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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the amazing Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

The activity level within the Council house had been frantic
with all residents hurrying about to prepare for the coming night.
Now, as the sun slowly slid toward the horizon, the hustle and
bustle began to calm as each person saw completion to the
preparation for the arrival of their expected guests.

Wesley had gone to his room to face himself. Denial and
self pity had done nothing over the last two years to help him
find peace in his problems of the heart. It was time for a little
honest self evaluation.

He loved Angel, always would, but he needed to love himself too.
If the big lug could come to his senses and treat Wesley with the
respect any relationship partner deserved, he would gladly return
to LA. If not, then it was time to dry the crocodile tears, stand up
like a man and walk away. This time cutting the ties and not looking

Wesley knew he had spent the last two years sitting by the phone,
feeling his heart rate elevate whenever there was a knock at his door
expecting......always hoping.
But no more. One way or another, it ends here.

Giles and Andrew had celebrated the freedom of their self imposed
concealment by rolling, loudly and unashamedly around in their
huge, king size bed of love. No muffled whispers, no controlled
squeals, it was an all out three ring circus of passion that caused their
flatmates to snicker, cringe and by the end, bow in awe.
The head of the Watcher's Council and his partner were impressive
as hell.

Willow had spent the early evening hours taking care of business.
The reference books on the shelves of the library were excellent
and allowed her to double check all her facts and figures in the
preparation of the necessary spell.

The rolodex on the desk top listed the number of a good underground
magic shop located on the outskirts of Oxnard that was able to supply
the few ingredients she didn't have. It also carried the ones that had
to be fresh and prepped for an on the spot kill.

As she took care of business, Willow felt all the old insecurities of her
young witch days begin to overtake her. In London, she did a dozen
routine spells a day. She taught spells and was touted as the most
powerful and skilled witch in the Northern Hemisphere.
Witchcraft was second nature to her. She knew how magic worked
and the exact consequences of each spell.

Her days of screw up and miss pronounced incantations were long gone.
She hadn't accidently turned anyone into a frog in forever.

In a lot of ways this spell, too, should be a simple, step by step conjure
with few complications. The type she did daily without thinking.
Only this time there was one component of the spell that was anything
but ordinary. This time it involved Xander and NOTHING could go
wrong. She would not fail him. Not again.

She rechecked the reference books, assuring herself that she was using
the right incantations. Her phone calls demanded that only the best, highest
quality ingredients be supplied, no substitutions, no discount or clearance
rack seconds. She arrange and rearranged the candles. Finally, when
she heard Giles shout his completion, she knew she was also done.

As the light of day faded, they had a light lunch of soup and sandwiches.
Each lost in their own thoughts, conversation was limited.
They collected together in the large living room and they discussed the
coming evening. Repeatedly, Willow had ask if there wasn't another way,
although she knew in her heart that there wasn't.

When the first knock came, Wesley rose to answer it. He could see that
Andrew made no move to leave Giles side or release his hand, and
Willow was too nervous. Expecting Spike with Xander in tow, he
jerked open the door.

"Oh, it's you."
"Well that was nice. I come here to help and all I get is....."
"Look, Angel, we are not going to do this now. Tonight is all about
business. However, you can be assured that when this is resolved we
will talk. When that time comes, I promise you that this time you
will listen to what I have to say for a change. No bulldozing of the
human. Understand?"

Angel's face broke out into a hopeful grin.
"Hey, Quick Draw still loves Babalooie no matter how many times he
clubs him with El Kabong. Could I do less?"

Wesley shook his head in confusion.
"What? Who the hell is El Kabong? No, no, never mind, just come
in, sit down and shut the hell up."

Angel hustled in. It was the most optimistic he had felt in a long
time. Wesley was as good as his. Still, just to be certain, he slowly
cruised the room, subtly sniffing. Rupert smelled like Andrew. Huh.
Andrew smelled like Rupert, lots of Rupert. Willow smelled like
a high grade rubber, obviously she purchased only quality dildos,
and Wesley smelled like, WESLEY! Yes!.
Angel found a chair and settled in to wait.

Finally, the knock they had all been waiting on came. This time
Willow jumped up and hurried over. When she opened the door,
much to her surprise, Xander and Spike stood on the porch, kissing.
"Wow! That's new. Is that new? Um, come in."

Xander scooped the witch up, dangling her feet off the ground as he
kissed her cheek before dropping her back down.
"Hey, Wil. Sorry if we're late. Spike and I were, ah, busy."
He then snickered as he took the vampire by the hand and entered
the house.

Willow watched them head for the circle of people waiting and frowned
wondering if this was going to be a complication in their plans.

Angel sniffed as they passed. Only Spike's hearing picked up that sound
as well as his sires low growl. Only Angel's detected Spike's chuckle.

"Hey, look Spike, everybody's here. Hi, Giles, Andrew, Wes. Hail, hail
the gangs all here. So what did you decide? How are you going to
kill this pesky demon and save Kim? Oh, and the others of course."

Xander flopped down on the sofa. The ten years melted away and he
felt like he had just arrived at the Magic Box for a Scoobie meeting.
It felt good.

The others looked solemnly back and forth between themselves, saying
nothing. Finally all eyes settled on Giles. It was a move that made Spike
very uncomfortable.
"O.k. Out with it and I warn you, if I don't like it, the boy, um, Xander
and I are out of here."

Giles took his glasses off and began polishing the lenses. Xander's good
mood disappeared with each smudge he wiped off. He suddenly
remembered all the bad news that movement had signaled and he
reached for Spike's hand.

Giles replaced the spectacles back on his nose and neatly tucked the
handkerchief in his front suit pocket.
"First, I truly wish there was another way to do this but I assure you,
there isn't. This Nambulist demon has attached itself to Xander and
Xander is going to have to be the one to dispatch it. There is no
alternative. Now we have constructed a spell that......."

Spike jumped to his feet, his hand now painfully gripping his human's.
"No. You find someone else to do it. What about Angel? He always
claims to be a fucking superhero. Send him! Or me. I'll do it. You
just tell me how and I'll do it but you will NOT put Xander in danger."

Quietly Xander looked into the faces of his old friends and he could
read the truth. Actually, it didn't surprise him. In his heart he had
always know this day would come. For some odd reason, life had
pointed a finger at him and yelled "sic 'em".

He gently tugged the vampire's hand to get his attention and pull him
back down. Xander's voice was quiet and reserved.
"Sit down Spike. I think Giles has some things to tell me so I
know what I need to do. Go ahead, Giles"
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