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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

Spike had always prided himself on his amazing ability to create
and execute elaborate and seldom thought through plans.
The fact that they were usually a dismal failure was of little consequence.

They were a tribute to his superior cunning, his high intellect and his
patient perseverance. Qualities that, although few others could
see, Spike knew he possessed in bucketfuls. Besides, if all else failed, he
would resort to crude force and shear power, taking whatever he wanted.
It didn't matter. The end result was the same. Spike got what Spike
wanted and what Spike wanted was to kill the demon and take his lover
home, to bed, to keep.

His brain quickly shuffled through the information and began to formulate
an idea. Unfortunately, he knew he couldn't share it. The Nambulist had,
through the dreams, developed a direct link to Xander's subconscious
and would pick it up quickly.

The more he turned it over, the more he was sure it would work, but
he had to act fast. Xander's growing depression was serving as a direct
power line giving the Nambulist fuel and strength.

Crossing his arms in disgust, Spike huffed at the Angel shaped demon.
"Fine. You win. If you really promise to let us go, you can have him."

Xander gasp. Could he have been wrong? Was this all a ruse to
get him here?

With an almost bored air, Spike ignored the pleas of the human and
picked at the chipped black polish on his fingernails.
"Tell you what, before I go, you mind if I say good bye to him? We
did have some fun times, him and me."

The Nambulist clapped his hands in glee. It was almost there. All the
human had to do was say the words, "I'm your's" and the fourth quarter
buzzer would sound. Game over. The home team won.
"Fine, fine, but be quick about it."

Spike scooped the resistant body up in his arms. He wasted no time with
kisses or cuddles, instead, he immediately began whispering frantic words
in his ear. Xander held his breath and listened. Spike gave him no time
to ask questions or seek clarification.

"Do it Xander. Do it now! Do it NOW! DO IT NOW!"

Xander pushed away from the vampire and threw both hands out in the
direction of the startled demon shouting, "CAGED!!"

Instantly, a small, restrictive cage of iron bars dropped from above,
slamming to the floor around the demon who immediately began shrieking
and rattling the solid, unyielding metal in a fit of rage.

"Holy shit, Spike, it worked! So why can't we just wish him away?"
"Sorry, Pet. Won't work. The Nambulist is a separate entity. It comes
from a very real dimension. It forgot, though, that this is your dream and
you can still manipulate the elements of your own dream. Nope, you can
only hold it like that till you wake up, then it would be free again. We
still have to kill it."

Xander tried to ignore the terrifying screams, curses and threats coming
from the demon.
"So how do we do that?"

Spike smiled and kissed Xander soundly on the mouth.
"Got a plan for that too, I do. Think about it, Love, your emotions
are what drives him. Negative ones make him strong, so......"

Xander's face lit up.
"So being my being happy hurts him. Great. Well, I'm happy so why is
he still here?"

Spike smirked and pressed his body flat against Xander's, grinding his
hard on roughly on the human's hip. Xander choked.

"You want to have sex? Here? In front of him?"
"Think about it, Xan. I can make you cum so hard you'll think you're
in heaven. If that doesn't kill him, nothing will."

Xander gulped.
"Yeah, but, to fuck right here on......."
"Uh, uh, Xan. Not fucking. Making love."

Spike continued to nuzzle and nibble at his partner's neck, running
his hands down Xander's chest to his stomach,under his shirt, around
and up his strong, muscular back.
Unfortunately he could tell Xander was still soft.

"I....I don't think I can, you know, get it up."

Spike kissed him deeply, his cool tongue invading the human's mouth,
warm, wet, fevered from the tension and exertion of the night.
"Are you sure? Even if I let you call me Spike and bite me when
you cum?"

Xander jerked, his eyes big with shock. He should have been embarrassed.
He should have been outraged. Fact was, he was more turned on than he
had ever been.
It was a question that fell from Spike's lips, landed on Xander's ears and,
by passing his brain, shot straight to his cock.

"Just keep your eyes on me, Xan, and listen to my voice. All this around
us is nothing more than an old late night movie playing on the telly. Tune it
out, Love."

Spike put both hands on the side's of Xander's face and gazed deep into his
trusting dark eyes. Staring at the sweet, bowed lips, Spike leaned in and
softly placed his mouth on his lovers. When Spike felt Xander's cock twitch
he pressed into the kiss harder, sliding his cool, wet tongue across the
seam. Immediately, Xander opened his mouth and Spike dove in.

A searing shot of heated passion raced through Xander, filling his cock and
clearing his brain of unnecessary clutter. He moaned, content to let Spike
drive while he rode shotgun. Spike took Xander's hand and placed it
on the zipper of the tight black jeans.

"Feel how hard I am? All that cock is for you, Lover. You want to suck it?
Or maybe bend me over while you ram your thick beef into my arse?"

Xander whined. It was so hard to think with no blood in his brain, but
he did know the answer to this one. It was what he had wanted all along. It
was what no other man was allowed.

"No, I want you to do me. I want to feel this inside me."
Xander squeezed the dick that was trying to escape the too tight jeans
and it was now Spike's turn to groan.
Neither man noticed that the Nambulist's yelling was now less fury
than pain.

With a big confident smile, Spike tore his shirt off over his head and
tossed it to the floor where earlier it would have landed in blood and guts,
now the body parts had all but faded away.

Xander did the same, also kicking off his shoes and dropping his pants.
By God, all that time at the gym had paid off. He could see it in Spike's
eyes and feel it in his fingertips as they ghosted over his chest and across
his nipples. His body was magnificent.

Xander held his breath. Each place Spike touched left goose bumps in
it wake and a warm tingle that ran up his thighs and wiggled in his balls.
Xander watched his hand as he lifted and held Spike's wrinkled, pink
sac weighing and rolling it thoughtfully.

"I always did think you had the nicest balls. I saw them once when you
stayed with me years ago. You were in the shower and I walked in.
God, how I wanted to touch them. Smell them and taste your cock.
When you came in my mouth yesterday, it was everything I thought
it would be. You taste so good."

"Fuck! Xander! Shit, you better lay down before I blow just from
listening to you talk."
Both men dropped to their knees, landing on the gray padded wrestling
mat on the gym floor. The demon had stopped cursing and was now
begging, offering deals and wanting a compromise as he rattled the
bars of the cage seeking escape.

Spike couldn't have cared less. With or without a demon in the
room, he was about to make love to the best man in the world.
Two worlds.

Laying down on his back, feet up and apart, Xander waited for
what he now knew he had been waiting on for the last ten years.
Spike settled on his knees between Xander's legs. He stripped his
cock with one hand and stroked the inside of Xander's thigh with the

"Are you ready for me, Xan?"
Quickly, Xander frowned and slapped his hand between his legs
covering his wrinkled, hungry hole.
"Lube! It'll hurt without lube."

Spike laughed and tugged his hand away by the wrist. He again
positioned the thick dripping head against the hole and felt it flex
and wink.

"It's a dream, Xan. You just pretend it's all slicked up and it will slide
right in."
Xander's eyes opened wide in realization. The next thing Spike knew, a
dollop of warm, tingly KY Passion oil dribbled all over his cock and hand.
"Like that?"

Spike barked out a laugh and coated his fingers with it, sliding two inside
the eager opening. Slowly, Spike finger fucked him, scissoring and
stretching till Xander thought his screams of frustration would match
that of the Nambulist.

"Dream, Spike! Damn, enough!"
Xander wrapped his fist around Spike's cock and tried to pull him close
enough to shove it in.
"Wait, wait, I'll do it." Spike chuckled, he didn't want dream dick pulled
off any more than the real one. Just in case.

Lifting Xander's ankles up onto his shoulders, the vampire covered the
inside of the humans legs with kisses and nipping bites. Xander arched
and pumped his cock into his hand.

With no more hesitation, Spike pressed forward, popping through and
sending a bolt of pure pleasure burning throughout both their bodies.
The piercing scream of pain that echoed through the cavernous room
from the beast only drove the intensity of the moment higher. Holding
Xander's ass high off the floor allowed Spike's cock to hit it's mark
and pound his human's prostate, sending thumps of teeth rattling pleasure
to his bladder.

Spike wanted to draw this out and make it last, but this wasn't the time.
They needed to be rid of this problem and do this in the real world.
If Xander wanted. Which he kind of suspected he did.

Wrapping his hand around Xander's, together they jerked till Spike
felt the human's dick grow rock hard. Xander grunted and his cock
let loose, spurting and pulsing thick, white strings of semen into the air.
As he felt the first stirrings of his own release, Spike turned his head
and bit deeply into Xander's inner leg, taking only one swallow
of rich, love soaked blood.

When the sharp pain struck, the rippled inner muscles of Xander's ass
milked Spike's own orgasm from him and together they rode the waves
of hot flushing passion.

As the last of the after shocks ebbed, they were vaguely aware of the
shouts coming from the cage. Still connected, they turned their heads
in time to see the wicked witch of the west screaming and spinning.

"I'm melting. I'm meltingggggg. Oh, the humanity."
Within seconds, nothing was left but a cloak, a broom and a pointy hat.

Spike turned back to the man beneath him, his brow wrinkled in a frown.
"Wizard of Oz?"

Xander just shrugged.
"Hey, it was MY dream wasn't it?"

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