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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 28WIP

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, and Season 6 Spuffy? Eewww no.
Feedback and con crit appreciated and lusted for

Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here
**Warning: Full frontal nudity, as well as nudity from many other delightful angles, features heavily in this chapter. There's also a teeny tiny dash of sexy blood. So generally, this is not the chap you want your boss or your kids walking in on. Unless your boss is really cool. Mine isn't.

Beta thanks to kitty_alex


A final circuit of their assigned route uncovered a nest of fledges so new and unorganised that even Tara managed to stake her fair share.  Spike casually dispatched half of the group while appreciatively watching Xander alternately staking with one end of his axe and liberating heads from bodies with the other. No matter what he said, Spike still thought that the boy had been training with either the watcher or the slayer. He had no more strength that usual, but was moving with more coordination and grace than he ever had. There were still some major flaws in his style but he seemed less prone to trips, stumbles and mis-hits. Whatever Xander said, Spike enjoyed the show. Very much. Like he’d told Xander, now that he knew what was under those clothes, he could easily picture the play of flexing and bulging muscles. Not long now and Spike could get him inside and enjoy it all without the fabric in the way.

When the last of the dust settled, they brushed themselves off and headed back to the rendezvous point near the main gates.


The other group was sitting on the ground, covered in a glistening fluid. Xander, Spike and Tara received some less than impressed looks when they turned up relatively clean. Tara heard Willow’s whimpering sounds, accompanied by her pout and pulled an old scarf from her bag. “Oh sweetie you got a little goo on your, um, everywhere.” She began wiping it off, trying to hide her smile.

“Well you look suspiciously clean. I knew I should have gone with you,” Anya said. “Did you even get within fifty feet of a demon? We did, and this is what happened from fifty feet away.”

Xander looked at Spike and saw the vampire struggling to keep a straight face. “Well we killed a couple of things, nothing as flashy as that though. Oh, a little pig thingy tried to eat Spike and Tara.”

“But did you find what was causing the lights to burn out?” Giles asked.

“Nope, well nothing we saw seemed that tech savvy. How about you guys?”

“No luck, I’m sorry to say. Ah, vampires, Jaiet demons, and a rather large Beunoli.”

Spike sucked in a breath and cringed. “And that would be the Beunoli all over you yeah?”

“Yes it would.”

“Ooh, Buffy learned a valuable lesson tonight.” Willow pointed out.

“”Yes I did Will. I learned that you do not throw stakes at a Beunoli demon, they tend to pop, like a balloon full of pudding.”

“Yes thankyou Buffy. I would also have thought my warning of don’t burst the big demon might have been a clue,” Giles said, wiping slime off his glasses. “Considering our lack of progress tonight, I think tomorrow some research into demons might be useful. Although many demons could easily pull out wiring, I think we are looking for something different seeing as there is no damage to the area.”

“Again with the book learnin’” Xander sighed. “Okay well if we’re done here?” He looked expectantly around the group and they all got to their feet, dripping viscous fluid from various places.

“I think it might be best if I drive,” Tara said. “I’ll take everyone back to the shop. But we better cover the seats first.”

Xander pulled some plastic sheets from his trunk and helped Tara tuck them in around the car seats. Giles and the girls slipped and slid their way into the car and Tara got behind the wheel, waving to Xander and Spike as she drove off.


“Right mate. Get your arse in that car and get us home. You and me, we got some business to take care of.”

Xander looked at Spike with a wide grin and slowly walked towards him. “We do, don’t we?” He grabbed the front of Spike’s duster and yanked him in close, running his tongue along Spike’s lips. “Something about shagging me till I can’t walk. That was it wasn’t it?”

“Yeah Harris, that was it. Then, if I remember correctly, you mentioned fucking me till I scream your name.” Spike grabbed fistfuls of Xander’s thick hair and held him still while he nipped gently at Xander’s lips. His tongue slipped in between and then suddenly they were kissing frantically, panting, biting, licking at each others’ mouths. Hands grabbed at bodies, hard crotches ground together, until Spike tore away. “Car, now Harris,” he growled.

Xander flew home, accelerating for the amber lights, barely pausing at the stop signs, making full use of any red lights he couldn’t run to taste Spike again, to touch him and keep the fires burning.

All the way, Spike kept up a low, husky monologue, explaining exactly what he was going to do to Xander to fulfil his promise of fucking him into immobility. This he punctuated with light touches to any of Xander’s sensitive spots that he could safely reach without causing the boy to crash the car.


Xander parked the car, not his most accurate effort, and they raced up the stairs, Spike paced while Xander fumbled with the lock. Inside, the door was kicked closed by someone’s foot and clothes fell. Coats were tossed away, shirts ripped with buttons rolling across the floor, belts unbuckled, boots kicked off.

Xander kicked his jeans off and away and dropped to his knees on the floor, spreading his ass wide and looking at Spike with a pleading expression. Spike pushed his own jeans down and off and fell in behind Xander, leaning him forward and gripping his waist. He spat large strings of saliva into his hand and wiped it over his cock, smearing it together with the fluids dripping from the slit. While Spike prepared himself, Xander did the same but reached around and plunged his wet fingers into his ass, slicking the hole for Spike and giving his muscles a cursory stretch.

Spike groaned at the sight of Xander’s fingers working into himself and began pumping his cock, rubbing the head over Xander’s knuckles. Xander withdrew his fingers and Spike lined up and slid in to the hilt in one long slow stroke. He paused till he felt Xander’s muscles were ready then thrust, no steady, gentle moves this time, both needed hard and fast. Xander pushed back into him to force him faster and deeper. Spike held tightly to one hip, his other hand gripped Xander by the shoulder and pulled him back harder to meet each thrust.

Xander took his cock in his fist and pumped it, loud grunts accompanying his motions. He felt his balls pull up as Spike hit his sweet spot with each stroke and soon Xander was shooting his release through his fingers and onto the floor, shuddering and clenching at Spike’s cock with the muscles of his spasming channel.  

That extra sensation was all Spike needed and he came deep in Xander, pulsing the thick streams into him and throwing his head back with a deep, throaty cry. They fell to the floor, Spike laying over Xander’s back, both panting. When they had calmed, Spike slid off and lay next to Xander, lazily stroking fingers over Xander’s neck, shoulders and back then down to his cleft and through the sticky mess leaking from his entrance. He kissed at the side of his neck and up to his ear, blowing cool air over the shell.

.After several minutes of Spike’s attentions, Xander moaned into the floor and turned to look at him. “Fuck.”

“Yeah mate, I know what you mean,” Spike said with a satisfied smirk.

Xander rolled over to his back. “No, I mean fuck me, I’m hard again.”

Spike looked down and raised his eyebrows as Xander lifted his legs and threw his arms out above his head.

“C’mon Spike. I’m pretty sure I can still feel my legs. You’re not done yet.”

“Not by a long shot mate.” Spike shifted to kneel in front of him.  He dropped Xander’s long legs down over his shoulders and slid his still hard cock easily back into Xander’s wet arse. “Oh mate you are a picture.” Spike groaned as Xander’s eyes fluttered closed, his mouth dropped open and he arched his body up.

Xander lay spread before him, an open invitation for Spike to use his body, to bring them both to a second completion and Spike didn’t disappoint. He took Xander’s hard, weeping cock in his hand and stroked while he slammed himself repeatedly into Xander’s hole. It took mere minutes and they were both coming again, no less powerfully than the first time. Spike angled Xander’s cock and, leaning down, caught some of the shots of fluid on his tongue. Letting Xander’s legs down and slipping out of him, Spike fell onto his chest, mashing their lips together and spreading the taste of Xander’s come through both their mouths. Xander wrapped his legs around Spike’s waist and rubbed their wet groins together, his body jerking at the friction on his sensitive head.

Xander groaned into Spike’s mouth. “You’re still hard, how the hell do you do that?”

“Not still, mate, again. Something to be said for vampire constitution; very little downtime. Specially if you’re gonna keep doing stuff like that.”

Xander was still swivelling his hips, sliding their cocks against each other. “Mmm, feels good.” Xander slipped his hand between them and wrapped his fingers around Spike’s hardened shaft, “This feels good too.”

“Oh yes it does Harris,” he said rocking himself into Xander’s palm. He pressed his lips back to Xander’s and kissed him lazily, their tongues twisting together, licking at each others mouths. Xander tightened his hand and Spike jerked his hips faster, grunting against Xander’s lips as he came again, cool streams of fluid oozing between them and spreading out.

Spike rolled off Xander and lay on the floor beside him. He ran a hand over his stomach, feeling how far the wetness had spread. He leaned up on his elbows and looked over at Xander’s belly. Spike drew his fingers through the rapidly congealing film, rubbing it into Xander’s skin, painting over the lines of Xander’s muscles, spreading it on his nipples and reaching up to smear it across Xander’s lips. Spike watched in fascination as Xander’s pink tongue snaked out to lick over his lips. He lowered his own face and met Xander’s mouth, both tongues together licking off the sticky fluid.

Spike pulled back and smiled at Xander, who was languidly stretching and flexing his body out. “C’mon mate, off the floor.” He got to his feet and held out a hand for Xander. “Not that I don’t love seeing you covered in my come, but lets get you cleaned up so I can get you dirty again in round two.”

“There’s round two?” Xander asked with a happy smile, letting Spike pull him up.

“You’re still walking right?”

There was a round two. It began under a long steaming shower, continued on the arm chair in the bedroom and ended on Xander’s bed when his legs did in fact give out, much to Spike’s amusement.


Spike woke several hours later and, leaving a still sleeping Xander, heated himself a bag of blood. He’d need it after this night, damn if Harris wasn’t giving him a run for his money. He was leaning over the counter staring into space and sipping at the mug of blood when he heard Xander come out of the bedroom and stumble into the kitchen. He felt the warmth and weight as Xander draped himself over Spike’s back, his hands running over Spike’s stomach and chest. He was ready again? He could feel the hard length pressing against his arse and Xander’s hips began to move, sliding himself between Spike’s cheeks. Spike smiled to himself. What the boy wants, the boy gets. He bent forward a little more and rubbed himself back against Xander.

With a sleepy moan, Xander attached himself to Spike’s neck, sucking and nibbling on the soft skin near his shoulder. Spike felt Xander’s fingers twisting at one of his nipples and saw his other hand reaching around to dip into Spike’s mug. He watched this with wonder then groaned as Xander’s wet fingers slid into him.

“Oh, fuck Harris, what are you doing?” He moaned as the warm liquid slicked him inside.

“Whatever I feel like,” Xander whispered into his ear. “Is it okay?”

“Fuck, yes!” Spike leaned his head around and caught Xander’s lips. “More than okay.”

Xander dipped his other hand in the warm blood and wiped it over his throbbing cock. Gripping it firmly, Xander guided himself into Spike’s hole, past the tight muscles and slid his full length in. His fingers still wet with blood, he took a hold of Spike’s hips and ground himself in deep.

Spike braced himself on the counter and let Xander pound him. None of their contact tonight had been what he would call slow or tender, each coupling had been hard and needy but passionate, each orgasm just as shattering as the one before. Xander was taking only minutes to recover and be ready for the next time, and Spike felt like his own cock had not been soft since they’d begun.

Their grunts and moans mingled and echoed around the kitchen. Xander held Spike to him with one large hand on his belly while the other came around and covered Spike’s cock, jerking him none to gently. Their breaths came loud and ragged, intense waves washing over them. Laying against Spike’s back, Xander pressed his mouth against the juncture of Spike’s neck and shoulder. As soon as he felt Spike’s orgasm begin he opened his mouth wide and bit down hard, not breaking skin but coming as close as he dared, leaving deep red marks.

Spike’s orgasm rocked through him, then he felt Xander’s bite and every sensation intensified, rushing from the pain at his neck down through his body and bursting from his cock. Spike’s knees buckled and he howled.

“Xander! Ah, ah, fuck.”

Xander held him upright and when he felt Spike’s channel clamping down on him, heard his name shouted from Spike’s lips, he too came, shooting long pulses of warm come and biting down harder into the firm muscles of Spike’s neck.

Xander lay gasping for breath against Spike’s back, Spike splayed out on the counter top under him.

“You mate, are full of surprises aren’t you?” Spike panted.

“No surprise, Bleachie, told you I’d make you scream my name.” Xander straightened, letting Spike stand and turn around to face him. He wrapped his arms around Spike’s waist, kissing him slowly and thoroughly. “I win. You screamed and I fucked you legs out from under you.”

Spike gave a tired chuckle. “That you did Harris. I’m well shagged. Blood and bites. You know the way to a vamps heart that’s for sure mate.”

“The way to a vamp’s heart is through his ass? Suits me, I like your ass.”


After refuelling, they retreated to the bedroom, emerging for food every now and then, or, for Xander, bathroom stops. With no work, there was no alarm and they stayed in bed through to the late afternoon, sleeping, fucking, talking, shagging. Just after sunset they woke again. Wound together in each other’s arms they lay touching and kissing until they were both fully awake.


“I hate to say it but it must be nearly time to get up. Giles wants us for research.” Xander yawned and stretched rubbing himself against Spike. “I don’t want to move though, I can think of better things than research.”

“Christ Harris, again?” Spike laughed, then sobered a little when he felt the hard bulge against his side. “Mate, have you noticed your almost complete lack of recovery time?”

Xander pulled away from him and nodded. “Yeah I kinda did. Its never been like that before.”

“You don’t think it’s a bit unusual?”

Xander snorted. “Well yeah, but what’s not unusual about my life right now.”

“True mate.” Spike pulled Xander back and laid him across his chest, running a hand over his back Spike lay still, idly stroking over the soft skin while he sifted through old memories, stories Angelus had shared so many years ago.  “Can’t recall exactly, but I think I know something.”

“About what?” Xander asked, scraping his teeth over a hard nipple.

“Harris stop it, I’m trying to talk to you.”

Xander stopped playing with Spike’s nipples and looked up at him questioningly.

Spike sighed. “Mate, I lost count of the number of times we shagged since last night and its been a while since I’ve been with a human but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t normally work that way. There were stories, maybe myths, maybe not, about what happens when vampires and humans get together. Your energiser bunny routine might just be part of that.”

 “Yeah? I’d say its not just a story. What do you think?” Xander pressed his groin into Spike, letting him feel the hardness.

“Mate, I’m beginning to think who the hell cares, I’m just gonna say thank you.”

Xander rolled on top of him, spreading Spike’s legs. “You’re welcome.”



It was almost two hours later when Xander and Spike arrived at the Magic Box. Giles, Willow and Anya sat at the table, books spread around them. According to Giles, Buffy was in the training room, the best place for her to be a safe distance from Xander. Tara was currently keeping her company and Xander stuck his head in to say hi.

“Xander we were rather expecting you some time ago. We’ve been through most of these books already.” Giles looked over the top of his glasses as Xander sat at the table. “And Spike the sun has been down for several hours now, where have you been?”

“I’ll come when I’m good and ready Rupert and not a moment before. I’m not on your research team, you don’t pay me enough for that.” He dropped in to a seat next to Xander making no moves towards the pile of books.

“Yeah, sorry guys,” Xander said grabbing a thick volume off the stack. “I got buried in some, um, paper work. Lots of paper work,”

“Paper work huh?” Anya said with a doubtful look. “I wouldn’t have minded helping you that with you know. You only had to call.”

Spike’s low inaudible growl rumbled through Xander, the vibration carried through the small points of contact where their legs and elbows pressed together.

“Right, thanks Ahn, but I can manage the paper work on my own, it’s a one man job. In fact I thought that was pretty clear last time you asked to help.”

“Xan, if Anya had given you a hand you might have been able to get out of there sooner.” Willow suggested helpfully.

His hand under the table gripped Spike’s thigh and kneaded the muscle, stilling his growls. “No Will, it wasn’t anything she could have helped with. It was fairly involved and I needed to be pretty thorough about it. Just one of those things you know, but here I am, what are we looking for?”

“Xander if you could look for any reference to electricity or perhaps power surges. We’ve had no joy as yet and we’re nearing the end of the resources. We did however, leave you some.”

“Yeah I can see, thanks guys. I can always count on you right?” Xander sighed and flipped open the book. God he hoped this would be quick and they could get out to patrol then home again. He slid one hand back under table and into Spike’s lap. Research had to be done but there was no point being completely bored was there?



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