work there.”

“Nah, just a lucky swing. Come on, you said this place was crawling with bogey men tonight. Let’s go flush them out.” Xander was practically bouncing on the spot. “Come on or Buffy will get all the good ones.”

“You mainlined a few pixie sticks while I wasn’t looking tonight mate?” Spike smiled.

Xander slipped an arm around Spike’s waist under his coat and pulled him in with a quick jerk. “Nuh uh, just really want to get home. Tara close your eyes a sec?”

“Oh my.” Tara covered her eyes with her hands and hummed a loud tune.

Xander took Spike’s mouth in a hard deep kiss, sharing with him the desire and need he had been building up all night. His hand slid down to the front of Spike’s jeans and kneaded gently at his erection. Spike’s hands gripped Xander’s ass and squeezed rhythmically in time with Xander’s hand.

Tara’s voice came to them through a fog a passion. “Ah, guys, I’m not looking or anything, but who’s going to see the next demon if one comes?”

Xander reluctantly pulled away. “Let’s finish this patrol now, okay?”

“Right, need to get you home pretty soon.” Spike buttoned his coat and lifted his axe.

Tara fell in beside them. “So you guys are getting along a bit better this week?”

Spike shot her a self-satisfied look while Xander blushed.


They completed their circuit of that section and were halfway through the next when a crashing sound off the path to their right caught their attention and Spike held his hand up for them to stop. “Looks like your idea was right pet. They’re coming out of the woodwork now, literally. En guard people.”

Before they could get their weapons up a small red blur shot from the trees and barrelled into Tara, knocking her down but quickly leaping off and ploughing into Xander sending him flat on back. It then jumped from Xander to Spike, attaching itself to his back and latching onto his shoulder with a short but dense row of teeth.

“Ah, shit. Harris get this thing off me.” Spike tried to hit it with his axe but it was difficult without slicing his own neck.

Xander looked at the creature attached to Spike. It resembled a small boar. A squat, dripping snout was in the centre of its face, short dark bristles ran down the centre of its back. Where Xander expected to see hooves, were short stumpy fingers. Xander passed his axe to Tara and grabbed the demon by its ears, pulling it back off Spike and hurling it away. The demon rolled and immediately sprang back wrapping itself around Spike’s leg.

“If it starts humping me cut its bloody dick off,” Spike yelled and then howled as it bit into his leg trying to gnaw through his jeans.

Xander called to Tara, “Try shooting that green stuff at it. If you can knock it off, I can chop it up.”

Tara nodded and began chanting trying not to giggle as Spike shook his leg swearing at the small red pig-like thing.

“Oh hell, hurry up and do something, its trying to eat my bloody knee.”

Tara send a green ball through the air hitting the creature in its side. It immediately dropped from Spike’s leg and lay on the ground twitching and spasming, Xander was ready with his axe but was fascinated by the sounds it was making. A jet of pinkish fluid shot from its belly and the creature again jumped to its feet and ran at Tara, gripping around her middle with its arms and legs, sinking it’s teeth into her thick coat.

Tara shrieked and shook herself, trying to dislodge it

 Tara, hold still.”

Tara looked disgusted as Xander grabbed the thing’s arm and leg and threw it away towards Spike. As soon as it hit the ground Spike dropped his axe onto it and it immediately fell still, a pool of blood oozing across the pathway.

Xander looked Tara over and found that apart from several tiny holes in her coat she was unharmed. He turned to Spike. “Now let’s hear your theory about how they’re all after me.”

“That’s one Harris. One out of how many? My theory still stands.” Spike picked up a pile of leaves and wiped at pig demon spit on his clothes. “Those last ones, the ones with legs, they weren’t going for me or the witch mate.”

A closed expression came over Xander’s face and he turned away from Spike. “Sure Spike. We nearly finished our area yet?”

“Nearly mate. Come on pet,” he said to Tara. “Stick close. You don’t want one of those little buggers jumping you.”

Spike led them down the path to their final zone, one arm at Xander’s back.

None of them noticed the small garden lights arcing and blacking out along the path they’d just left.



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