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Night Terrors

TITLE: Night Terrors
WARNING: m/m sexual activity. Adult language. Story is generally
not worksafe.
SUMMARY: 10 Years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander has
distanced himself from his past life until a demon forces him to look
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing including the characters and products
named in this story. I do, however own an unused treadmill. If you
want to sue for that, help yourself.

Thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the excellent banner.

The unsupported volume of water that had hung so long in the air
suddenly dropped straight down, splashing into the bowl beneath
it and sloshing out over the sides onto the expensive bamboo

The four tall windows in the study, although covered with heavy
drapes, were steamed up and fogged over, matching Giles glasses.
Andrew was stunned speechless.

Willow slumped back into her chair. She had told herself that she
shouldn't watch, that it was just too personal, but this was, after all,
a mission and she needed to see it's outcome.
She was secretly VERY glad she did.

It took a few moments for everyone to realize that it was over.
The collapse of the water spell signaled the end of the demon and that
men had awakened. Andrew jumped to his feet.
"Come on. Let's go!"

Giles, clutching Andrew's hand, and Willow close behind, raced
down the hall to the living room to make sure the two had awakened
safely. Angel and Wesley opted not to join them. Instead, they
rolled, clutched and fondled each other till suddenly, Wes stopped.

Pulling back, he looked Angel in the eye, his palm flat on Angel's chest.
The two inch separation felt like miles and Angel whimpered but Wes
would have his say.

"Before coming home, there will be an understanding."
Angel fumbled wildly with the button on his pants.
"Yeah, yeah, understanding. You need help with that zipper?"

Wes choked at the sight of Angel's thick, pink cock, his fingers itched
to touch it but he resolved to be strong. First things first.
"No more hiding, Angel. From now on, we are out and about. A
couple. Exclusive. In fact, from now on, I'm Quick Draw and YOU,
my freind, are Babalooie."

Angel's eyes bugged and his mouth fell open. He should have been
insulted. He should have demanded respect. He should have
refused. Luckily, his cock spoke first. It said 'agree, you idiot!'

"Yeah, o.k., we can do that. I can be Babalooie. Can we call my cock
El Kabong?"

Wesley laughed out loud. The first time he did so in months.
"I believe that could be arranged."

"Will you come home now?"
Angel's voice suddenly seemed small and insecure.

Wesley smiled. He knew the big lug would take work, but Wes
had time and it was a project well worth the effort.
"Yes, Angel. After I shag you, we shall pack my things for the
trip home. Now, be a good little side kick and roll over."

Happily, Angel complied, flopping like a pancake on a hot griddle.

Rushing in to the living room, the others found the two men very much awake
and locked in a searing, passionate kiss. Spike's hands were every where
while Xander's tongue did it's best to locate and lick the tonsils Spike
had so thoughtlessly tucked in the back of his throat.

Willow backed quietly out of the room. Seeing it in the bubble was one
thing but up close and live was a little to intense. She busied herself by
cleaning up the spell residue and turning on the television to drown out their
erotic sounds. The Watcher, however, was not as timid.

"Oh, hey, Giles. We did it! We actually did it! Damn, I thought I was goner
there for a while. If it hadn't been for Spike, shit, he saved my ass. I got a
vampire genius. He not only thought up the plan but he was able to find me
through that maze of corridors without any help. Am I lucky or what?"

Spike glanced over at a smirking watcher and winked.
"That's me, Pet. Smartest vamp in the world of dreams. Now about
that arse I just saved..."

Xander snickered and returned to kissing and snuggling with the vampire
who eventually had to let his human up for air.
"Well, that's it. Xander and I are done. Gotta go. Headed back to his place.
Don't call. We'll keep in touch."

Before they got halfway to the door, Willow rushed into the room.
Quickly she turned up the television and the local news.

".........eyewitness's reported the flash of light at approximately 1:00 am.
When authorities investigated, they found all the previously missing men
wandering, disoriented around the park. They have been taken to Union
Hospital for examination. Preliminary reports indicate they are healthy
but suffering tramatic amnesia. Reports of a UFO in the area are unsubstantiated.
We will continue to bring you the developments of this story as they unfold."

Willow shut off the sound and beamed with pride at her friend.
"You guys really did it. You saved all of them."

Xander's eyes lit up.
Spike immediately wagged his finger under his human's nose.
"No! He is being tended to tonight, you can see him tomorrow. Right now
I have a prize to collect."

Xander laughed.
"Again? Didn't we just do that?"
"Nope, that was nothing more than a wet dream. Real thing will be
MUCH better."

Xander's eyes glazed over when he reached in and felt the sticky mess
in his boxers.
"Better than that? Well, Spike's right. We gotta go. See ya all tomorrow."
Xander nearly jerked the arm off the vampire tugging him out the door.
Giles glanced over at Andrew and wagged his eyebrows. Andrew
squeaked and the chase was on.



Willow marched happily into Giles office at the Watcher's Council in London.
She didn't think it odd that Andrew was perched on his lap feeding him a
watercress sandwich. It was, after all, lunch time.

"Giles, I got an e-mail from Xander. Hi Andy."

Andrew hopped off and threw away the wax paper before fixing Giles a fresh
cup of tea.
"Did you? Hey, what did he say? Oh, sorry Rupe, I should have let you ask,
but really, what did he say?"

Giles chuckled at his partner's enthusiasm. Since returning to headquarters
a year ago, after Giles had made the big public announcement of his and
Andrew's partnership, Giles was somewhat disappointed to find nothing
had changed. Apparently everyone knew. It was, however a great joy
and relief to live happily and openly.

Willow leaned against the side of his desk.
"He says they both say hi. They are still bickering over everything but you
know they like it like that. Spike has been dancing at Fabulous.
Xander says it's good for business, that they always rake it in on the nights
he dances, but I kinda suspect it is a form of foreplay for those two."

Giles sighed and leaned back in his chair.
"Most things are."

Willow laughed.
"Yeah. He also said Spike has gone to LA a couple times to help Angel.
Xander still refused to help. He says that just isn't him anymore. That
doesn't seem like Xander. Hey! I know a spell that would........"


Willow pouted but reluctantly agreed. Maybe it was not her place.

"Anyway, Spike said it seems like Wes and Angel are getting along better
than ever. He says Angel is human whipped, whatever that means.
Says he calls Wes, 'Ducky'. Don't know where he got that nickname."

Giles polished his glasses with authority.
"'Ducks' is a common British term of endearment. 'Ducky' is no doubt a
deritive of that."

For some reason, Willow suspected there was more to it than that,
but decided a closer examination really didn't interest her.
"Anyway, everyone is still coming here for Christmas. I can't wait.
Oh, and guess what? Xander says he hasn't had one nightmare since
the night Spike moved in. Isn't that wonderful?'

Giles ran his fingers through Andrew's hair lovingly.
"It is indeed."

The end.


So concludes another Bee story. I am so grateful for everyone who so
faithfully reads and leaves feedback. I also LOVE to hear from
lurkers. If you liked the story, please let me know. If you didn't, you may
send it back for a full refund. Oh, wait, it was FREE!

Anyway, the next story will appear sometime in July or August due to the
Punkin' situation. It is called Broken Circle. It is the third story in the
Rosebud/verse. Summary - Tara goes missing.
Someone has abducted her. Spike and Faith lead the investigation but the
rest of circle have their own ways of looking for her. Who will get there
first and will they find her in time?


On an unrelated side note, Writercon is getting organized for next summer.
The Bee has never been. The Bee wants to go. The Bee will be looking
for someone to bunk with. The Bee does not smoke or do unnatural
things. O.k., the Bee does not smoke.

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