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FIC: Cuddly Predators (Spike/Xander, PG-13, 14/14) **complete**

Author: EntreNous (entrenous88)
Title: Cuddly Predators
Pairing: Spike/Xander (some Xander/omc); Anya/Giles
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: Yes, please. Concrit welcome via email.
Disclaimer & Distribution Info Found Here
Summary: Xander gets a kitten, and suddenly Spike seems to have a lot more interest in him.
Previous Parts: Find earlier parts of Cuddly Predators here.
AN: Xander's ringtone is, of course, the Blossom theme song.
AN2: Here is the very last part of Cuddly Predators, written for my posting day at spring_with_xan. Many thanks to the moderators for keeping this great seasonal fest going, and for allowing participants to finish WiPs as part of their contributions. This final installment clocks in at 2,957 words.

( FIC: Cuddly Predators (Spike/Xander, PG-13, 14/14) **complete** )
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