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Final Straw

Title: Final Straw
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult for language
Paring: W/A/D
Summary: Directly follows Night Terrors and takes a quick
peak at Angel's problem
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profit from anything I write.
I have no claim on the characters or products in this.

Note: I realize this story isn't Spander, but it follows a Spander story so I am posting here. If that is not allowed, no problem, I will detete.

Note: This story is dedicated to Kimilis who has a fondness for
and personally named, Dudley.

Angel sat quietly in the back of the huge room full of humans. He
couldn't believe he was here. He couldn't believe it had come to this.

Wesley had been back home in L.A. for less than two months.
They should have still been in their honeymoon period. Oh, don't
misunderstand, it was wonderful. Wesley was everything he
remembered and wanted.

He was loving, warm, energetic and very understanding of that
THING that Angel did with his tongue. It was all that Angel had
spent the last two years dreaming of.
He loved Wesley. With all his heart. Forever.

It all should have been perfect, and it would have been if it hadn't
been for the interloper in their happy, harmonious little world.

As much as Angel loved Wesley, he was stunned to find
that there was also someone else in his life. Someone he
found that he could just not refuse.

Fucking Dudley!

Dudley had become Angel's dirty little secret. He had packed
the smirking little yellow bastard in the bottom of his suitcase,
under Angel's funky underwear, and sneaked him home.

He had waited till Wesley was sleeping before unpacking,
disgusted to find the grinning plastic prick swimming happily
around and through his musty, manly boxers.

Dudley required a discreet spanking for that one.

After that, a pattern had emerged. During the nights, he and
Wesley would roll happily in their king sized bed of love.
They enthusiastically sucked each others rigid cocks, took
turns butt fucking holes that had been licked, nibbled and
eaten like a fine rare steak and played limitless games.

Role playing games that seemed to know no limits.
One night he would be Yoda to Wesley's Luke Skywalker,
the next night Wes would appear in the doorway dressed
as Rhett Butler while Angel threw himself into the part of
Scarlett O'Hara.
Vampires were generally method actors.

It was amazing. It was perfect. Unfortunately, it faded with
the rising sun. During the day, Wes was out and about, taking
care of business while Angel, vampire that he was, was trapped.

And that's when it happened.

Lying in his bed, alone, Angel would hear it calling. Quietly at
first, soon the unmistakable quacking voice would become
insistent, demanding, refusing to be ignored.

"Aaaaaannnnngellllll. Come here, Angel."

Angel would cover his head with Wesley's pillow and promise
himself that he would not submit. He would sing, hum, shout out his
outrage, all the time knowing he would soon get up, jerk his sock
drawer and face him. He prayed for the strength to throw Dudley
away. Soon.

"No! I don't hear you. I love Wes and I won't fuck you."

"Quack. Quack. Quack." His laughter sounded very ducklike.
"Come here you big bad vampire. You know you want my
tight yellow ass squeezed around the fat head of your dick."

Angel whimpered. It was true. He did want it. Dudley was
always so understanding. So eager and available. He knew
just what a vampire liked. It made Angel concerned. How
could Dudley know so much? Had he been with other vampires?

Damn Dudley always could push his buttons. Love did that.
And that's how it happened.

Angel squirmed in his chair as he remembered this mornings

He had had enough! Fucking Dudley would NOT control him.
He had jumped up out of bed and rushed to his dresser, snatched the
drawer open and his hands dove in, fishing about till they located the
familiar feel of the smooth round body.

As soon as he touched it's cool, well shaped body (had Dudley
been working out?) the tingle started. His thumb followed the
outline of Dudley's head, down the forehead to the protruding
face and pointing bill.

It sent a rush of heat through his body that pooled in his crotch
and hardened his cock. Closing his eyes, Angel leaned against
the dresser and allowed his fingers to go where no man should
go. He slipped his middle finger into Dudley's well stretched hole.
Dudley loved a good finger fucking.

It was true, Dudley was not as tight as he used to be, but, hey,
who among us is?

He squeezed and was rewarded when Dudley sighed. Dudley was
such a cuddle whore. Maybe that was part of the reason Angel
loved him.

Still, Angel knew this infidelity could not go on. He had to choose.
Wesley or Dudley. Hmmmm. 'No. No. It must be Wes.'
He looked sadly into the trusting, loving, horny little face and knew
what Dudley was asking.
"Yes, Dudley, we can have one last time."

Gently, lovingly, Angel carried Dudley to their bed 'o love and laid
him down. Immediately Angel's eyebrows shot up.
"You want WHAT? Well, yes, it would be the perfect way to
say good bye, but I never considered.........Yes, of course I love you,
but Wes, no, I will always love you. All right. Just this once."

And that's how it happened. It is never pleasant when a man is caught
in the marital bed with someone else but nothing could have prepared
Wesley for the sight that assaulted him when he returned home
unexpectedly early.

Assuming his lover was still sleeping, Wesley pushed open the bedroom
door and froze, stunned by the sight in front of his exploding eyeballs.
Angel, the love of his life, was flat on his back, legs high in the air,
stroking his cock with what appeared to be a rubber duck shoved
half way up his arse.




Wesley had turned, spun on his heels and charged out of the room.
Angel had attempted to follow, but with Dudley firmly wedged, it
made walking difficult. Removal had also proved to be more of a challenge
that once thought. Finally, after his second orgasm, Dudley popped out,
satisfied grin firmly in place.

And that's how he found himself here. Angel realized, like any addiction,
Dudley could not be kicked without professional help. He could not
risk losing an old love for a new one.

Waiting till the meeting had officially started, Angel knew what he had
to do. Slowly he rose, coat billowing and spiked hair limp at the tips,
he proceeded up the aisleway to the front of the room.

Stepping up to the microphone, he took a deep breath and began.
"Hello, my name is Angel and I'm a duckaholic."

The room resounded with a collective,
"Hello Angel"

It gave him strength to go on.
"I have cheated and lied. I have tried to go cold turkey but I always
slide back. I carry him with me just in case I am fighting demons
or saving mankind and I need a quick duck fix."

The crowd murmered their understanding.

"My partner, Wesley has left me and if I ever want to get him......."

The back double door flew open and Wesley charged down the aisle
toward the front of the room.
"Angel. You don't need to do this. I love you."
"But, Wes, the ass duck thing. You left me."

Cautiously, so not to scare off the delicate vampire, Wes held up
his hands and stepped closer.
"I didn't leave you. I will never leave you. I just went out for a
moment and now I'd like you to meet someone."

Angel's cavebrow wrinkled in confusion as Wes dug deeply into the
inside pocket of his jacket. Quickly he whipped out,

"Angel, meet Dagwood."

Angel gasped. Next to Dudley, Dagwood was the most beautiful
rubber duck he had ever seen. Shiny, new, tight and grinning.

"So you mean.....?"
"Yes, Angel, I do believe the four of us have an appointment back

Wesley held out his hand which Angel gratefully took. The crowd
erupted in applause as several members fished through their own
pockets for their duckies, watching as the human and his vampire
strode off into the darkness.

It promised to be an evening of love in the city of Las Angeles.
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