jak_quill (jak_quill) wrote in bloodclaim,

Spander story search

I looking for a story...

From what I can remember Xander has left Sunnyhell (I'm not sure of when in the time line he does) and he's working construction in L.A. - He and another hunk of manhood is discovered by a Agent the the two become male models, very SUCCESSFUL male models.

Spike is working for Angel and I think it's during the time they're working for the lawyers from hell - Cordy and the boys go to a "thing" and Xander's pictures (as well as his friends) in unveiled during the "thing"... Spike and Xander FINALLY get together after lots of angst - can anyone rememeber the name of the story or even throw me a link???

Thanks in advance for any help!

Thanks to cynni13 and orchidluv for the help for find this story!
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