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Perrilyn 2/?

 Part 2. I have about twelve parts finished. So i'm thinking I may have three or four more to go before it's complete. 

Author: Wily P
Pairing: Spander
Rating: NC-17
Details, details: There's a fairy, a curse & Spike. 
Spoilers: I used quotes/scenes from Episodes 3,9,10,11 & 16 of season 4. Lover's walk from season 3. Halloween & School Hard from season 2. And Intervention, season 5.
Disclaimer: So there's this guy right named Joss Whedon and he created this wonderful universe with equally wonderful characters for me to play with but I can never have them. 
Feedback: Would be wholly appreciated.
Archive: Cool! Sure! Where?
Note: Beware!!! Recycled plot full speed ahead. I mean I’m sure someone's written it or a variation of it somewhere

Enjoy and please be gentle with me.

Wily P
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