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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

This chapter dedicated to the marvelous mysticoblivion. HAPPY

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

Xander rolled over and smiled. Despite his hangover headache, the rest
of his body felt fantastic. He had slept like a rock without the hint of a
nightmare and he was relaxed and satisfied from the skin peeling orgasm
with, of all people, Spike.

As soon as the name entered his mind his head jerked to the side to assure
himself that, yes, he was still there. Funny, ordinarily he couldn't boot his
partner out of the sack fast enough but now.......

"Morning, Love. What's bouncing about in that manly little brain of yours?'
Spike had awakened as soon as Xander's breathing and heart rate changed
and he tenuously waited for Xander's response. He really didn't expect
screams of outrage, but you never knew.
A drunken tumble in the sheets is one thing, a sober next morning might
be something else entirely.

Xander flopped over on his side to face the clear blue eyes and an odd
thought struck him. He looked older than Spike. All those years he had
been around the vampire, watching him fight, drinking with him, arguing,
joking, he had always been the kid. The whelp. Spike had been, if not
wiser, at least much older.

A small frown crossed his face and he knew that Spike was still old.
Nearly on the same evolutionary time line as dirt, but now Xander had
somehow passed him up and was, for all the world to think, a cradle
robber. It was a concept so bizarre it made him bark out a laugh.

Chuckling, Spike had to laugh too.
"What? What the hell are you laughing at?"

Xander ran his rough, warm hand down the side of Spike's cool cheek
and the vampire closed his eyes leaning into the wonderful touch.

"I was just thinking that all this time you have stayed the same, I've gotten
older. Hopefully I've gotten smarter, my body has changed and time for
you stands still. Oh, well, I suppose it doesn't matter. When this demon
problem is solved you will go back to LA and it will probably be another
10 years before I see you again."

Even as he said it, they both realized it was a depressing thought neither of
them wanted to explore. Spike, particularly, wasn't going to stand for their
wonderful feeling to be ruined so he did the first thing he could think of, he

Leaping on top of the human, he began tickling his ribs and nipping at
his neck below the ear.
"Oh no you don't, you old decrepit man, you. You can't toss me
out and ship me off to the big city that fast."

Xander instantly reacted, trying to squirm away and suffering
a pounding blow to the back of his head with every move.

"No! No! Hangover! Pain! Stop!"
Despite the agony, he couldn't help but laugh.

Spike sat straddled, much in the same way he had earlier, and he leaned
down, gently kissing the cupid's bow lips. He drew back a couple
inches and stared as the mouth curved up into a smile and then he
kissed them again.

"Sorry, Love, forgot. I would have thought a man who owns a bar could
hold a tad more drink in him than that. Tell you what, we have to go
over to the Watcher's in a bit, maybe I can do something to make
you feel better, yeah?"

Xander grinned. He had no doubt that there were numerous things
Spike had in his repertoire that would make him feel better.

"What did you have in mind?"
"Close your eyes and open your mouth"
Spike's voice purred low and suggestively.

Xander moaned in anticipation and complied, eager for anything Spike
would want to put there. Fingers, tongue, cock.
Spike took a moment to just look. He wasn't sure what touched his heart
more, the beauty in Xander's face or the unquestioning trust of his
By the time Xander had just started to wonder why nothing had happened,
he felt something cool, wet and coppery tasting drip into his mouth.
It was similar to last night, but not. With no time to analyze, he swallowed.

When he did, an immediate feeling of electricity shot through him. It sizzled
down his spine and caused all the blood in his body to rush to his
cock, leaving him light headed, breathless and horny as fuck.

His eyes shot open in time to see Spike licking his wrist like a kitten
cleaning milk off it's paws. 'Blood!' His brain attached a name to
the taste as his cock protested the importance of a label.
"Oh God."
He moaned and licked his lips as he stared at the wrist wound.

His leg muscles dissolved, his butt cheeks flexed and clenched and his
pelvis was jerked forward by the magnetic pull of his groin to Spike's.
The butterflies in his stomach beat their wings wildly and his chest heaved
as his lungs struggled to suck more air into an already overfilled space.
His heart threatened to explode.

With every part of his body screaming with it's need for sex with the
vampire, he was only slightly aware that his headache had disappeared

"Fuck, Spike, what the fuck did you do to me?"
Xander ran his hand down his own chest and stomach, his hand leaving
a trail of pins and needles in it's wake. His fingers wrapped around his
cock and he squeezed.
"Fuck, I'm so hard."

He groaned and rocked himself never taking his eyes off the man whose
perfect body lay so near. He felt like a deadly predatory lion who had
just spotted a fawn.
With a broken leg and a death wish.
Xander didn't trust himself to touch Spike. He knew if he did, he
wouldn't stop.

Spike's eyes flashed yellow as the scents flowed off his bed mate.
"Just a few drops of medicinal, Love. Nothing that would hurt you.
Although, it does give you a bit of a whisper of how I feel when
we're together."

Xander was stunned at the knowledge.
"You feel like this? How do you stop it? How do you control it?'

Spike placed his hand on Xander's chest and felt the thick, patch of
hair stand on end and the nipples react, turning pink and rigid.
"Years of practice being a vampire. No one ever believed it, but I do have
self control when I need too, but you aren't a vampire, Love.
Go ahead, let your body do what it wants to me."

A sudden surging rush of "Yes!" slammed through his body and Xander
lurched forward. It took every once of strength he had to hold back.
"No, I... I don't......"

Spike smiled sweetly and, like the wounded deer he seemed to be, rolled over
on his back, spread his legs and kicked the covers to the bottom of the
"You can't hurt me, Xan. Let it loose. Stop thinking and just let your
body take mine. I need it too."

It took all of three seconds for Xander to comply. He gave up his humanity
and allowed that last particle of hyena out of it's cage. He reared up onto
his hands and knees and threw his head back. The howl/scream that
roared from him sent a shiver of thrill and genuine fear coursing through
Spike in anticipation. He hadn't felt this way in years.
'Oh, yeah,' He decided. 'Xander Harris was a keeper.'

Xander's body was on fire. It was an overwhelming sexual urge that
bordered on painful, doubling when he finally allowed it full reign.
He stared down at the defeated prey who was submitting itself in
an exposed belly posture.

This was not to be a cuddle. Foreplay was not on the agenda.
Kisses, caresses and soft words would have to wait. This was
conquest. Take, mate, own, and satisfy the primal need to fuck.

Spike's own body tingled in anticipation. His hole winked and
tightened, knowing what was coming and knowing that this time,
with this partner, it was more than welcomed, it was needed.

Xander quickly positioned himself on his knees between Spike's
open legs. He gripped the blond's thighs and jerked him back
towards him. There were no words, no jokes, or whispers
of affection. There were grunts, gasps and moans of straining
muscles and snorts of heated exertion.
Spike threw his legs over Xander's shoulders and waited.

With no lube, no preamble and no warning, Xander closed his eyes and
plunged, driven by a overwhelming craving he had never known. He
never saw Spike grabbing fistfuls of the sheet at his sides as his face
grimaced in pain and pleasure.

By the fifth time the rock hard cock slammed in, the edge was off the sharp
pain and only erotic pleasure filled Spike from the hot flesh that consumed him.
Grabbing his own bouncing cock, Spike quickly slapped fingers to flesh
and let the wonder of the feeling of possession over take him.

Neither man cared about the other's release as they swam in the flush
of their own impending orgasm. Matching tingles, aching balls, reacting
to the spark that snapped through them each time Xander's cock hit
deep inside drove them faster toward the edge.

Feeling his sac draw up tight to his body, Xander threw his head back
and roared out the only word his brain could conjure up.
and he bit. Clamping his dull, human teeth onto the soft skin of the inside
of Spike's thigh, Xander held on, growling and shaking the flesh in his
teeth without breaking the skin. His cock jerked and began pumping
hot shots of sperm into the vampire, claiming him as his own.

Upon hearing his name and feeling the bite, Spike, too let loose and
allowed his body the pleasure of release. He watched the man above
him as Xander's hips snapped forward time and time again, a look of
pure bliss covering his face.

It didn't take long before reason and cognitive thought returned to him
and Xander pulled out in shocked horror at what he had done.

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